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      Healthy Answers – A Guide To Healthy Living:

      ‘Why Diets Don’t Always Work!’

      By Dale Brown, B.S.,                               wedding, or some other big occasion? Okay, you want to lose   but it has to be nutritious. Eating several small meals a day
      M.A., C.E.C. Dale is a                             50 pounds by whatever the date may be. A healthy weight   is more likely to control hunger and keep your metabolism
      motivational speaker who                           loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week, so if you have two months   in high gear. Nuts are a good choice, but consider apples,
      has spent many years as a                          before the big day, the goal may be impossible to reach.   trail mixes, carrots and celery, need I say more?
      Certified Life Coach and has                          The Diet Crasher – Does a steady diet of cabbage soup      The Low-Fat Expert – “I only buy low-fat items, which
      written numerous articles                          sound good to you? Maybe not, but if it helps you lose those   helps keep my fat content down.” Whoops! Low-fat does not
      and e-books relating to self-                      50 pounds you might. This type of diet promises you’ll lose   translate to low-calorie. Check your carbs, fat, sugar, and
      improvement and ways to                            weight by reducing your calories to 1,000 a day. This slows   calories on the nutritional label for a real eye opener.
      build a high-performance                           your metabolism down to a crawl and teaches your body to      The Drinker – Did you know that some shakes, coffee
      team. She is the author                            burn calories at a slower pace. So, once you’ve had your fill   drinks and alcoholic beverages contain more than 500
      of the recently published                          of cabbage soup, you’ll likely gain back the weight once you   calories? Not only that; liquid calories don’t fill you up, so
      book,  Small  Steps...Big                          get back to normal eating.                        you won’t eat any less after a high-calorie drink.
      Changes:The Personal Stories of a Life Coach. Her education      The Meal Skipper – “I haven’t eaten a thing all day      Dieting is hard, eating and drinking is easy. Don’t blame
      and years of experience in physical fitness and training of   so I can afford to chow down on chicken nachos and a   the diet on your inability to lose weight. For best results,
      elite athletes has enabled her to sharpen her knowledge   couple beers. It all evens out at the end of the day!” Wrong.   finding a healthy way of eating that you enjoy and can follow
      in many health-related areas. The following introduces   Don’t skip meals unless you’re following a specific fasting   for life is the answer to a healthy lifestyle. Combine good
      a new approach to Brown’s series of columns devoted to   program. Your body stores fat, holds out for the next meal   nutrition with daily exercise along with a diet that works
      many topics that deal with the mind/body connection and   and that is counterproductive to losing weight.  best for you. Always check in with your health professional
      the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Dale, a Bocaire      The Snacker – Snacking isn’t always a bad thing to do,   before starting any diet; your health depends on it.
      resident, can be reached at
         Are you one of the millions of Americans looking to the
      it’s about losing weight, exercising more, or simply trying  Council Corner: Happy New Year!
      new year to make changes in your life for the better? Whether

      to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s the time of year when gym
         Throughout my life I have seen diets come and go, each  Welcome To 2022!
      memberships soar and new diets emerge on the scene.

      claiming to be the perfect solution to quickly shed unwanted
      pounds. There are many “fad” diets you may remember or   By Monica Mayotte, who                      our most recent concern. Please take the time to get your
      maybe you’ve tried, such as Atkins, South Beach, Paleo,   was re-elected to another                  vaccines and boosters, if you haven’t done so already. If
      Cabbage or Ketogenic, to name only a few. Maybe you’ve   term on the Boca Raton                      you have, your community thanks you. It is truly the only
      subscribed to one of the flexible food plans with fresh   City Council, and who                      path to take to put the pandemic in our rear-view mirror.
      ingredients delivered to your door, or followed already   is CRA Chair. Mayotte                      Please continue to wear a mask when you are indoors. I
      prepared meals from Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems. Take your   has been a resident of                  am just as tired of wearing my mask as you are, but it’s
      pick, the offerings are endless!                     Boca Raton for more than                        the right thing to do to protect our community.
         One of the most popular diets high on the leader board   20  years,  active  in  the                 Fortunately, winter in Boca Raton means there are
      these days is the concept of intermittent fasting. While other   community both in our               many fun and safe things to do outside.
      diets outline what foods to eat, this type of diet prescribes   local schools and as a city             Food Truck Fridays are taking place on the first Friday
      when. Fasting has been found to be effective for losing weight   advisory board member.              of the month around town. The first one is on Feb. 4 in
      while protecting against muscle loss. There are several      I hope everyone                         Sanborn Square. Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market in Mizner
      different ways fasting might be beneficial for weight loss.   enjoyed the holiday season. I was able to take some time   Park is every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Here are two of the most common.                     off to rest and reflect on 2021. I hope you were able to      Check out the following websites for all the details on
         The first is the 16/8 method, which suggests you restrict   do the same. I can say with confidence that I am looking   the activities going on around town. There is so much to
      eating to an 8-hour window. This can easily be done by not   forward to what 2022 has in store for the City of Boca   do. I hope you take advantage of all the festivities.
      eating anything after dinner and eating a late breakfast. This   Raton.                              -
      is not for everyone, but I for one find it easy to do because      I am most excited to have our own Brightline station   -
      I’m not a morning person. If I finish dinner by 8 p.m. and   opening in 2022. It is currently scheduled to open later in      As always, please continue to be kind and considerate
      eat by 11 a.m. the next day, I’ve easily met the requirement.   the fall/winter. We all know that unforeseen circumstances   to one another. Feel free to contact me with any city
         The second concept is the 5/2 diet, which involves   can change this, but the fact that construction is beginning   concerns you may have. I can be reached at my email
      breaking up the week between eating normally and eating   is encouraging.                            address, or my city cell phone:
      fewer calories two days a week. For example, you may      Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the effects of   (561) 212-5543.
      choose to eat small meals on Monday and Thursday (250   the COVID-19 pandemic. The new Omicron variant is      Take care … be well.
      calories for women and 600 for men) and eat as usual the
      rest of the time. This type of fasting seems to work better
      for those whose main meal of the day is a hearty breakfast.
         While coaching athletes and counseling them on proper    Everyone deserves a doctor who they
      nutrition, my mantra was always and still is: “Calories in,
      calories out!” It’s as simple as that. If you eat more than your   trust and like. One who listens and
      body burns, it ends up as fat somewhere on your body. You
      hear people say, “Oh, I tried that diet, but it didn’t work for   takes their time to answer questions
      me.” I’ve noticed some people seem to always be on some
      sort of diet, but end up right back where they started.      and address concerns. A doctor who is
         Why don’t diets work?
         This is the 64-thousand-dollar question. The answer is that   available when you need them most.
      most diets do work if you make the commitment to practice
      the designated regimen. Diets don’t work when you sabotage
      your own efforts to succeed and blame it on the diet. In my
      coaching practice I have identified types of behavior that are   I provide proactive, preventive, wellness & sick care to
      responsible for failing to reach a desired weight loss goal.   adult patients at my concierge medical practice.
         The Procrastinator – This person is good at telling you
      what they’re going to do, load the weight watchers app to
      keep track of calories, join a fitness class, walk 10,000 steps   To discuss your health needs, and my care model, you
      every day. Sounds like a plan, but six months later you find
      them still sitting on the couch, explaining that their busy   are invited to a complimentary meet and greet with
      schedule got in the way.                             me - by video, phone or, when the pandemic permits,
         The Overachiever – These folks set goals way beyond
      what’s realistic. Have a class reunion coming up, a child’s   in-person at my practice.

                                                           Please call 561.368.0191 to schedule your meet and
                                                           greet with me. I look forward to meeting you.

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