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      An Extra Tablespoon Of Olive Oil Per Day

      May Keep Death Away

      By Steven E. Reznick,                              The study also concluded that substituting 10 grams of   achieving goal levels on maximal statins.
      M.D., FACP                                         olive oil per day (a bit less than one tablespoon) for other      Leqvio interferes with RNA involved in producing
         Dr. Marta Guash-Ferre’                          fats such as butter, margarine, mayonnaise, and dairy fat   LDL cholesterol. The Orion 9, 10 and 11 studies proved
      and team at Harvard  T.                            dropped their death risk 8 to 34 percent from all causes.  its efficacy in reducing LDL cholesterol and total
      H. Chan School of Public                              In reviewing the data, it seems their study group   cholesterol. The drug had few adverse effects which were
      Health evaluated whether                           represented an extremely well-educated, health-conscious   felt in 3 percent of the recipients and were mild including
      substituting a teaspoon                            group of individuals. Substituting olive oil for other fats   soreness at the injection sites, joint pains, diarrhea,
      of olive oil daily to                              is certainly a worthy goal based on these numbers and I   bronchitis.
      replace margarine, butter,                         will certainly aim to try it.                        The drug was scheduled to be available in pharmacies
      mayonnaise and dairy fat led                       New Drug Approved For Cholesterol Elevation       in February 2022. The cost has not been published.
      to a drop in the likelihood of                        The Food and Drug Administration approved Leqvio      Dr. Reznick is board certified in internal medicine, with
      death from cardiovascular                          (inclisiran), manufactured by Novartis, in January to   added qualifications in geriatrics, and has been voted a
      disease, cancer, dementia and respiratory diseases.  lower cholesterol. It is an injectable given twice a year to   “Best Doc” by his peers. To schedule a complimentary
         Her team looked at 9,200 participants who were free   be used with diet and maximal statin dosage. It is designed   meeting with Dr. Reznick to discuss his personalized
      of cancer and cardiovascular disease in 1990. Every four   for patients with a genetically inherited familial type of   care concierge practice, call (561) 368-0191 or visit
      years, for the next 28 years of follow-up, the researchers   hypercholesterolemia plus cardiovascular patients not
      assessed each person’s diet through a detailed questionnaire.
      Olive oil consumption was determined from olive oil used
      on salads, cooking, or used on breads and foods.
         Their long-term calculations showed that olive
      oil consumption increased in the study participants
      during the test period while consumption of margarine
      decreased, and other fats stayed the same. Participants      Make
      with higher olive oil consumption were more likely to be
      physically active, less likely to smoke, consumed more
      fruits and vegetables than lower olive oil consumers.
      When the researchers compared those with little olive oil    sure your
      consumption to those with the highest consumption, the
      high consumers had a 19 percent lower risk of death from
      cardiovascular disease, a 17 percent lower risk of cancer
      death, a 29 percent lower risk of death from dementia        heart is
      and an 18 percent lower risk of respiratory disease death.
                                                                   in the
        Boca West Children’s Foundation from page 1

        About Boca West Children’s Foundation
           The Boca West Foundation was launched in
        2010 and came about as a desire by the thousands           right
        of volunteers from the Boca West Country Club to
        give back to children in Palm Beach County. The
        foundation’s mission is to identify and fund projects to
        assist children and their families in need in the area.    place.
        Since its inception, the foundation has granted more
        than $14 million for specific programs for more than
        30 charities.
           For mor e information, visit www., call (561) 488-6980 or email

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