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      Armory Art Center Presents Exclusive Florida Exhibition

      Of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel

         The Armory Art Center is excited to
      announce the exclusive Florida exhibition of
      the internationally acclaimed traveling exhibit,
      Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel from March 11
      to April 24. This traveling exhibition from Los
      Angeles-based SEE Attractions showcases the
      awe and wonder of one of mankind’s greatest
      artistic achievements. It is brought to you by
      the organizers of the finest themed exhibitions
      such as: Star Trek, King Tut, Titanic, Frida
      Kahlo, The Art of Banksy: Without Limits,
      The Museum of Failure and more.
         This unique exhibition invites viewers
      to step into the universe of the greatest
      masterpieces of Michelangelo, seen from an
      up-close, life-sized, and never-before-seen perspective. With
      expertise and care, each ceiling fresco has been reproduced in
      its near original size. Brought to life using a special printing
      technique that emulates the look and feel of the original
      paintings, visitors are given a chance to engage with the
      artwork in ways that were never-before possible: seeing every
      detail, every brushstroke, and every color of the artist’s 34
      frescoes, including internationally recognized The Creation
      of Adam and The Last Judgment.
         This globally successful exhibition is an innovative
      and unique interpretation of Michelangelo’s timeless
      masterpiece. Whether visitors have previously visited the
      Sistine Chapel or not, everyone can admire the artwork   be available for rent for an even more in-depth experience.
      up close, at their own pace, and with the ability to capture      The exhibition will be on display in Montgomery Hall
      photographic memories of this iconic work. Each image is   and the Greenfield and East Galleries at the Armory Art
      accompanied by informative signage, and audio guides will   Center, 811 Park Place, West Palm Beach, Thursday through   About The Armory Art Center
                                                         Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., March 11 through April 24.      The Armory Art Center’s art school and galleries
                                                         Please refer to the website for the current Armory Art Center   provide creative opportunities to enhance your life. The
                                                         COVID-19 protocols. Timed tickets may be purchased for   Armory has served the community for over 30 years. The
                                                         Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel at  mission of the Armory Art Center is to inspire the creation
                                                         michelangelo/. Timed slots are available every 30 minutes.   and experience of art and the Armory’s vision is to be the
                                                         Visitors should allow one hour to see the full exhibit. For   leading community resource for arts education. Serving
                                                         more information go to  over 3,000 students annually, the Armory Art Center
                                                         Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel                     offers 160 courses per term in six terms throughout the
                                                         The Armory Art Center, 811 Park Place, West Palm Beach,   year to students ranging in age from preschool to retiree.
                                                         FL 33408                                          Classes in drawing, painting, photography, jewelry, fiber
                                                         Montgomery Hall and Greenfield and East Galleries  and textiles, ceramics, and sculpture are held in 12 state-
                                                         Thursday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.             of-the-art studios. Twelve exhibitions are hosted annually
                                                         March 11 to April 24                              in three galleries. Exhibitions, lectures, and special
                                                         General Admission – Adults, $17.50 to $21.50, Children,   events are open to the public. For information, visit www.
                                                         $13.50 to $15.90                         or call (561) 832-1776. The Armory Art
                                                         Family Bundle – 2 Adults and minimum of 2 Children,   Center is located at 811 Park Place, West Palm Beach,
                                                         $15.30 to $18.50 per person                       FL 33401.
                                                         VIP Admission – Includes entry to the exhibition, skip-the-  About SEE Global Entertainment
                                                         line access and a poster – Adults (13+), $24.50 to $29.70,      The SEE  Family of Companies represents the finest
                                                         Children (ages 4 to 12), $18.70 to $22.30         in themed entertainment. Working with major Hollywood
                                                         Timed tickets at  studios, record companies, sports franchises and
                                                                                                           legendary individuals, SEE has become the one source for
                                                                                                           truly great, immersive entertainment. SEE is led by CEO
                   Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center • Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center
                                                                                                           Martin Biallas, a Hollywood veteran of 30 years. For
                                         30th Annual                                                       more information, please visit SeeGlobalEntertainment.
                                                                                                           com and
                                                                                                            Photo credit: SEE Attractions and Bridgeman Images
            Book & Author Luncheon                                                                          Editorial  copy  appearing  herewith  is  not  necessarily  the  viewpoint  of

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                March 30

                  9:00 am                                                                                    Seabreeze Publications

                The Polo Club                                                                                                 M. Sean Reid

                of Boca Raton                                                                                                   J. Reid
              Four best-selling authors                                                                            Tom English, Laura Berrio, Bret McCormick
              present their latest works.                                                                           Production Manager   Lee Nostrant

             Includes coffee and pastries,                                                                                Production Department
             author presentations, lunch                                                                       Elaine Donholt • Ruth Nekoranec • Katie Heystek
                  and valet parking.                                                                             Sherry Whalon • Dianne Strout •  Karen Kalisz
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