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      It’s Spring: Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

      By William A. Gralnick                             bird watching. It seems that this is an activity that grows   Stork, recently absent because it is nesting time. After it
                                                         with age. Older people are drawn to watching birds. To re-  rains, innumerable Ibis stalk the grass for grubs and such.
         Being retired, I have                           enforce that, I realized my long-ago neighbor, a professional   Every so often, a Giant Egret shows up. There’s not a lizard
      found that I have an                               photographer who now lives in Southern California (or what’s   around that’s safe from its jet-propelled beak snatching
      insatiable appetite for                            left of it), has made a sub-set of his career photographing   it from hiding. About a week or so ago, there was a new
      Google. I’m looking up                             hummingbirds. He’s 84. As for me, I guess then it’s my age,   addition. My first notice of swallows dipping and darting
      everything that strikes my                         as it was for my mother.                          to catch all those tiny flying things you don’t want in your
      fancy. It’s easier and more fun than exercising. My readers      I don’t get up as early as I used to, but I do get the dog out   house entranced me.
      know I’ve developed this thing for birds; you shared my   by nine. My feathered friends are still having their morning      But my friends, ’tis the time to look up, and if necessary,
      encounter with a borrowing owl here on Mandeville Place.   seeds and sharing yesterday’s gossip from tree to tree. I love   turn up those hearing aids because it is the migratory season.
      Where did this come from? It took me a while to figure it   the sounds. Wish I understood the gossip. You’ve heard   Here’s a list of birds that will be showing up, some passing
      out. It wasn’t in Google. It was my mother. She had the bird   from me that I’ve seen two kinds of woodpeckers, myriad   through, some not. To be seen, some will require you to visit
      bug. I found this unusual, especially after my parents sold the   mockingbirds, clouds of crows and other noisy black birds,   beaches and marshes.
      house and moved into an apartment in a very urban section   and squads of sparrows. I’ve learned that there are many      • Sandhill Crane
      of Brooklyn. So where did she get it from? And does one   kinds of sparrows. It takes a fine eye and ear to tell them      • Cedar Waxwing
      inherit it?                                        apart, but I can no longer say, “Oh, it’s just a sparrow.”      • Anhinga
         Enter Google—again. I receive information from and   There is my gaggle of Egyptian Geese parading outside my      • Spotted Solitary
      support the Audubon Society. Therein was an article about   door with ducks, large and small, and the occasional Wood      • Semipalmated Sandpiper
                                                                                                              • Gull-Billed Tern
                                                                                                              • American Redstart
                                                                                                              • Red-Eyed Vireo
                                                                                                              • Ruddy Turnstone
                                                                                                              • Marbled Godwits
                                                                                                              • Swallow-Tailed Kite
                                                                                                              • Alder Flycatcher
                                                                                                              • Merlin Falcon
                                                                                                              • White-Crowned Pigeon
                                            A Homeowner’s Piece of Mind                                       And if there is one bird, of them all, you don’t want to
                                                                                                           miss, it’s the Sand Hill Crane. Majestic, gorgeous and tall,
                                                     Interior & Exterior Home                              it is a show-stopper, with its never to be tamed red crown of
                                                                                                           feathers. They are also an endangered species.
                                                                                                             I’m not pumping for any particular group of “bird-ites,” I
                                                                                    Services                 just want to tell you that Google found for me a service of the

                                                              Handyman Services                            Audubon Society. Every week they send out a picture of the
                                                                                                           “Bird of the Week.” It has pictures, fascinating information,
                                                                                                           its chirping and song patterns and those of birds confused
                                                                           Mail Services                   with them, and an advisory on whether the bird is increasing
                                                                                                           or decreasing in population. Most are decreasing. In the past
                                                                     Vehicle Services                      decade and a half we have lost over a billion (yes, with a “B”)
                                                                                                           birds. This will have an impact on our quality of life and also
                                                              Key Holder Services                          on ecology. Wind farms, water pollution, glass skyscrapers,
                                                                                                           climate change, loss of habitat—a short list drawn from a
                                                                Concierge Services                         much larger one.
                                                                                                             Ok, you’ve now decided to leave the reservation for a few

                                                          Hurricane Preparation                            hours and get a broader view. Here are some suggestions.
                                                                                                           Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray is a total mind-blower,
                                                                                                           especially now in nesting season. You’ve never seen a bird
                                                                                                           nest until you’ve seen a wood stork’s nest. It’s big enough
                                                                                                           for a small person. The concentration of birds, large and
                                                                                                           small, some so close you could reach out and touch them
                                                                                                           (bad idea) is a forever memory. As a bonus, you get turtles,
        561-906-5304 |                                                                  snakes, fish—it is truly the cageless zoo. The entrance to
                                                                                                           Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Reserve on 441
                                                                                                           is an opening to a wilderness wonderland. Bring water, and
                                                                                                           a walking stick if uneven surfaces are tricky for you. You’ll
                                                                                                           get a taste of what Florida was like before we fouled it up.
                                                                                                              Try also Green Cay out on Hagen Ranch Road. It is not
                                                                                                           as extensive as Arthur Marshall, but it will give you the same
                                                                                                           experience. Imagine strolling, no cars, almost no noise while
                                                                                                           being embraced with sights, sounds, and smells of what
                                                                                                           Mother Nature put here for us to enjoy.
                                                                                                              A word about cameras. I am a big picture taker. We
                                                                                                           have an electronic photo album and revel in the memories
                                                                                                           captured by the shutter. Yet there’s another view to this
                                                                                                           kind of viewing. I don’t remember where I read it. AARP?
                                                                                                           Somewhere. It was a suggestion to travelers to leave their
        Scott Cohen is Here to Help!                                                                       cameras home, or use them only for people pictures. The

        Your fellow Boca Pointe Resident is available to                                                   writer says the best camera you have is in your head, the
                                                                                                           combination of your eyes and your mind. Those memories,
        help with Property Insurance Claims to ensure                                                      he said, are impressed in 3-D for whenever you want to call
        your insurance company treats you fairly!                                                          them up. Just a thought.
                                                                                                              So, get out there with those binoc’s. Just take care where
         Do You Have an INSURANCE CLAIM?                                                                   you point them—or you may end up being part of the gossip,
                                                                                                           if not the police blotter.
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