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      Creating A Permanent Way

      To Provide Food, A Challenged Resource

      By Steve Handwerker                                to find the motivation to take action each in our own unique   and global levels. Thank you readers for opening your minds
                                                         way!!! Persistence and determination are keys to its success.   to such ideas!!
         There is now being                              Being open minded and willing to work collaboratively are
      investigated environmentally                       also essential ingredients for such innovative programs to      Dr. Steven E. Handwerker is a Board Certified Licensed
      friendly alternatives to                           succeed.                                          Psychologist in four states (NY, FL, SD, VT) still in practice
      creating food supplies. These                         The main thrust is a shared vision, valuation and   after 40 years counseling individuals, families and groups
      ‘soilless’ options such as                         commitment in relation to balancing real needs, production   worldwide. He is a Supreme Court Family Mediator and is
      hydroponics,  aeroponics                           and conservation so that a culture of sustainability is engaged.   a member of the Professional and Scientific Board of the
      and aquaponics utilize only                        Habitats must be analyzed carefully, and fully, holistically   National Center for Crisis Management a part of Homeland
      10% of the water needed                            to determine which areas and what means are most suitable.   Security. He has lectured at the American Psychological
      for traditional farming and use less land as well!! Many   The concept of ‘shared space’ is of course crucial for creating   Association International Conventions for over 20 years
      supermarkets have hydroponic vegetables now on sale.   such solutions. The various dimensions of sustainability,   sharing his experience to students and colleagues across 150
      These sustainable and nature based solutions are innovative   like restoration, protection and production are also carefully   programs. Dr. Handwerker is committed to the protection of
      engineering efforts to meet global challenges. The science   considered. This will serve to protect what remains of intact   our environment and the conservation of the precious and
      to engage these practices are incredibly available. It does   natural systems and allow us to engineer productive solutions   limited resources of the ecosystems that comprise our living
      however take a village so to speak but each one of us needs   to provide for the needs of any population, on local, national   planet, our home. 

       No Time To Exercise? Try A Hybrid Program

      By Oris Martin, Fitness Dir.,                                                                        intensity exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease.
      Acts Retirement-Life Communities                                                                        HIIT workouts allows you to increase the benefits of
                                                                                                           your workout by alternating between low intensity and high
         If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercise                                             intensity moves that increase your heart rate. This type of
      or are just looking to spice up your routine, there are                                              workout has been shown to burn 25 to 30% more calories
      two  types  of  exercise  gaining  popularity  that  may  be                                         than longer duration moderate-intensity exercise, and an
      the perfect fit. Quick or Express Workouts and High                                                  added bonus is that after participants completed the exercise
      Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) are both programs                                                 their metabolism remained elevated all day; meaning that
      that deliver the benefits of longer exercise but require                                             they continued to burn calories at a higher rate.
      significantly less time commitment.                                                                     Another benefit of doing high intensity exercise is that
         While these two types of programs are quite different,                                            it increases blood flow throughout your body including
      they do have some similarities. Most quick workouts do                                               your brain, making you feel more alert and improving
                                                                                                           cognitive health and memory. It also increases the
                                                         have a HIIT component, and HIIT programs are usually   release of two mood-enhancing chemicals – serotonin
                     Attention                           shorter than regular training.                    and dopamine.
                                                           Quick workouts have been gaining popularity since
                                                                                                             If you’re already exercising, here’s how you can begin

                  Boca Pointe                            the American College of Sports Medicine released its   to incorporate HIIT intervals into your routine. You can
                                                                                                           do calisthenics or weight training work at a quicker pace,
                                                         7-Minute Workout nearly a decade ago. That program
                    Residents!                           involves doing 12 aerobic and strengthening exercises   with less breaks in between. This would keep your heart
                                                         using body weight with only a 10-second break in
                                                                                                           rate elevated and increase caloric expenditure. If you’re
                Flatten All Your Boxes!                  between, which keeps your heart rate elevated for the   a walker you can incorporate short bursts of speed into
                                                         entirety of the workout. This routine gained immediate
                                                                                                           your walk, where you go as fast as you can for 30-60
            Our recycling trucks do not pick up your cardboard boxes   popularity because it can be done anywhere and all that’s   seconds. Other ways to include HIIT intervals include
         if they are not flattened. Instead, they go to trash and are burned   needed is a chair and a wall.   high knee jogging in place and jumping jacks for 30-60
        with regular refuse....lost revenue for residents of Boca Pointe.      When this 7-minute workout debuted, ACSM released   seconds.
                                                         scientific data showing the quick routine improved basic      While this type of exercise may not be your first
                                                         fitness levels, delivered major health benefits, and weight   choice, when you’re rushed for time fitting in a quick
                                                         loss in many participants. A similar study showed doing a   workout may be a better option. Remember that any type
                                                         ten-minute workout that includes just one minute of high   of exercise is better than none. 

                                                                                                                      Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
                                                                                                                     and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.

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