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      World-Class Cancer Care Close To Home

      Tampa General Hospital’s Alliance With The         physicians to create a complete care plan close to home.  more streamlined patient experiences with enhanced flow and
      Cancer Center Of South Florida Allows Palm           Patients on Florida’s East Coast are receiving case evaluations   efficient check-in and checkout processes.
      Beach County And Treasure Coast Residents          from multidisciplinary panels of TGH experts, participating in a     More than 3,000 patients on Florida’s East Coast have
                                                                                                           received cancer care as a result of the collaboration at TGH, and
                                                         broader array of cutting-edge clinical trials, and benefiting from
      To Receive High-Quality Care And The               new services such as palliative care and genetic counseling. The   that’s only the beginning.
      Latest Treatment Technologies                      patients who need complex, specialized surgeries are taking     “We’re excited to continue providing extraordinary cancer
        Cancer patients on Florida’s East Coast are now receiving the   advantage of a convenient, streamlined process to have surgeries   treatment and services across the state through our combined
      exceptional health care they need combined with the hometown   performed in Tampa with pre- and post-surgery care offered in   team,” said John Couris, president and CEO of TGH. “Taking
      convenience and comfort they want, thanks to a progressive and   Palm Beach County. The hybrid model offers patients unmatched   a multidisciplinary approach is how you provide the best service
      mutually beneficial partnership. The Cancer Center of South   benefits and ease of care.             and become world-class.”
      Florida (CCSF) has joined forces with Tampa General Hospital     “We are proud that this partnership has brought our patients
      (TGH), the state’s leading academic and research medical center,   expanded access to the very best cancer treatment options,
      to offer world-class care and cutting-edge treatments.   as we continue our tradition of providing care that is tailored
        Tampa General Hospital Cancer Institute surgical oncologists   for each patient – one patient at a time,” said Dr. Abraham
      and specialists are working in collaboration with local physicians   Schwarzberg, senior vice president of network development
      to provide the most comprehensive treatment options in a   and chief of oncology at Tampa General Hospital. In 2021,
      seamless, coordinated manner. TGH cancer specialists consult   TGH and CCSF unveiled new locations in Palm Springs and
      with local patients and work closely with their referring   Palm Beach Gardens. Together, the facilities have allowed for

                                                                                                            Historical Seeds

                                                                                                            Of The Gardens

                                                                                                            John D. MacArthur, seen here with his dog Zeck in the
                                                                                                            mid-1960s, was born poor, the son of a Scottish preacher
                                                                                                            in rural Pennsylvania. After dropping out of high school,
                                                                                                            he became a self-made billionaire. He was eccentric in
                                                                                                            his personality and lifestyle and was quoted as saying,
                                                                                                            “Scotsmen are supposed to be very tight … I have never
                                                                                                            denied it. I inherited it.” MacArthur called himself “a
                                                                                                            simple country boy” and lived modestly in a duplex
                                                                                                            apartment at an old hotel he bought and remodeled,
                                                                                                            the Colonnades Beach Hotel in Palm Beach Shores.
                                                                                                            Despite his modesty, his influence in the development
                                                                                                            of Palm Beach County is second only to Henry Flagler.
                                                                                                            MacArthur’s dog was a Weimaraner named Zeckendorf.
                                                                                                            He  was  called  “Zeck”  for  short  and  was  a  gift  to
                                                                                                            MacArthur from New York businessman Bill Zeckendorf.
                                                                                                            (Courtesy City of Palm Beach Gardens.)

                                                                                                              For more seeds, see Images of America, Palm Beach
                                                                                                            Gardens by Arcadia Publishing. The PBG Historical
                                                                                                            Society’s mission is to collect, preserve and share the rich
                                                                                                            history of the Gardens.
                                            March 4 - 6, 2022                                       

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