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VOL. 33 NO. 11                                   FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                    NOVEMBER 2023

       PGA POA Communication Corner

      By Gail Coppage, Communications Committee Chairperson                       (including but not limited to accordion shutters/panels/fabric) must be removed and/or
         Happy November! Happy Thanksgiving!                                      opened by Nov. 30.
         Welcome back to so many of our friends and neighbors! We                    Have you paid your PGA POA annual assessment? Just a reminder that the PGA POA annual
      missed you! Our nights are getting cooler and our days warm,                assessment was due July 1. Homeowners who have not yet paid the annual assessment have now
      sunny and beautiful. These are the days and month where South               been referred to collection. We appreciate the timely payments of all PGA POA annual assessments
      Florida and Palm Beach Gardens are so spectacular.                          and thank our PGA National resident family!
         There has been a bit of a slowdown in terms of new homes                    Did you know that Palm Beach Gardens has a historical society?
      and condos on the market in PGA National. PGA National has                     Please visit the website to learn more about this city’s planned community and its recent
      seen an increase in buyer interest for quite some time, and it              history as a new city in Florida, incorporated in 1959. Palm Beach Gardens, both then and
      doesn’t look like this interest is waning as we end 2023. As                now, has a neighborhood feel even though the city’s physical site is 60 square miles. Palm
      of mid-October, there were 58 homes listed for sale in PGA                  Beach Gardens is one of the largest cities in Palm Beach County, surpassing West Palm
      National. In terms of ongoing improvements, we are seeing                   Beach at 58 square miles. Palm Beach Gardens’ history is very interesting, and we have
      an increase in requests for new roofs for single-family homes as well as new requests to the   John D. MacArthur, wealthy landowner and insurance magnate to thank, ever since his first
      Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for hurricane impact windows, exterior home painting   purchase of 4,000 acres in what is now Palm Beach Gardens, with land consisting of pine
      and new landscaping. Thank you to all homeowners and associations who continue to update   forest, swamp, and cattle pastures.
      their homes and landscaping helping to keep all PGA National neighborhoods looking great!      One of the favorite places to visit in Palm Beach Gardens is the weekly Green Market,
         Are you a new homeowner unfamiliar with the rules and regulations of PGA National? It is   every Sunday at the City Hall Municipal Complex, 10500 Military Trail. Hours are 8 a.m.
      important to familiarize yourself with your own HOA/condo rules and regulations in addition   to 1 p.m. There are a host of unique vendors, great food and lively music. Visiting the Green
      to those regulations of the PGA Property Owner’s Association. Please review the PGA POA   Market on a Sunday is the perfect way to spend a relaxing, fun weekend morning. The apple
      website for important updated information: Living in a gated community   cider donuts are a huge hit! For more detail, please visit the website: https://www.pbgfl.
      can be wonderful but there are restrictions and regulations that still must be followed relative   com/278/GreenMarket.
      to your home or condo. It is important to understand how these regulations may affect you as      Please read about the new election law in Florida on the Palm Beach County Supervisor of
      a homeowner in PGA National.                                                Elections website. Please visit: or call
         Are you wondering whether the use of stick reflectors, boulders or other borders are approved   the Supervisor of Elections office at (561) 656-6208 for more information and detail.
      for use within PGA National? The answer is no. The use of stick reflectors, boulders and other      Wishing all our PGA National family a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for living
      devices to keep cars and trucks off the grass is prohibited. Only the round concrete “button” type   in such a beautiful and unique environment and community, enjoying great weather, an active
      street protection is permitted.                                             lifestyle, and great restaurants in a great city with an engaged and thoughtful local government.
         We are always happy to welcome the end of hurricane season! The hurricane season   Thank you also to all the employees, vendors and workers who keep PGA National looking
      officially  ends  Nov.  30.  Just  a  gentle  reminder  that ALL  storm  protection  devices   beautiful and well-maintained every day!

        Palm Beach Gardens Police

        And Fire Annual Joy Drive

           PGA Property Owners
        Association is again collecting
        new, unwrapped toys for the
        Annual Palm Beach Gardens                                                  PGA PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION
        Police  and  Fire  Joy  Drive.
        Please bring your donation to                                                                     NEEDS YOU!!
        the POA office (Suite 29 in
        the LA Fitness Plaza) between                                                 APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR
        the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.,                                               PRIOR EXPERIENCE SERVING ON A CONDO OR HOA
        Monday to Friday.                                                          BOARD AND MUST HAVE OCCUPIED A RESIDENCE AS AN
           We ask that all HOAs,                                                    OWNER IN PGA NATIONAL FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS.
        condos and residents show support for this amazing annual event and help us collect
        gifts for those in the Palm Beach Gardens community who are less fortunate by   IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED AND INTERESTED IN SERVING
        donating a new, unwrapped gift for children under age 15. Financial donations are   ON THE PGA POA BOARD OF GOVERNORS, PLEASE SEND
        accepted at                                                   A BRIEF LETTER OF INTRODUCTION (INCLUDE YOUR
           PGA National is the biggest community in Palm Beach Gardens and we have the     NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER) TO:
        biggest hearts! Help us make this the biggest and best event yet!
                                                                                                PGA POA NOMINATING COMMITTEE
                                                                                                   7100 FAIRWAY DRIVE, SUITE 29
                                                                                                 PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33418
                                                                                      OR VIA EMAIL: DAWNL@LANGMANAGEMENT.COM

                                                                                      FIVE CANDIDATES WILL BE ELECTED TO THE NINE
                                                                                       MEMBER BOARD OF GOVERNORS AT THE ANNUAL
                                                                                               MEETING TO BE HELD IN FEBRUARY.

                                                                                           DEADLINE FOR CANDIDATE SUBMITTAL IS
                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 20, 2023
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