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       Feng Shui

      By Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera P.H.D.               PROFESSION: Professional life presents us with   professional, and family life; and they even help a person
                                                         different stages to develop, which are like a slide, up and   who is not very clear about the course of her life to establish
         What areas of your life do you want to harmonize?  down, worth the simile, these levels must be overcome with   the area that he wants to harmonize. This classification is
         Welcome again!!!                                our strengths and those energies that sometimes prevent the   a guide for each human being to establish priorities in his
         On this occasion we will expand the theme regarding   correct flow of the path or objective to continue.  life project and thus not take wrong paths that wear out his
      this ancient and ancient Chinese science called  Feng      CHILDREN:  The  family  always  aims  to  achieve   energy.
      Shui, which translated means Wind and Water.       their offspring. This entails education, family values,      Houses are a structure that requires, like the human body,
         Today we will talk about the incidence in our spaces   professional career, among other goals to be developed. It   to be healthy and that is why we must orient ourselves with
      and areas to be “cured,” since it is necessary and even   is also our letter of introduction as a consanguineous group.  the Bagua Map, so that we can analyze which area NEEDS
      vital that positive energy or “chi” flows and provides      FAME: Fame seen from the point of view of this science   energy and harmony in order to have a life of quality and
      us with well-being, comfort and convenience, which are   is social recognition and therefore in all areas, especially   comfort. There is an expression that says: “houses speak
      the most important things to enjoy better and greater   personal and professional.                   for their owners,” which seems very trivial, but has a depth
      environmental conditions.                             TRAVEL: Within the scale of objectives to be met   in its verbal content.
         As a first instance we are going to present the Bagua   for a person, travel is part of that dream that we all have,      The article that we present today is an introduction
      Map, which will express the different areas of our lives   traveling is projecting oneself in other cultures, it is   at the request of some readers who have joined and have
      that we want to optimize for a better quality of it. This   learning new things and different from what is known, it   requested it.
      Bagua Map is divided into eight sides, because it has   is visiting relatives, friends, it is a zone of discoveries of      As  always,  we  look  forward  to  your  questions  and
      an octagonal shape, in turn it is made up of several   life experiences.                             doubts, which motivate us to help optimize spaces and
      compartments inside, such as:                         HARMONY: Each person who aspires for mental    therefore our lives.
         Love, Prosperity, Health, Education, Profession,   health, peace, balance must focus, really seek stability,      Until the next installment.
      Children, Fame, Travel and Harmony.                which will provide him with a reunion with his true beliefs,   Milagros
         The Bagua Map is like a reference to locate our needs   thoughts. It is the stillness of the soul.
      or  desires  in  search  of  greater  well-being  in  terms  of      It is very important to point out that these areas within      Author Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera, Feng
      quality of life that we aspire as thinking human beings,   the Bagua Map seek to guide the person who needs to   Shui Specialist, is a resident of the Plum. Email:
      whose purpose is always to live in harmony with our   define their goals or objectives to achieve for their personal, 
      objectives and dreams.
         Expanding each of these objectives that make up the
         LOVE: Every person seeks love, a partner, marriage,  The Power Of Less Not More: Part II
      Bagua Map, we will explain below what each one offers us:

      because man as a human being is a social being, therefore
      feelings and affectivity are part of his value scale.  By Steve Handwerker                           conditions, but rather by our inner intentions, values
         PROSPERITY: Thinking about prosperity requires                                                    and efforts the more peace we will know and feel.
      expanding the concept, because wealth is a natural      On  the  surface this                           “Live simply so others can simply live”. This is
      aspiration of many people, to enjoy goods and services   may seem like a strange                     another profound  and  simple  way to  see  life. This
      that optimize their standard of living.              concept. It is not strange                      embodies an essential value and commitment that
         HEALTH: Health is essential in the life of human   however to those who                           relates to the conservation of resources, on all levels,
      beings, since when it is lacking, there is no quality or   consider the ecocentric                   as well as a sustainable and ecocentric lifestyle. It also
      well-being, neither for the person in question nor for their   and sustainable way of                involves not wasting resources such as food or water.
      family environment, caregivers, and less for the person   living.  The  power  of                    Not buying food that is not healthy for you also relates
      affected.                                            less is not just a way of                       to taking a rational and healthy look at your life.
         EDUCATION: Education is the training necessary to   thinking, it is also a way of feeling and ultimately      All these ideas and practices relate to one core
      succeed in life and with it the culture that accompanies   being.  There is a profound aphorism I learned in   idea…be aware of yourself, your inner states and your
      it, both very useful in the life of every human being.  graduate school: “There is no way to peace, peace IS   environment and what your needs REALLY are. This
                                                           the way.” When we consider observing and letting   includes physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
                                                           go of anxiety, worry, fear, malice as a way to have a   needs. AWARENESS. Taking a look inside at your
                                                           more sustainable way of life peace is becoming the   thoughts,  feelings  and  needs  and  questioning:  what
                                                           way! This is a state of mind that ultimately means   is the best way to relate to it. These ideas are just a
                                                           contentment. How do we get there?  The journey   start…ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!!
                                                           begins within!! It also begins, in our outer lives with
                                                           simplifying how we live. It means to unclutter, not just      Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM
                                                           our physical lives but also our inner lives. It involves      Board Certified Licensed Psychologist
                                                           reusing, recycling, and conserving our energies and      50 years experience
                                                           resources so that thriving is not a materially contingent
                                                           experience!  The less we are defined by external      Books and Blogs 

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