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Page 8, Viewpointe                                                  January 2021
      From The Desk Of Vice Mayor Weinroth

      2020 Recap                                            The impact of “hitting the pause button” on our lives      I would also like to extend gratitude to the county’s
                                                         continues to reverberate throughout our community, largely   emergency managers and staff for their dedication and
         The New Year is a time                          because so many jobs were lost.                   commitment. They have worked tirelessly during the past
      for resolutions and new                               The challenge of putting food on the table, paying rent   year in mitigating the virus while keeping our local economy
      beginnings. In ordinary                            or making mortgage payments has become overwhelming   working and providing resources to those in need.
      years, we would reminisce                          for many who were self-sufficient, resulting in despair and      Post-pandemic, we will be a stronger community for
      about what transpired during                       depression for many.                              having weathered this storm, together!
      the year, while contemplating                         We can take pride in the mobilization of the many
      our hopes and dreams for the                       volunteers who helped make the pain bearable for the most   COVID-19 Vaccine: What we
      New Year.                                          vulnerable among us. Almost immediately, community
         However, 2020 has not                           volunteers stepped up! Food drives and feeding sites opened,   know….
      been an ordinary year.                             social media campaigns for assistance were plentiful, and
         It was January 21, 2020,                        many other initiatives were established to help those in need.      As of this writing, the following is a brief update on the
      that the Center for Disease                           In late March, the federal government approved the   initial phase of COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Palm
      and Control (CDC) confirmed the first U.S. coronavirus   Coronavirus Act Relief and Economic Security (CARES)   Beach County.
      case in a resident of Washington State who had recently   Act. Over $2 trillion was earmarked to address the economic      The Florida Division of Emergency Management and the
      returned from Wuhan, China.                        and social impacts of the pandemic and included steps to   Florida Department of Health are handling the vaccine Phase
         From there, the virus moved rapidly, and the World Health   mitigate the spread.                  1a rollout that includes the following:
      Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency by      The CARES Act provided an infusion of funding into      • All vaccines will be given free of charge.
      the end of January. By mid-March, a pandemic was declared   the unemployment system, forgivable loans to businesses      • Hospital health care workers - Palm Beach County
      because of its worldwide spread.                   predicated on their retention of their employees, and   hospitals are expected to begin receiving deliveries of the
         Due to the need for isolation, routine activities were   individual stimulus checks.              vaccine the week of December 21. These vaccines are for the
      suspended to help “flatten the curve” of infections. Schools      Palm Beach County received approximately $260   hospital medical personnel and other hospital staff.
      and businesses were shuttered, recreational activities   million in CARES Act funds to be used for pandemic-     • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities – CVS
      ceased, and everyone (except essential workers) were   related expenses. Allocations included testing sites, food   and Walgreens are the exclusive providers of vaccinations
      asked to stay home.                                supplies, small businesses, broadband infrastructure, and   at these facilities. We have been advised that most of the
                                                         personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, funds   facilities in the county have been contacted, and vaccinations
        Are You Watching                                 were provided to the health department, school system,   are starting the week of December 21.
                                                         municipalities, cultural and nonprofit organizations.

                                                                                                              • Front-line medical personnel, fire-rescue, other
                                                           Probably the most important news of 2020 is the
        Your Speed?                                        COVID-19 vaccine. There is finally hope on the horizon with   healthcare workers
                                                                                                              The county’s health department is expecting a limited

                                                         the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations already taking place and
                                                                                                           number of doses next week to begin vaccinating these worker
           Please obey all posted speed                  others expected shortly. The process of eradicating the virus   populations with priority for those who administer the vaccines.
        limit signs throughout Boca Pointe               and ending the pandemic has begun.                   As additional doses are received, the county will prioritize
        for the safety of our residents. As                 It is also important to acknowledge the true heroes of   law enforcement and other critical workers.
        a reminder, the speed limits are as              2020 – our frontline workers and first responders. Thank      This is a rapidly developing effort with new information
        follows:                                         you to all of them for risking their lives providing essential   coming each day from the state. We will provide updates as
           Boca Pointe Drive 30mph                       services to our community.                        they become available. 
           Via de Sonrisa del Norte 25mph
           Promenade Drive 20mph                         Community Shred Event
        ENFORCED, EFFECTIVE JAN. 2021!! 
                                                            T h e  B o c a  Po i n t e                     shred approximately 9,580 lbs. of paper and personal
                                                         Community  Association                            documents!  Thank you to all of the residents that
                                                         hosted another successful                         participated and to The Club at Boca Pointe! 
                                                         community Shred Event on
                                                         Friday, December 11th in the
                                                         parking lot of The Club. For
                                                         everyone’s safety, this was
                                                         our first contactless event
                                                         where the driver remained
                                                         inside their vehicle and
                                                         an  attendant  removed  the
                                                         boxes/bags from their trunk.
                                                         MicroShred was onsite to

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                                                               What Legal Documents Are Most

                                                                                    Important Now?

                                                          By Martin Zevin, Attorney                       real estate, because it avoids Probate. Probate can tie up
                                                                                                          your property for many months and prevent your heirs
                                                           The pandemic has changed                       from selling without a Court Order. They would have to
                                                         almost everything. But certain                   continue to pay taxes, maintenance, mortgage, utilities
                                                         legal documents are more                         etc. in addition to thousands of dollars in attorney fees and
                                                         important than ever.                             court costs. A Life Estate Deed is another option to consider
                                                           If you need to be hospitalized                 to avoid probate. Your attorney can discuss the different
                                                         in Florida, it is imperative                     options and the benefits of each one.
                                                         that you have a Designation                        During this time of social distancing, I am providing
                                                         of Health Care Surrogate and                     free telephone consultations to discuss Estate Planning
                                                         Living Will with proper wording so there will be no   and protecting yourself if you are incapacitated. In
                                                         problems. Your Surrogate will be able to make medical   these unsettling times, putting your house in order can
                                                         decisions for you if you are unable to communicate.   provide peace of mind. Once you have valid documents,
                                                         Even if the hospital does not allow any visitors due to   hopefully you won’t need them. Yogi Berra used to say:
                                                         the pandemic, your Surrogate will be able to talk to the   “That’s the insurance when you don’t have it, that’s when
                                                         doctors and make decisions on the phone or e-mail. All   you need it.”
                                                         your Surrogate needs to do is e-mail or fax a copy of your     Stay well.
                                                         document to the hospital. If there is no hope to save you,     Please feel free to call me for a free phone consultation
                                                         that Surrogate would be authorized to “pull the plug” based   regarding any issues pertaining to Wills, Trusts, Deeds,
                                                         on the Living Will.                              Probate, Power of Attorney or Health Care Surrogate. I
                                                           The Durable Power of Attorney is also important   am also available for free consultation regarding personal
                                                         to allow someone to take over your legal and financial   injury claims or car insurance coverage. Call me at 954-
                                                         affairs. The Florida law changed in 2011. If you have an   569-4878. My address is 3275 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite
                                                         old Durable Power of Attorney, it should be redone.  204, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442. My website is www.
                                                           If you should die, your Will or Revocable Living and my e-mail address is martinzevin@
                                                         Trust will determine who inherits your assets. The Trust
                                                         is important to consider if you own your home or other
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