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      “We Ain’t So Bad, But We Ain’t So Good, Either!”

      By Harold Katz, R.Ph.                                 4. LDPE (Low density polyethylene) Used for frozen      Fortunately, our SWA (Solid Waste Authority) in West
                                                         foods, plastic wraps, bread, plastic bags. This material   Palm Beach accepts most categories of plastic material
         If we thought we  were                          is usually not recycled. Where it is collected, they make   except PS (Styrofoam) and PVC into the Blue Box. The
      doing a good job in recycling                      shopping bags, lumber, floor tiles.               foregoing underscores the fact that recycling is a huge
      plastic material into the blue                        5. PP (Polypropylene) Used for containers for soups,   undertaking. In West Palm alone, over 50 individuals
      box, here is a disappointing                       syrups, yogurt, disposable diapers, baby bottles, straws.   are employed. Satellite collecting stations around the
      statistic: 91% of plastics that                    When recycled, it is used in brooms, battery cables, and   county account for many more full time jobs. With such
      should be “blue boxed” end                         palates.  PP  is  not  economically  feasible  to  recycle  in   commitment underway, the least we, members of Boca
      up in the ocean or in landfills,                   many instances.                                   Pointe, can do is to properly place into the recycle container
      according  to  2020  national                         6. PS (Polysterene) We know it as Styrofoam. Used   washed recyclable plastics, glass, and cans (We haven’t
      statistics. This writer believes                   in building insulation, some egg cartons, packaging.   even mentioned the yellow container in this article), and
      that here in Boca Pointe, we are recycling much more   Recycling of PS is possible, but not economically viable.  place into trash everything else that might lessen the quality
      than 9% of recyclable plastics. However, there is always      7. PC (Polycarbonate) This category contains other   of the blue box contents that we send to West Palm. There
      much room for improvement.                         mixed plastics. It includes electronic applications,   is more to be said in the recycling story. Tune into the next
         Perhaps a review of the plastic environment will   plastic cutlery, storage containers. This mixed group is   issue of ViewPointe for another chapter.
      stimulate our efforts toward 100% efficiency: There are   difficult to impossible to recycle because of dangerous
      actually seven types of plastic in use. Some are more   by-products.                                    Harold Katz R.Ph., Edgewater Estates 
      recyclable than others. For some, there is no market…
      no demand…so we are not asked to recycle them. The
      identifying number can frequently (but not always!) be
      found inside the recycle triangle on the container. The
      seven categories are:
         1. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) These are used
      for containers for water, soft drinks, milk, peanut butter,
      vegetable oil. PET is easy to recycle.
         2. HDEP (High density polyethylene) These are used
      for laundry detergent bottles, floor tiles, furniture. Also
      easy to process in recycling.
         3. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Used in detergent bottles,
      plumbing, lawn furniture, window cleaning liquids.
      This plastic is the least recyclable because of harmful
      chemicals used in its manufacture.

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