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      From The Editor: To Our Heroes…

         The month of November,                         horse and anticipated it would sometime be a meal for   never gave me all the details but the food was limited
      we designate Veterans Day                         them.                                              thereby resulting in many years of health issues when our
      to honor those who have                              The German soldiers forced the prisoners to walk   service members returned home. Sleep deprivation, lack
      served in the military for our                    20 miles at times. Soldiers dropped from exhaustion on   of sunlight and hunger were common conditions for the
      freedom. I often highlight                        David’s sides and behind him. He was forced to keep   prisoners of the Japanese military at that time.
      the lives of our heroes who                       walking. He focused on survival and his family. It was      My father and his 5 brothers all volunteered to defend
      endured some of the worst                         under these adverse conditions that David realized we   the United States and its freedoms in World War II. My
      of life’s challenges during                       have no control over the time and manner of our death.   father was a Navy “Seabee” (US Naval Construction
      war time.                                         Life is precarious and precious.                   Battalion) stationed in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. My
         David served during                               David was a prisoner for 18 months. Toward the end   father was a great storyteller. I remember him saying that
      World War II. While he was                        of the War, Hitler had ordered the death of all the POWs.   the sun was so bright on those islands so they had many
      near Nancy, France, he and                        Fortunately, the Germans surrendered before the plan was   different sun glasses for use depending on the time of day
      the service members in his patrol saved a group of orphans   carried out. David had a young wife and 3 children ages   and season. My father carried a card he received when he
      and the Nuns who cared for them. David and his buddies   3, 2 and 1. Thoughts of his wife and children waiting for   crossed the International Dateline. He told us that he met
      carried the children across a river by holding them over   his return, motivated David to continue to struggle to live   a mermaid on that trip!
      their heads to safety on the other side.          during his imprisonment.                              By the end of the War, 2,258,872 soldiers had served in
         Unfortunately, the soldiers were captured by the      When I first began working as an attorney, I worked   the Seabees. They were skilled tradesmen. In the Pacific,
      German troops and sent to a Prisoner of War camp in   with Attorney William  “Bill”  Chalek,  another  of our   they built airfields, airstrips, piers, wharves, breakwaters,
      Poland. David volunteered to work out in the farm fields   heroes. Bill was captured by the Japanese in the South   seaplane bases, bridges, roads, command centers, fuel
      harvesting potatoes so that he could be outside. The   Pacific in World War II and was a prisoner of war. He   farms, hospitals, barracks and anything else needed by the
      prisoners were served only a limited menu of vegetables   was forced to live in inhumane conditions – very often   services. In the Atlantic, the Seabees’ biggest project was
      from the farm area. Each day, David would see a lone   in dark underground spaces for many hours at a time. He   the invasion of Normandy and the landing of the troops.
                                                                                                           I have a book that shows all the soldiers in my father’s
                                                                                                           battalion. It is similar to the year books we received in
                                   Reminder From                                                           high school. Fortunately, none of the Cioffi brothers were
                                                                                                           captured and they all survived the horrors of war. The
                                                                                                           family had a big celebration when they returned safely.
                                    The POA/ARC                                                              in the armed forces during World War II. It is estimated
                                                                                                             More than 16 million American men and women served
                                                                                                           that 240,000 are still living. Please take time this month
            POA documents                               additions or construction, fencing, hurricane      to reflect on our veterans who served to protect us and
         require that all                               shutters, impact glass, play equipment, garage door   our way of life which offers unlimited opportunities for us
         residents apply                                replacement or any other change, you must contact   all. Freedom of the press must always be preserved in our
         for POA and HOA                                the PGA POA Architectural Review Committee for     society to insure our government is serving the interests
                                                                                                           of all our citizens. We are indebted to our veterans for
         approval  prior                                approval.  Information  and  forms  are  available  at   fighting for our freedoms and I dedicate this column To
         to making  any                        under the “Documents & Forms”      Our Heroes.
         changes to the                                 heading or call 627-2800.                                                          Until next month,
         exterior of your                                                                  Thank you,                                  James A. Cioffi, Editor
         home, including but not limited to tree removal                                 Jack Hughes,                           
         or planting, new landscaping, painting, roofing,                         Chairman, POA ARC
                                                                                                           (P.S.  Please  provide  me  stories  about  veterans  in  our

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