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      NoNProfiT News from page 1                           The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida also honored     Guests basked in
                                                         country music star Chris Janson, who was introduced by   the glow of the Jupiter
      Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s outstanding conservation   his best friend and the founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops   Inlet Lighthouse,
      efforts. Laura Coburn Russell, Tucker Frederickson, John   and Cabela’s, Johnny Morris. Both are avid outdoorsmen   bid on exclusive
      Lacy, Josh Kellam, and Chuck Collins cochaired the sold-  and supporters of wildlife conservation. Florida Power &   auction items, and
      out event.                                         Light Company CEO Eric Silagy received the foundation’s   enjoyed  a  surprise
                                                         Corporate Conservation Partner Award.             live performance
                                                                                                           by Janson. Donors
                                                                                                           received a plush
                                                                                                           Florida manatee for
                                                                                                           their commitment to
                                                                                                           safeguard  wildlife
                                                                                                           and their natural   Andrew Walker, Letty Borbolla,
                                                                                                           habitats.         Ignacio Borbolla

       John Lacy, Angela Lacy, Wendy Sadusky, Vince Sadusky  Eric Sutton, Stephanie Sutton, Tammy Dugan, Jason Dugan

        The Singles Scene Column                                            ©

        Gentlemen, Start Your                           of you. Never arrive at her house empty-handed. These

        Engines!                                        signals will tell her you are into her! This is key to dating   Chris Janson, Jesse Bo Janson
                                                        and courtship. Don’t hate the players, hate the game! It is
                                                        what it is, gentlemen. Don’t let your ego keep you single.”
        By: Kelly Leary, M.S.,                          (Tina, 55-year-old School Principal)
        CEO/Head Matchmaker
           Happy Mother’s Day                              9. “Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Sooner
        to all of our favorite                          or later, the real you is bound to come out, so aim true. If
        mothers, grandmothers,                          she is a keeper, and your “truths” collide, you will know
        fur moms, and soon-to-be                        it in your heart.” (Vera, 60-year-old Doctor)
        mothers! I am touched by
        all the amazing women                              10. “Chivalry is NOT dead. It’s alive and well, and men
        that I know  and admire                         need to accept this fact if they want a beautiful woman by
        in and out of this popular                      their side.” (Katie, 43-year-old Pharmaceutical Rep)
        dating club. With so many                                                                          Daphne Wood, Byron Russell, Dorothy Bradshaw, Jimmy
        of our clients and friends                         If these ten tips are followed in your budding courtships   Flanigan
        following this column, I feel compelled to make this  or relationships this month, you are destined to maintain a
        month wonderful for all--thus making it an extra win  happy month for yourself. Since so many of us are Mothers,
        for us ladies! GENTLEMEN treat the ladies in your life  we deserve it too, so bend over backward (for us) and watch
        better than ever, and you will win too! As they say: “If  the world open up for you! Honor us. Show us how you
        the woman in your life is happy, you are happy!” Whether  feel and pay attention to our needs. We all have needs, from
        she is your mother, wife, first date, girlfriend, or someone  the bedroom to the boardroom, but the needs of the heart
        you have your eye on...treat her EXTRA special this May.  are the most precious. If you do not have a love interest
                                                        this month, call the pros today...before the “Summer   Johnny Morris       Rodney Barreto
           I’ve interviewed several of my favorite women in  of Love 2023” kicks off without you. Nothing is worse
        the club and they have great advice for you handsome  than being single in the summer--especially in Florida!
        and smart men. Please enjoy and practice these top 10
        dating and relationship tips from the women clientele     In honor of Mother’s Day, I am giving all women
        of Revolution Dating:                           (and men) a $500 credit towards your membership at our
                                                        dating club--but do mention this when you reserve your
           1. “Many of us ladies just want the little things. For  appointment with your matchmaker. What a great time to
        example, open the car door for us. Make sure our tires  get revolutionary...amidst a “man training” session! Enjoy
        have air, gas in the tank, and our car windows are clean.”  the love around you and welcome more. I can’t wait to meet
        (Ruth, 65-year-old Retired Business Woman)      you! Our hotlines are open seven days a week with expert
                                                        pros that you can speak to LIVE! Just follow the prompts!
           2. “It is ALWAYS flattering when you compliment us.”  Ready. Set. Meow.
        (Rebecca, 27-year-old Account Exec)
                                                            XoXo, Kelly (aka THE Florida Matchmaker, Est. 1991)  Steve Crisafulli, Eric Silagy, Byron Russell, Jimmy Patronis
           3. “Buy us something very expensive and totally
        useless.” (Sarah, 31-year-old CEO)              P.S. Stay tuned for next month’s issue when MEN get the   Nonprofit News on page 4
                                                        red carpet treatment from me. Have a blast, everyone. You
           4. “Send flowers for Mother’s Day...especially if she  only live once.                                Best Bin Caddy#
        is YOUR romantic interest and she happens to be a Mom
        or Grandma for example! Also, send flowers to your mom  #FindSustainableLove #GetIntroduced #BeYourChange   NEW!
        too.” (Kim, 41-year-old Business Owner)         #DateLocal #ThisIsOrganic #TellYourFriends

           5. “Be confident, gutsy, and truthful. Take your guard     Kelly Leary© has 32 years in the dating industry and
        down. TAKE A RISK. What do you have to lose?” (Susan,  a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has been profiled
        51-year-old Financial Advisor)                  by The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine,
                                                        Boca Magazine, The South Florida Business Journal,
           6. “Chivalry is key to all women! Once a man loses  The Stuart News, and many other publications. All                           On sale
        this ability, he loses everything, including his manhood.”  Revolution  Dating  members  are  prescreened  first,                  $       95
        (Jennifer, 37-year-old Lawyer)                  including background checks. Professional member                                    79
                                                        photos are taken by in-house. Revolution Dating is not                                Tax Inc.
           7. “Men chase women. It’s chase her...  online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing
        pursue her...claim the one you want and let her know how  matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single”   Recycling Bin Caddy
        you feel. If she is interested, she is yours. If she is not, move  through their exclusive membership, this club provides   Made in the USA
        on. This is more simple than you think.” (Yours Truly)   outstanding dating feedback which is essential in this
                                                                                                              Using Heavy Duty PVC and All Terrain Wheels.
                                                        wild world of dating today. For more information,    Easy To Use Design. Arrives Fully Assembled With
           8. “Make sure your girl knows you are into her,  please call (561) 630-XOXO (9696) or (772) 932-HERE
        especially when you are an “item.” Send her flowers  (4373). All inquiries are confidential.               Free Local Delivery. (Bins not included.)
        (even if it’s not a holiday). Book a vacation for the two                                                        Call 561.354.8169
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