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      A Brief History Of Motown

         Above the front                                 Chill – with an amazing Motown soundtrack Ain’t Too
      windows of Motown                                  Proud To Beg. By 1988, Gordy had had enough; he sold
      Records’ Detroit                                   the company to MCA, which in turn sold it to Polygram,
      headquarters was a                                 which in turn was bought by Universal.
      sign that read “Hitsville
      U.S.A.” Placed there by                            So, What Is The Sound Of
      Motown founder Berry
      Gordy  soon after  his                             Motown?
      company moved into the
      modest home at 2648 W.                                Mot o wn  soun d,
      Grand Blvd.                                        an upbeat, often
         Founded on Jan. 12, 1959, Motown quickly became   pop-influenced style
      another Detroit factory, where the Big Three assembled   of rhythm and blues
      and  produced  automobiles.  Motown  assembled  and   characterized by
      produced soul, R&B, and pop classics that gave us all   compact, danceable
      something we just could not get enough of – joyous,   arrangements. For many
      sad, romantic, mad, groovin’, movin’ music!        music fans, the Motown
         A former boxer and automobile worker, Berry Gordy   Sound is the defining
      was a nascent songwriter when, at the urging of Smokey   sound of the 1960s pop,
      Robinson, a songwriter 10 years younger than Gordy,   R&B, and soul music.                              • A strong, steady four-beat drum tempo
      he decided to establish Motown Records and in 1960,   The distinctive musical style – all tambourines, driving      • Frequent use of strings and horns
      Gordy officially incorporated Motown Records under the   bass lines, and gospel-influenced vocal harmonies –      •  Pop  vocal  stylings  embellished  with  gospel-
      Motown Record Corporation name. The two had become   became synonymous with the Detroit studio where the   influenced chorals
      friends years earlier and Robinson, who was the lead   songs were recorded and the stars who sang them. Rooted      • Complex chord changes and sophisticated melodies
      singer of a band called The Miracles, produced, wrote,   in personal expression, their music resonates with self-     The Motown Sound owes some of its uniqueness to
      and sang several of Motown’s most memorable hits –   assertion.                                      the reverb effect created by pumping tracks through the
      including the label’s first smash song, Shop Around, the      Motown launched dozens of musical careers and   label’s echo chamber, in the days before computers and
      first record that sold more than one million copies. The   changed pop music history. To describe what kind of   synthesizers! To enhance this sound, Motown producers
      Motown corporation became very popular and achieved   music Motown is, it is vital to mention the unique, funky,   would use such studio trickery as two drummers instead of
      spectacular success for a small record company. The   soul and R&B that gave us many, many, new and amazing   one, as many as four guitars, and frequent overdubbing of
      music label enjoyed this quick success with the release   artists, among them: Martha and the Vandellas, Marvin   both vocals and instruments, plus mixing that emphasized
      of Money (That’s What I Want) by Barrett Strong, its first   Gaye, Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Jackson 5, Diana   treble  for  a crisp sound over AM  radio. Even if you
      hit. A year later, Please Mr. Postman, by The Marvelettes,   Ross and the Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder,   couldn’t put your finger on it, when a Motown song came
      was the label’s first No. 1 song. It would not be the last.   Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, and The Four Tops.   on, you knew it.
         In 1964 an “Artist Personal Development Department”   All became part of what would come to be known as the      Today  Motown  lives  on  strong!  Pop  on  one  of
      was added making Motown the first record label to run its   Motown Sound.                            the numerous greatest hits albums or  The Big Chill
      own “charm school” to teach artists how to perform. This      Like other notable recording studios of the ’60s,   soundtrack and recall the glory of Motown. The music
      provided help to talented but inexperienced young singers   Motown had a house band that backed up nearly every   doesn’t sound 50 years old at all!
      to develop presentation styles that would endear them to   single song the label released from 1959 to 1971. The
      audiences. Motown artists, many under the tutelage of   Funk Brothers, as the dozen or so professional (and largely
      Maxine Powell, learned to walk, talk, think and act like   unsung) musicians were known, included bassist James
      royalty.                                           Jamerson and percussionist Jack Ashford. In the early to
                                                         mid-1960s especially, the Funk Brothers gave Motown’s
                                                         records their signature sound characteristics, including:

                                                           N2 Nation – Motown And More!

                                                           Abacoa Amphitheater –                             band and the incredible vocal talent of female favorite
                                                                                                             Consisting of four male vocalists, a full five-piece
                                                           Saturday, Nov. 18, 7:30 p.m.                    vocalist Felecia, N2 Nation is known to get audiences
                                                                                                           on their feet and dancing late into the night.
                                                              Get ready for some Motown magic! The N2 Nation
                                                           Motown tribute band is a high energy, audience pleaser
         Over the next decade, the sheer number of chart-     This dynamic singing group and live band takes you
      topping artists, musicians, and groups produced by   back to the many memories of the magic of Motown.
      Motown defied comprehension. It is rumored that Gordy   You will hear hits by the Temptations, The Four Tops,
      modeled his hit factory after the Detroit car assembly line   Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, The Supremes, Smokey
      that he knew so well: Make a good product, then make   Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Lou Rawls and many, many
      something similar, and make it quick.                more.
         Great melodies, lots of tambourines and hand clapping,      N2 Nation has performed throughout Palm Beach
      blaring horns, interplay between the lead singer and his or   County, including at the 2014  West Palm Beach
      her backup vocalists, driving bass lines and foot-slapping   Mayor’s Ball, the Wellington Amphitheater and the
      drum parts. In his still essential Motown history Where   former B.B. King’s Blues Club.
      Did  Our  Love  Go?  Nelson  George  writes,  “Motown
      chief engineer Mike McClain built a miniscule, tinny-
      sounding radio designed to approximate the sound of a
      car radio. The high-end bias of Motown’s recordings can
      be partially traced to the company’s reliance on this piece
      of equipment.” They knew people would be listening on
      their car stereos and on their transistor sets and they were
      going to do what it took to make their songs sound good
      and memorable.                                      Why should a financial
         Throughout the ’60s, Motown produced a catalog of
      songs that cannot be rivaled. You’ve Really Got a Hold   review be at the top
      On Me, Heat Wave, Dancing in the Street, Tracks of My
      Tears, Where Did Our Love Go, My Guy, My Girl, Baby   of your list?
      Love, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, I Can’t Help Myself,
      Get Ready, Stop! In the Name of Love, The Way You Do   There may be opportunities for your investments
      the Things You Do, and so on. They were simple love   to be working harder for you. Let’s work together
      songs that told simple stories, often in joyously happy   to make sure your financial strategy is optimized.
      or heartbreakingly sad ways.                        Contact us today for a complimentary review.
         From 1961 to 1971, Motown Record Corporation
      produced 110 Top 10 hits. As the ’70s rolled in 1970,          Sally S Stahl, AAMS™
      Gordy looked west towards Los Angeles. How could such          Financial Advisor
      a large entertainment company as his not be involved in        1851 W Indiantown Rd Ste 106
      movies and television? Gordy, distracted by Hollywood,         Jupiter, FL 33458
      released two films starring Diana Ross –  Mahogany             561-748-7600
      and the Billie Holiday biopic Lady Sings the Blues. The
      ’80s brought Rick James and Lionel Richie and The Big
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