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February 2021                                                    Viewpointe, Page 7

                                              GAME- CHANGING MEDICINE
                                  DRIVEN BY INNOVATION

                        Tampa General Hospital is one of the Nation’s Best Hospitals and

                               Florida’s highest-ranking hospital in multiple specialties.

                        As one of Florida’s leading academic medical centers, Tampa General Hospital has

                      groundbreaking clinical research, innovative technology and a world-renowned team
                      of experts to deliver specialized treatment and complex care. From 3D heart modeling

                             to robotic surgery, life-changing transplants to game-changing treatments,

                                               our innovations deliver lifesaving care. Every day.

                                     ONE OF AMERICA’S BEST HOSPITALS                         HIGHEST RANKED IN FLORIDA

                                       Cardiology & Heart Surgery                              Cardiology & Heart Surgery
                                       Diabetes & Endocrinology                                Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
                                       Gastroenterology & GI Surgery                           Orthopedics


                                                  Other hospitals practice medicine. We define it.                            

                                                 For more information, please call (561) 644-0125.

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