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      Music At Abacoa

      Deuterman Productions Presents: Parmalee

      Friday, Nov. 10, 6 p.m.

         American Country Music (ACM) “New Vocal Duo/
      Group of the Year” nominee Parmalee is one of country
      music’s most successful acts!
         Parmalee makes country music for the modern world. It’s
      a contemporary sound with classic ingredients, filled with
      larger-than-life pop hooks, southern storytelling, and the
      amplified attitude of rock ‘n’ roll. Frontman Matt Thomas
      calls it “new country.” Fans around the world just call it
      Parmalee, named after their North Carolina hometown.
                                                         to country music’s past, but helped shape its present, too.
                                                            A  multinational,  platinum-certified  smash  of  a
                                                         collaboration with Trailer Trap creator and The Git Up   road but staying at home gave us time to focus on who we
                                                         star, Blanco Brown, Just the Way topped the charts in   are as a band and create more songs that narrow in on our
                                                         2021. The song mixed Parmalee’s sharp songwriting and   connection with our fans. We’re leaning into what makes
                                                         vocal harmonies – both of which had fueled the band’s first   Parmalee sound like Parmalee.”
                                                         No. 1 single, Carolina, as well as Top 10 hits like Close      Years after Matt, Scott, Barry, and Josh held their first
                                                         Your Eyes and Already Callin’ You Mine – with a modern   band practice in a tin-roofed barn in rural North Carolina,
                                                         message of self-love and individuality. A feel-good hit with   Parmalee continues to expand the boundaries of country
                                                         more than 300 million streams, Just the Way helped lay the   music. They’re  southern  hitmakers  with  a  multigenre
         Years before scoring a multinational No. 1 hit with Just   foundation for Parmalee’s newest album, For You. Just the   twist, creating songs that are every bit as diverse as the
      the Way – the first single from Parmalee’s 2021 album, For   Way connected with so many people,” says Matt. “I think   music they grew up loving. For You is the latest chapter
      You – brothers Matt and Scott Thomas grew up in the small   people liked its message, the positivity and the way it made   in a story that’s just getting started – and like any good
      town of Parmele, N.C. Their father was a working musician,   them feel – like it spoke directly to them. That’s when we   storyteller, Matt Thomas has learned to turn his personal
      and the boys inherited his appreciation for soul, country-  feel most authentic and our best as a band – when we feel   experience into universal anthems that mirror his fans’
      rock, and the sounds of the American south. “Dad’s music   like we’re having a conversation with the audience. That’s   experiences, too. After all, this isn’t just Parmalee’s story
      was a mixture of Gregg Allman, Bob Seger, and Delbert   what For You really focuses on. It’s an album for the fans –   anymore. It’s our story.
      McClinton,” Matt remembers. “We loved that stuff, but   the ones who’ve supported us for years, and the new ones
      we listened to everything else, too. Blues. Beach music.   we’re getting to know every day.”
      Motown. Once we began making our own music, it didn’t      From the anthemic, arena-friendly rush of Only You
      matter what we were trying to play – that country twang just   to the rugged romanticism of Take My Name, For You
      carried over into everything we did.” For Parmalee, music   is country music at its modern-day best. Working with
      has always been a family business. Joined by cousin Barry   cowriters like Ashley Gorley, Nolan Sipe, and producer
      Knox and longtime friend Josh McSwain, the group began   David Fanning, Matt Thomas wrote the majority of the 13-
      building an audience in North Carolina before moving to   song album during a year that found his touring schedule
      Nashville. Nominated for the ACM’s “New Vocal Group of   brought to a halt by the global pandemic. It was a time
      the Year,” they stood out as something different: a tight-knit   of regrowth and collaboration. “We didn’t know when
      family band whose members played their own instruments,   we’d be able to tour again, so we just kept writing and
      wrote their own hits, and created songs that didn’t just nod   writing,” Matt says. “We’re used to always being on the


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