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       St. Mary’s Medical Center First Hospital In Florida

       To Adopt Portable MRI Technology

      SMMC Acquires The                                    Critical patients are often hooked up to monitoring   About St. Mary’s Medical Center
      Swoop  Portable MR                                 equipment  incompatible  with  the  magnet  strength  of     St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC), part of the Palm
      Imaging System™                                    conventional  high-field  MRI  systems  (ranging  from   Beach Health Network, is a 420-bed acute care hospital
      For Bedside Imaging                                1.5 to 3-Tesla). By contrast, the ultra-low-field Swoop   in West Palm Beach. The hospital has been serving Palm
      Of ICU Patients                                    MRI system has a field strength of 64 millitesla, which   Beach County and the Treasure Coast for more than
        St. Mary’s Medical                               is beneficial in maintaining access to critical care and   80 years. SMMC is a Level 1 Trauma Center, a state-
      Center  is  the  first                             monitoring equipment for safer patient management.  designated Pediatric Trauma Referral Center, certified
      hospital in Florida to                               While conventional MRI has the potential to be an   Comprehensive Stroke Center, and has a level III NICU.
      acquire the Swoop Portable MRI unit capable of providing   important diagnostic tool for ICU patients, transporting     Pediatric services are provided at the Palm Beach
      critical  brain  images  at  the  patient’s  bedside,  to  help   them out of the ICU to a conventional MRI can delay a   Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center, which
      doctors diagnose and treat patients.               diagnosis or cause complications related to transport in   is the only dedicated children’s hospital between Fort
        This device is ideal to treat young patients, who might   time-sensitive  settings.  Moving  a  patient  requires  the   Lauderdale and Orlando. Along with 24/7 dedicated
      be intimidated by the conventional MRI system, which is   coordination  of  a  transport  team  of  two  to  four  staff   pediatric emergency and trauma care, Palm Beach
      louder and bigger than the portable MRI. It has the ability   members, disconnecting the patient from life-sustaining   Children’s Hospital’s medical staff consists of 196
      to perform a shorter scan with a family member in the   devices in the ICU, and moving the patient outside the   pediatricians in 36 subspecialties.
      room to hold their hand if they are not able to remain in   safety of the ICU environment to the imaging suite.     To learn more about St. Mary’s Medical Center and
      one place long enough to obtain clear images. It can also     The Swoop Portable MR Imaging System is an MRI   Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, visit www.stmarysmc.
      help if a patient is too ill to travel to the MRI suite. With   with a unique design that allows brain imaging at the   com, or call (561) 844-
      the Swoop system, brain imaging occurs at the patient’s   patient’s  bedside  in  the  ICU,  where  the  primary  care   6300.
      bedside,  where the patient is overseen  by  the  primary   team  oversees  them  and  remain  attached  to  essential   About Hyperfine And  The Swoop Portable MR
      care team without traveling out of the care environment.   life-sustaining devices. Further, the Swoop system’s open   Imaging System
      Bedside  imaging  with  the  Swoop  system  means  most   design offers the potential to reduce patient anxiety.    Hyperfine (NASDAQ: HYPR) is the groundbreaking
      patient support equipment can remain in place. Recently,     The duration of a Swoop exam is comparable to that of   medical  technology  company  that  created  Swoop,
      we performed an MRI on a premature baby in the NICU.  a conventional MRI system. However, the overall process   the world’s first FDA-cleared portable magnetic
        “By having more tools available to help patients, it   is more efficient. Bringing an MRI system to the patient’s   resonance imaging (MRI) system capable of providing
      ensures the best possible outcome. By acquiring this device   bedside eliminates transport and scanner wait time and   neuroimaging at the point of care. The mission of
      at St. Mary’s, we can better treat the whole patient and not   doesn’t tie up the staff required to transport the patient.   Hyperfine is to revolutionize  patient  care globally
      cause more stress, making the sole focus on healing,” said   Additionally, the Swoop system allows follow-up scans to   through transformational, accessible, clinically relevant
      Dr. Kaveh Asadi, a pediatric neurosurgeon with the Paley   be performed at the patient’s bedside and can potentially   diagnostic imaging, and data solutions. Founded by Dr.
      Orthopedic and Spine Institute at St. Mary’s.      help patients move sooner to a lower level of care, which   Jonathan Rothberg in a technology-based incubator
                                                         optimizes bed utilization in critical care units.  called 4Catalyzer, Hyperfine scientists, engineers, and
                                                           “St. Mary’s is a thought-leading institution in South
        School Shouldn’t                                 Florida. Their adoption of the Swoop system will be a   physicists developed the Swoop system out of a passion for
                                                                                                           redefining brain imaging methodology and how clinicians
                                                         beneficial addition to the hospital’s diagnostic toolset,”
                                                                                                           can apply accessible diagnostic imaging to patient care.
        Be This Difficult                                said Hyperfine Chief Medical Officer Dr. Khan Siddiqui.   Traditionally, access to costly, stationary, conventional
                                                         “The  system  enables  clinicians  to  provide  excellent
                                                                                                           MRI  technology  can  be  inconvenient  or  not  available
                                                         medical  care  quickly  and  delivers  a  completely  new,
                                                                                                           when needed most. With the portable, ultra-low-field
                                                         convenient, and comfortable MR imaging experience.”  Swoop system, Hyperfine is redefining the neuroimaging
        By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                              Visit  to  learn  more  about  our   workflow by bringing brain imaging to the patient’s
        School Psychologist                              capabilities.                                     bedside. For more information, visit
          “I   hate   school.
        School  is  like  jail  for
        kids.”  Margaret’s  son’s
        reaction  captured  how
        many  boys  perceive
        school. It can be a battle
        to  get  your  child  to
        school and a battle to get
        homework  completed.
        Many  parents  feel
        embattled by emails, texts, or phone calls about your
        child’s behavior or effort. Learning is a slow process
        and your child’s behind. Many parents come to us for
        school  neuropsychological  testing  seeking  answers
        because they realize school should not be this difficult.
          Children struggle in school for various reasons and
        for adolescent boys I often hear, “He is just lazy and
        unmotivated.” Many times our testing reveals a hidden
        learning disability and that your son is feeling inadequate.
        When a boy does not feel good enough or that he can meet
        the academic requirement, he can’t work to his potential.
        Thus, he is not lazy but feeling inadequate and believes,
        “Why try?” The good news is this can be changed with
        proper support at school and home.
          According to the National Center for Educational
        Statistics, 15 to 20 percent of public school students
        in the United States receive special education services.
        In Florida, 15 percent of public school students have
        an Individual Education Program (IEP). Thirty-three
        percent of special education students have a specific
        learning disability. Your child needs testing to receive
        public school help. Public schools offer this but with
        many hurdles and a lengthy wait time. We offer a more
        thorough evaluation and give you written results in
        two weeks or less.
          Trust  your  parental  instinct  and  seek  additional
        understanding.  A  wait  and  see  approach  often
        delays  getting  your  child  the  proper  help  and
        support. Tutoring,  counseling,  an  IEP,  or  504  Plan
        is often needed to start closing gaps and increasing
        independence  and  confidence. The  state  of  Florida
        provides money to help you offset these expenses. To
        learn more search Family Empowerment Scholarship
        Unique Abilities.
          Call  or  text  to  discuss  your  child  as  we  test  for
        autism,  dyslexia,  dysgraphia, ADHD,  depression,
        learning disabilities, and anxiety. Visit
        or call (561) 625-4125.
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