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Page 6, PGA C.A.N.!                                                   July 2023                                                                                                                                                      July 2023
                                                        Professional Firefighters
      Clerk Alert from page 5

         Our generous Clerk family has donated their time and
      Way – a community where all individuals and families  And Paramedics Of Palm Beach
      money through the years to aid the mission of the United

      achieve their full potential. We’re continuing that tradition
      of philanthropy and look forward to many more years of   County IAFF Local 2928
      supporting the United Way.
      In Our Community                                     As the summer season                               Before using an LP gas grill, check all the hoses and fittings
                                                        arrives, it brings many                            to make sure everything is in good condition so that there are
         Volunteers from the Clerk’s office were giving back across   opportunities to enjoy a             no leaks that will cause the gas to ignite in places other than the
      the county and helping to serve you at local events.  variety of activities with                     burner. Hoses that are cracked or split should be replaced before
         We’re here to help – and not just at the courthouse!  family and friends. It can                  using the grill.
         Check out photos of events, superstar employees and more   also be a great time to review a few tips that can help keep      If using a charcoal grill, follow the directions for the
      on our Facebook page.                             everyone safe.                                     charcoal and use extreme caution if using lighter fluid. Severe
                                                           Many of the activities we enjoy during the summer involve   burns can occur if the flame follows the stream of fluid back
                                                        water. There is water all around us whether it is a pool, lake or   to the bottle.
                                                        the ocean, and no matter how beautiful and calm the water may      Regardless of which type of grill you use, always use it in
                                                        appear, there is always a risk of drowning if basic safety rules   a well-ventilated area, and never indoors, since grills produce
                                                        are not followed.                                  carbon monoxide which can be deadly in a confined space. Most
                                                           This is Florida, and all bodies of water (lakes, retention   HOAs, POAs and municipal codes have regulations concerning
                                                        ponds, golf course water traps, canals, etc.,) are potential homes   the use of grills, so it is a good idea to become familiar with them.
                                                        to alligators. Never swim or wade in these waters. Do not walk      Finally, keep in mind that with so many activities taking place
                                                        your dog close to the edge, because you cannot see the alligator   outdoors, high heat and humidity can have adverse effects on your
                                                        waiting below the surface.                         body and can lead to health issues due to dehydration. You do not
                                                           Adult supervision of children is very important in drowning   have to be involved in strenuous activities to become dehydrated,
                                                        prevention. Even if a child knows how to swim, that is not a   so it is recommended to
                                                        substitute for adult supervision. Whenever possible, it is always   drink plenty of water while
                                                        a good practice for adults and children alike to swim in areas that   outside in the heat. The
                                                        have lifeguards on duty. It is                     elderly and the very young
                                                        also a smart idea for adults                       are more susceptible to
                                                        to learn how to swim since                         the effects of not being
                                                        the adult may become the                           properly hydrated.
      Greening at Westgate Community Farm, Saturday, April 29,   rescuer.                                     Hopefully, these tips and reminders can help you have a safe
      West Palm Beach                                      Nothing  smells like                            and happy summer.
                                                        summer more than food                                                                  Steen Eriksson,
                                                        being cooked on a barbecue                                                       Community Relations,
                                                        grill, but there are safety concerns with that as well.                

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      County Park Cleanup, Saturday, May 13, Boca Raton
                                                                           Florida owner and         see whAt our Clients hAve to sAy:
                                                                            local resident for        “We love the tiles! They really help this poor old
                                                                             over 20 years            house! Thanks for the upgrade and all your hard
                                                                                                      work.” - Toni & Jim, WPB

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