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      25 Years Of Magic from page 4
      programming in the nation, which has been featured by major  Mayor’s Update: State Of The City

      networks and publications; including but not limited to: CNN,
      NBC, CBS, ABC, Disney Family, the Miami Herald, Sun-  Scott Singer is the 35th                       and relentless. And we’ll highlight some of the many
      Sentinel, Parenting Magazine, and Family Magazine, and has   Mayor of Boca Raton.                    successes and accolades our city has earned in the
      received numerous national awards and praise.        A South Florida native,                         past year, thanks in major part to the nearly 2,000 city
         “Parents choose our programs not only for the uniqueness   attorney, mediator, and                employees who serve us so well every day.
      of the specialty programs but also because they know that the   small business owner,                   Let’s start with public safety, the most essential part
      campers will have fun in a safe and secure environment,” Gindy   Scott and his wife Bella            of government. I’m delighted to share that, for the second
      said. “Our programing is ACA accredited so our staff and camper   live in Broken Sound with          straight year, our crime rate decreased by 9 percent. Let
      ratio and the program design are sure to please both our campers   their two young children.         me repeat that – two straight years with a 9 percent drop
      and parents.”                                           Last month, I                                in crime in Boca Raton, in an era when crime is rising
         For more information contact David Gindy at (305) 742-8611   delivered the 2022 State             elsewhere. Over the past four years, we’ve had a 30
      and to see videos of children performing and learning magic visit   of the City address to           percent decrease in crime from what were already very                                    residents who joined a                          low numbers. Residents and businesses want to be in a
                                                           town hall for the premiere, and a home audience watching   city that’s safe. We are blessed here; and we should never
                                                           on TV and on YouTube. In this and coming issues, I’ll   take for granted how hard our officers work to give us
                                                           highlight some of the key themes. This month will focus   the safety we need and the peace of mind we expect.
                                                           on the inflection point and on public safety.      Other cities have eroded funding for vital police
                                                              It’s a reality of our times that we continue to adapt to   efforts. Not on our watch. We continue to attract and
                                                           new technology and circumstances. But the great thing   retain the best police professionals with one of the
                                                           about Boca Raton is that the ability to innovate and   highest starting salaries for officers in the nation.
                                                           grasp new opportunity is in our DNA. This year really   While other departments have also lowered standards,
                                                           looks like an inflection point: How will we emerge from   Boca Raton hasn’t. We continue to lead in safety and
                                                           the challenges this pandemic has caused? How will we   accountability. We won’t weaken the foundation of
                                                           respond in this moment to further propel our economy   safety on which our economic success and quality of
                                                           forward? And how will we revisit what’s worked for us   life is based. It’s a core reason people are flocking here.
                                                           in the past to learn from our experience–to make our      Ensuring our safety also means enhancing our quality
                                                           future even better?                             of life. Last June, our area and the nation were shocked
                                                              As we launch into a new era of progress for our city,   by the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South
                                                           we must never rest on reputation. No, it’s going to take   condominium in nearby Surfside. It struck home for many
                                                           hustle and hunger. Hustle to seize this moment when   of us, including people like me, who lived in beachfront
                                                           more and more people continue to rethink where they   condos of similar age. Right away, we began to look at
                                                           want to live and work. Hunger to capture more of the   how we could reduce the risk of similar tragedies. We
                                                           talent and investment that’s flocking to south Florida   created a new set of best practices and stronger standards
                                                           and make sure it stays in Boca Raton. And, as always,   for inspections of major building systems. In August,
                                                           pursue excellence in all we do.                 Boca Raton was the first city in Florida after the collapse
                                                              I’m happy to share again that not only is the state   to adopt an enhanced building re-certification ordinance.
                                                           of our city strong – our city is again on the move.      We didn’t set out to be the first to act, but it’s not a
                                                           We continue to provide world-class services with   surprise that Boca Raton was again a leader. Other cities
                                                           responsiveness and a level of service beyond other   in Florida have used our ordinance as a model. Our law
                                                           governments. We are always looking at how we can   has a shorter timeline than the prior standards of other
                                                           better provide the essential services to all in our city.   counties, and is far more transparent because both draft
                                                           And as Boca Raton rises into our coming second century,   and final reports will be posted publicly and online. We
                                                           we must seize the opportunities of each new day. We   deserve to know that our homes are safe, and that’s why
                                                           will honor our heritage as the vibrant, family-oriented   groups like our Beach Condo Association and its residents
                                                           community that has the business strength of a much   strongly supported our first-in-Florida ordinance. Real
                                                           larger city. We will build on these successes as we reach,   estate professionals, homebuyers and media have taken
                                                           united, for the excitement of the future.       note of our efforts, including the New York Times again
                                                              I’m humbled to work with a great team of city council   just a few weeks ago, and our measures should bring
                                                           colleagues: Deputy Mayor Andrea Levine O’Rourke,   confidence to property owners and potential homebuyers.
                                                           Council Members Yvette Drucker, Monica Mayotte      You can see more detail on this and other issues for
                                                           and Andy Thomson, as we forge ahead to set a vision   the coming year by watching the video at
                                                           for where our city will go. I’ll share here with you a bit   soc. Please email me at with any
                                                           more of that vision, and we can challenge ourselves to   thoughts, and stay connected with me on social media
                                                           get there more quickly. We must be bold, innovative   @ScottSingerUSA on all platforms.

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