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        From The Professionals’ Desks

      Reality Check √… Healthy Answers

      on Living & Loving Life: “Eat For The Health of It!”

      By Dale Brown, B.S., M.A., C.E.C.                  from your waistline. Not to mention that weight puts added   can. When home use smaller plates, and when snacking do
      Dale is a motivational speaker who                 stress on joints that make it more difficult to walk or bend   not eat directly from the container.
      has spent many years as a Certified                down without pain.                                   More Fruits and Veggies – By consuming more fruits and
      Life Coach and has written numerous                   The good news is that making healthy choices could   veggies, you should feel less hungry because these foods are
      articles and e-books relating to                   mean a leaner, stronger you in the long run! The key to your   filled with nutrients, high fiber and water. Fiber is crucial
      self-improvement and ways to build                 success simply comes down to...maintenance.       in preventing constipation, and lowers cholesterol. Add
      a high-performance team. Her                          I tell many of my clients that the answer lies in finding a   oatmeal, beans and whole grain foods, along with a variety
      education and years of experience in               healthy eating plan that provides the best nutrition for your   of fruits and veggies.
      physical fitness and training of elite             body, mind, and soul. It’s not about starving yourself, but      Weigh in – Experts suggest weighing in weekly, at the
      athletes has enabled her to sharpen her knowledge in many   rather learning how to choose the right foods, regardless of   same time of day, the same day of the week, on the same
      health-related areas. The following is one in a series of   where you are.                           scale, with the same clothes or without, to keep consistency
      columns devoted to many topics that deal with the mind/body      How can you change your style of eating to be healthier?  and reliability. If you prefer to weigh in daily, as I do, don’t
      connection and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.      First, let me share a few reality checks when it comes to   be discouraged when you find fluctuations from 1-3 pounds
      Dale, a Bocaire resident, can be reached at dalebrown@  meeting your goal of a slimmer, healthier you:   depending on various factors, such as water retention, heavy                                  If you love meat…eat it. If you love carbs, eat them. The   eating the day before, or hormonal changes.
         Are you still battling the COVID-19 bulge? Recently, a   secret is when, how much, and what else to put on your plate.     Protein – Don’t underestimate the importance of protein.
      friend told me she was still trying to lose the extra pounds    If you’re going to eat carbs, have them before 2:00 PM  It’s the ultimate food when it comes to filling you up and
      she gained during lockdown. Losing weight is hard to do,    Don’t eat anything after 8:00 PM – give your digestive   fueling your body. Healthy proteins are seafood, lean meat,
      but even harder after the age of 60. It’s not uncommon   system time to do its job.                  egg whites, yogurt, cheese, soy, nuts, and beans. Proteins
      for body shapes to change in your later years of life, and    Cut back on salt and sugar, two silent killers when it   help preserve muscle mass and encourage fat burning. Try
      much of this change may be due to hormones. For women   comes to your diet.                          to incorporate protein in every meal and/or snack.
      it’s estrogen, and for men it’s dealing with the lack of      Next, try following these simple tips.      Water – You may think you’re hungry, but it might be
      testosterone. Regardless of the reasons for weight gain,      Clean House – That’s right! Take a look in your pantry,   thirst instead. Next time you go for a bag of chips, first drink
      no one is happy with love handles, stomach bulge, muscle   freezer and fridge, and purge your cupboards of fattening   a glass of water or a fruit-infused herbal tea. Try drinking a
      reduction, cellulose, or loss of skin elasticity.   foods,  such  as  chips,  ice  cream,  and  candy.  Reduce   glass of water before a meal to help curb your appetite and
         I’m sure many of you can remember when you felt and   temptation by making it difficult to reach for a treat.  give you a feeling of fullness.
      looked your best. It might be a few decades ago, but to most      Stock Up – After clearing your shelves of goodies,      Slow is Okay – Think how long it has taken you to get to
      of us it seems like yesterday. As you look into the mirror of   you’ll have room to stock up on ready-to-eat snacks and   your current weight. Don’t be impatient; dropping pounds
      truth, or step on the scale of doom, we all wonder: how did   meals-in-minutes. Some healthy basics to keep on hand are:   takes time. Remember–slow and steady wins the race!
      it happen? I remember thinking, “I used to be a size 4 and   frozen vegetables, whole-grain pasta, canned tomatoes or      Here’s my philosophy: “Life should be enjoyable, and
      weighed 110 pounds! I had a great figure then. If only I could   beans, bags of salad greens, and whole grain pitas. Having   I don’t want to stop doing the things I love to do, like
      lose 25 pounds, I might look like that again.”     ingredients that you can easily combine in 10 minutes may   eating!” Don’t be a slave to a diet that robs you of the joy
         After retirement, losing weight is much more than looking   keep you from grabbing fast food on the way home.  of savoring the foods you enjoy. Learn to understand the
      good in a dress. There are many other health issues, such      Portion Size – Dining out can be disastrous when it comes   nature of healthy eating, make the highest choice possible
      as high cholesterol, hypertension, and an increased risk of   to portion control. Ask for a box or an extra plate, and make   when selecting from a menu, keep it lean and keep it clean.
      diabetes that could be mitigated by losing a few extra pounds   two meals out of one. Better yet, share with a friend if you   Your health depends on it!


           The exclusive Bocaire Country Club is a boutique club of only 238 homes, boasting no tee times on a newly renovated and renowned championship golf
             course. Feels like owning your own golf course! Tennis program, fitness center, fine dining, resort style aquatics center. Bocaire is friendly and active!

                          New To The Market!
                                                                                                              Just Sold Off Market
                                                                                                                        In Bocaire!

                                                                                                                          4579 Bocaire Blvd.
         4634 Bocaire Blvd. Immaculate stunning estate home 5100 sq.   1155 Hillsboro Mile #610.  3 bedrooms
          ft. under air! 4 bedrooms plus an office, 5 1/2 bathrooms, bar,   right on the ocean! Two parking spots,
              eat in kitchen, family room, private resort style patio.     gorgeous renovated building.
                           Offered at $1,250,000                               Offered at $859,000
                                       Sian Matthew PA

                                             Bocaire Resident Realtor
                                        Highland Beach Resident Realtor
                                                   Coldwell Banker
                                     Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
                                               561-945-6550                                                              17152 Cassava Way

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