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      Chichén Itzá:

      One Of The New Seven Wonders Of The World

      Previously submitted by the                       portion of the peninsula. The
      late Don Kiselewski, MCC,                         combination translates to
      D.S., Palm Beach Gardens                          “the people who lived at the
      Travel Leaders                                    mouth of the well.” Itza is
         Cut into the thick                             derived from  Itz (meaning
      overgrowth of the flat Yucatán                    “magic”) and  a (meaning
      Peninsula, 600 miles to the                       “water”) – combining them
      southwest of South Florida                        makes “magic water.”
      is the Mayan city of Chichén                         Although the area was
      Itzá,  which  in  2007  was                       inhabited by the Mayans
      proclaimed one of the “New                        since 1500 B.C., they did
      Seven Wonders of the World.”                      not start grouping into
      The prestigious title was bestowed by the New 7 Wonders   a city-type complex until
      Foundation, a Swiss corporation. The organization announced   around sixth century A.D.
      the competition in 2001 and after some 200 worldwide   This period also saw the
      applications, 21 finalists were chosen for a vote in 2006. The   first principal transportation
      winners were announced on 7/7/07 (I would suspect the date had   routes within the city and to   Like the Temple of Kukulkan, the Temple of the Warriors in Chichén Itzá was constructed
      something to do with the seven wonders). Egypt was not happy   the other villages and cities   atop an older structure.
      with the result, and finally got their Great Pyramid of Giza listed   in the Mayan world. During
      as an “Honorary Candidate” … always a bridesmaid.  the wet season on the peninsula, the land floods, leaving   There are approximately 100 sacbeob crisscrossing the site
         Chichén Itzá, the name for this ancient city, was derived   standing water. To allow unchallenged movement between   and extending in many directions to other cities.
      from the geography of the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula. The   areas, sacbeob were constructed. A sacbe, or “white road”      Chichén Itzá was subdivided and separated into various
      peninsula is flat with no rivers or lakes, and so obtaining   as they are sometimes called, was made by clearing the area   sites that at one time were separated by low walls. Three
      a life-sustaining water source necessary meant going   between two destinations and then elevating the path with   of these sites dominate today’s features: the Great North
      underground. The spot for the city was chosen because of a   rock, building a roadway several feet higher than what the   Platform, the Ossario Group and the Central Group.
      large sinkhole that filled with ground water. In Mayan, chi   high water could rise to in the area. Sand and fine stones filled
      means “mouths” and chen means “well,” Itza was the name   the upper layer that when tamped formed a hard surface road.   Chichén Itzá: on page 11
      of the dominant ethnic group that controlled the northern
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      A sacbe at the Dzibilchaltun ruin, Yucatán
                                                                                                                                    Expires 8/15/23.
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           Summer is a time when tremendous maintenance
        is performed on all the courses, so there is a great deal
        of equipment and work being done. In addition it is a
        time when golfers play early to beat the heat and also
        play late to do the same.
           For your safety, please do not access the courses
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