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      Johnson History Museum Seeks Volunteers

         The  Richard  and  Pat  Johnson  Palm  Beach  County   Society  of  Palm  Beach  County,  recognition,  ongoing   preserve, and share the history of Palm Beach County
      History Museum, owned and managed by the Historical   learning, and opportunities to meet many like-minded   and the larger context of Florida. The HSPBC operates
      Society of Palm Beach County (HSPBC), is expanding   people.                                         and maintains the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach
      their volunteer force for their upcoming exhibition,      For those who especially like people and enjoy history,   County History Museum, an admission-free, accessible
      Endless Summer: Palm Beach Resort Wear. This first-  the  museum’s  next  nine-week  docent  training  course   institution  featuring  high-quality,  interactive  exhibits.
      ever grand exhibition will use more galleries than for   begins in January.                          Funds raised by the society provide critical education
      past special exhibits, as well as a new area for very young   About The Historical Society           programs to the school children of Palm Beach County.
      children, all requiring attendants.                  The  Historical  Society  of  Palm  Beach  County  is   To  learn  more,  call  (561)  832-4164,  Ext.  100  or  visit
         The HSPBC also welcomes volunteers to assist with   a  nonprofit  organization  founded  in  1937  to  collect,
      receptions,  lectures,  and  other  programs  and  special
      events. Most positions require a commitment of four to
      six hours weekly: 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., 12:30 to 4 p.m., or                           Attention:
      10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Some flexible-hour positions are open
      as well. Volunteers receive membership in the Historical                      PGA Residents Of Mellowing Years

          Attention Dog Owners                                  A single phone number may help you to live confidently and gracefully in your own home.
                                                              Now there is a volunteer senior ambassador within PGA community who is well-schooled in resources

          It is your responsibility to pick up             available to help with problems of elders. The Alpert family and Children’s Services has been helping seniors
                                                           do just that for many years.
        after your dog.                                       • You have questions? We may have answers.
          It’s the law. Some of you have                      • You don’t know where to go? We can guide you.
        been negligent in doing so.                           • You don’t know what you need? We’re well-versed in that problem.
                                                              • Do you know a neighbor who needs help?
             Please keep our                                  Don’t wait. Call now. Dorothy Weiss, 624-4035. Let’s keep connected with each other as a community. All you need
          community beautiful!                             is the desire to live comfortably in your own home.


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