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       The Pet Cottage Post

      From Our Cottage To Yours                                                                            me to keep me updated and posts daily on Instagram and
                                                                                                           Facebook. By doing this she has kept me and my stepmom’s
      … Happy Thanksgiving                                                                                 loved ones connected to my stepmom through seeing Bella
                                                                                                           and Gianni. This is a unique and extremely special and
      Two Senior Dogs Join The Pack                                                                        needed organization. I am extremely impressed with Wendy,
        Gianni, a 13-year-old terrier                                                                      the volunteers, and all that they do! I am forever grateful”
      mix, and Bella, a 14-year-old                                                                        –Lenore
      Pomeranian, recently joined                                                                            At their first veterinary visit, we discovered they both had
      The Pet Cottage. When their                                                                          more serious medical issues than previously thought and
      mom, Maria, passed away from                                                                         would best be served at the Sanctuary through hospice care.
      cancer at the end of the summer,                                                                       Gianni has dementia and a growth in his abdomen that is
      her  two  beloved  senior  dogs                                                                      being managed with pain meds. He has a robust appetite and
      needed new homes.                                                                                    enjoys short walks with the pack. He sleeps a lot and loves
        Maria’s stepdaughter Lenore was unable  to take them                                               attention from our volunteers.
      herself and knew that if she brought them to a shelter,   Bella            Gianni                      Bella has congestive heart failure and is on medication.
      they would likely be euthanized because of their age and                                             But that doesn’t stop her from being her feisty self. She loves
      medical issues.                                    and me through a very difficult process. Wendy is one of   cruising in the stroller and is the self-appointed boss of the
        “I am so thankful for Wendy and The Pet Cottage! They   the most kind, compassionate people I know. She is taking   big dogs.
      have saved my stepmom’s ‘kids’ and have helped them   phenomenal care of Bella and Gianni. She reaches out to     Over the years, The Pet Cottage has served many pets
                                                                                                           through their hospice journey before they are ready to cross
                                                                                                           the rainbow bridge. Whatever time a pet has left, we focus
        The Singles Scene , est. 2007                                                                      on quality of life. Through home-style care, we provide our
                                                                                                           pets comfort, familiarity and loving care in the company of
                                                                                                           other dogs and volunteers.
        Special Holiday Edition                         of yourself now, at the end of the year, and during the   Volunteer Spotlight
        by: Kelly Leary, M.S. &                         holiday season, when can you? Get out there and laugh.     We love our team of dedicated volunteers. Meet Lisa and
        Miranda  Capparelli,                            Dress like you are going to fall in love with someone   Lynn, retired sisters who live together and volunteer with us.
        The Matchmakers                                 during the day--even if it is your barber or your dry cleaner.   They come to the Sanctuary two mornings a week at 7:30
                                                        You don’t have to literally romantically fall in love. Just
           “Love and gratitude                          understand that the more we love and appreciate others,   a.m. to walk dogs and perform all kinds of necessary chores.
                                                                                                             They are a huge help and the dogs love them! We are
        can  part seas...It can                         the more others will love and respect us. I.E. Let’s see
        move mountains and                              how many heads and hearts we can touch in these last two   grateful for their get-it-done work ethic.
        it can create miracles.                         months of the year.                                  Volunteering can be a fun way to connect regularly with
        The power of love and                              5. Spoil yourself this holiday. You’re single, so go wild   a friend or family member while giving to a cause close to
        gratitude will dissolve all                     treating yourself. You will feel great. You deserve it too,   your heart.
        negativity in our lives no                      right? Buy the date night outfit (even if you don’t have the     Thank you to all of our guardians and volunteers! We
        matter what the form has                        date yet.) Buy the shirt. Book your hair appointment. Hire the   appreciate you!
        taken.”~~Rhonda Byrne                           Matchmakers. Understand, every one of us (single or taken)     We are always inviting new volunteers into our pack. If
                                                        has a “Relationship Investment Spend” whether you are aware   you are interested in learning more, please reach out.
        Top 5 Dating Tips for                           of it or not. Any and all things that enhance your relationships
                                                        with others—new and old—will increase the quality of your
        November!                                       life. Ask yourself: “What have I spent this year to enhance
                                                        my relationships with others? “If it’s nominal—you know
                                                        what to do next. It’s buying season. Celebrate YOU! Thank
           Hey  Insiders!  First  and  foremost,  our  heartfelt   us later for this stellar holiday survival tip.
        thanks to you for sharing your precious time with us      In closing, there is no better time than November to
        again today. This is an excellent read to share with your   ramp up and show gratitude for how far you have come
        single friends and family too. We are entering the most   this year. Let your wild streak shine and squash that
        vital time of year--and extra love is on the menu. Our   inner self-critic. It’s time to reward yourself--with the
        commitment is to love and support all individuals in   gift of love.
        their goals to connect, especially in November, the most      Warm wishes for a joyful Thanksgiving to you and
        popular month to join our club. This month, our gratitude   your loved ones. Seize the opportunity to transform
        knows no bounds for our community, couples, clients,   your love life before the “big” holy holidays come in
        and all of our American Heroes (First Responders). Our   December. Once again, thank you for following THE
        Team appreciates all of you.                    Florida Matchmakers!
           Thanks to our Matchmaking Dream Team, countless      We can’t wait to meet you in our private offices on PGA
        couples will be celebrating the 2023 Holiday Season   Boulevard soon. Reserve your appointment today so that
        together. There’s still time for you to find love too. Last   you can avoid the up-and-coming waitlist! The early bird
        year, between November and December, we connected   gets the worm--and the guy--or the girl.
        more new couples than ever before. People are more willing
        to let their stone wall guard down in November. There is        XOXO from Your Favorite Cupids,
        less judgment in November. In a nutshell, ’tis the season!                     Kelly & Miranda
        Below are your coveted tips...
           1. Cast your love line in well-stocked crystal clear   P.S. Want some bonus points
        waters, not in bargain Black Friday basements or risky   with us? Mention this article and
        online shopping traps. You are only as good as the crowd   how long you have been reading          Lynn with dogs on leashes
        in front of you. Just as you may visit Bloomingdales,   it when you schedule your first
        Macy’s, or Saks for that special outfit, your approach   appointment. Some of you have             The Pet Cottage Mission
        to dating should be equally selective. If you’re seeking   been following this column for            The Pet Cottage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Jupiter
        love in bars or on online dating sites, you may be putting   more than 16 years. We thank          Farms that celebrates and protects the magical relationship
        yourself at financial, emotional, and physical risk. Half   you for that too. Keep spreading       between people and pets. We provide homestyle care for pets
        the dating challenge can be overcome by looking in the   the love!                                 who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment.
        right places—where quality, honest, and successful singles                                           Through our two unique programs – The Sanctuary
        gather. It’s that simple.                       #LoveOffline #CuffingSeason #Gratitude             Residency Program and The Lifelong Guardianship Program
           2. Once you’ve found a promising person to date,   #MatchmakingRoyalty #AlmostPerfect #TellYourFriends   – we promise our pets will always have the home, care, and
        be your best self and get to know them. Effective   #HolidayRomance #Privacy                       love they deserve, for life.
        communication is the cornerstone of any successful
        relationship. Early on, determine if your communication      Kelly Leary© has 32 years in the dating industry     We provide pet companionship for senior people and cover
        styles align. Refrain from judging a book by its cover;   and a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She has   all veterinary expenses. We are a promise and our promise
        delve into its pages and read the story. If you need   been profiled by Modern Luxury Magazine in the Fall   means forever. You are invited to join our pack!
        assistance with this, don’t hesitate to reach out. This   2023 Issue as a Dynamic Business Woman. Look for                          The Pet Cottage,
        Team is here to help--it’s in our DNA. We provide   it on shelves now. She has also been written about in                            (561) 818-5025
        services far beyond matchmaking. Connection and   The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart                   
        compassion are the language we speak, offering   News, Jupiter Magazine, and many more. Revolution
        coaching and networking throughout our community   Dating members are pre-screened in person including
        of members and concierge services.              background checks. Professional photos are taken by
           3. Be fun and light! Who wants to be around a perpetual   the staff. Revolution Dating is NOT online dating or
        grouch? Is whining attractive? Is constant drama and   blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking
        complaining appealing? We think not. If this describes   services that make singles “UN-single” through their
        you, it might not be the right time to join the revolution yet.   exclusive club memberships, Kelly and her Team also
        Take some time for introspection—try yoga, read a book,   provide feedback from your dates when appropriate.
        take a class, or go for a nature walk. We attract physically   Mock Dates are available by request. Single Coaching
        and emotionally available people who are ready to take the   Sessions and Evaluations are also available by request
        next step. Always remember, an attitude of gratitude will   for non-members or as an add-on to some memberships.
        get you farther than being critical and judgemental.   *All inquiries are confidential.
           4. Be extra! If you can’t be your fullest and best version
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