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                                             iN your commuNity

      Root Family Foundation Puts                                                                          canning jars. After the glass company was sold to the Mason

      Down Roots In Martin County                                                                          Co. in the 1930s, the family operated a Coca-Cola bottling
                                                                                                           business until 1985 and then invested in such diverse fields
      Through United Way                                                                                   as hospitality, aviation and citrus.
                                                                                                             Today, several generations of Root family members
        Representing the Root Family Foundation, John Root                                                 are directly involved with the charities that the foundation
      recently presented the United Way of Martin County with a                                            supports. John and his wife Judy raised their four children
      $10,000 gift to its Community Impact Fund.                                                           with the philanthropic mindset.
        For generations, the Root Family Foundation has been                                                 “United Way provides us with a meaningful way for our
      supporting their communities through United Way because                                              family members to give back to the communities in which
      the foundation’s focus on critical needs aligns with United                                          we live,” Root said. For more information about United Way,
      Way’s focus areas of health, education and financial stability.                                      visit
        “Since the turn of the 20th century, The Root Family   John Root of the Root Family Foundation presented a   About United Way Of Martin County
      Foundation has been focused on improving the quality of life   $10,000 check to United Way of Martin County. Pictured left     United Way of Martin County’s mission is to lift the
      for those in need,” Root said. “Even without the pandemic,   to right: Carol G. Houwaart-Diez, president/CEO, United   community and change lives together through the collective
      there are people in need in our community.”        Way of Martin County; John Root, Root Family Foundation;   power of advancing the common good. Since 1972, the
        The family’s original business, Root Glass Company,   Elisabeth Glynn, director of philanthropy, United Way of   United Way has been working to create long-term social
      designed the first Coca-Cola™ bottle in 1916 and made   Martin County                                change and provide support to Martin County residents by
                                                                                                           investing in programs that strive to: enhance healthy living,
                                                                                                           improve education, and support financial stability. For more
                                                                                                           information about United Way of Martin County visit www.

                                                                                                           Elev8Hope To Build Transition
                                                                                                           House For Homeless Students

                                                                                                           By Jackie Holfelder
                                                                                                             Elev8Hope began in 2012, the dream of the Shpiruk
                                                                                                           siblings, four youngsters with a yearning to help those who
                                                                                                           needed a hand up.
                                                                                                             Through the intervening years, the all-volunteer, student-
                                                                                                           run nonprofit, has changed too many lives in Martin County
                                                                                                           to begin to count as its partnerships, outreach and fundraising
                                                                                                           abilities blossomed.
                                                                                                             The program is run through the county’s school clubs,
                                                                                                           churches, homeschools and preschools, giving youth
                                                                                                           a platform to lead and make positive changes in their
                                                                                                             Along the way, the sad reality of homelessness among
                                                                                                           Martin County students became apparent to Rina Shpiruk,
                                                                                                           Elev8Hope CEO.
                                                                                                             On March 12, they revealed at Elev8Hope’s Casino Night
                                                                                                           fundraiser that the organization had signed a contract on an
                                                                                                           almost $1 million property in Stuart to be repurposed as
                                                                                                           “Rina’s House of Blessings.”
                                                                                                             The transitional hospitality house will welcome students
                                                                                                           who are living in cars, tents, hotels or couch-surfing until
                                                                                                           permanent living arrangements for them are secured by
                                                                                                             The turnkey homes have 14 bedrooms, eight bathrooms,
                                                                                                           six kitchens, two acres of buildable land and a large storage
                                                                                                           facility on premises.
                                                                                                             Elev8Hope will be initiating a capital campaign to secure
                                                                                                           funding for the purchase and any needed renovations and
                                                                                                             Any time is the right time to find out more about Rina’s
                                                                                                           House of Blessings and plan your contribution.
                                                                                                             Learn more about the 501(c)(3) and/or donate at www.
                                                                                                                                         Photo by Elev8Hope

                                                                                                           Rina’s House of Blessings will be a transitional hospitality
                                                                                                           house for homeless Martin County students.

                                                                                  See answer in this paper.
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