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      Fire Rescue Safety Tips

         As the official hurricane                       power in your smartphone for emergency use, and not use     The two hurricane shelters closest to Abacoa are
       season approaches, now is                         it for weather or media apps.                     Independence Middle School and Palm Beach Gardens
       the  time  to  prepare  your                        • Create a plan for whether or not you intend to stay   High School.
       checklist for plans and items                     in your home or go to a shelter should the storm become     You  can  get  information  on  hurricane  shelters  and
       to keep you, your family and                      severe, and make sure you let family and/or friends know   general  preparedness  by  visiting  the  website  discover.
       your property safe.                               your plan. Communications can become compromised
         It  is  important  to                           which can make it challenging to locate you.                                Thank you and stay safe.
       be  aware  of,  and  follow                         • If you have hurricane shutters for your home, don’t                             Steen Eriksson,
       notifications put out by Palm                     put them up until you are advised to do so by Emergency                       Community Relations,
       Beach County Division of                          Management, and remove them when the hazards have                Professional Firefighters/Paramedics
       Emergency  Management,                            passed. Leaving shutters up when they are not needed                          of Palm Beach County
       as that is the most up-to-date                    for hurricane protection can make it more difficult for                                 Local 2928
       and relevant information to our local area.       firefighters to gain access to your home in the event of a           
       Things That You Can Do Now To Prepare             fire or medical emergency in non-storm conditions.
         • Stock up on water, nonperishable food and a well-    • If you intend to use a generator for emergency power,
       supplied first-aid kit.                           follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
         • Make sure your smoke detectors are operational and   Improper use, and running the generator too close to the
       your fire extinguishers are in good condition.    house, can cause serious injury and death. Carbon monoxide
         • Have fresh batteries and battery-operated radio and   created by a generator is a leading cause of death related
       flashlights. If the power is out, it is best to save the battery   to a hurricane.

        Newman Night 2021 from page 6

        Bill Golson, Michelle Cunningham, Sean Cunningham, Hope Craven, Darlene Golson, John Romaine,  Massimo Bertuzzelli, Monica Walks, Rebecca Rojas and Anthony Gusmano
        Suzy Romaine


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