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                                                          Kids Corner

       Dunbar’s Inaugural Event                          committee. Our children and

       Celebrates Achievements While                     their families will benefit from
                                                         the additional resources we’ll
       Exceeding Fundraising Goals                       be able to provide thanks to
                                                         the generous supporters of this
         Good friends, amazing food, exciting auction items, and a   event,” said Wendy Reynoso,
       great cause. All of these were part of Dunbar Early Learning   executive director of Dunbar.
       Center’s inaugural fundraising event on March 9 to support     Committee members for
       the critical work of the organization.            the event included: Douglas
         More than 125 Dunbar supporters gathered at Josco’s Bar &   Andrews and Trent Steele,
       Oven in Tequesta to learn more about the astounding difference   Regina Brook, Anne Cook
       the center is making in the lives of children in the greater   Conze,  Joanne Wagner
       Banner Lake community. Dunbar provides comprehensive   Hughes, Doug Kepple, Lisa
       childcare and early learning for children ages birth to 5. Its   Modica, Anne O’Brien, Karen
       mission is to equip every child with a love of learning and the   Kjorlien Phillips, Demetrius
       social and emotional compass to be resilient.     Preston, Halsey and Griffin
         Guests enjoyed a spirited cocktail hour, delicious dinner   Schroder, Dominique Schulte   The Dunbar Early Learning Center Board from left: Karen Phillips; Wendy Reynoso, executive
       and a live auction of unique experiences conducted by Jennifer   and Darren Seirer, Marcie   director; Sally Zunino, cochair; Borden Walker, cochair; Lisa Modica; Anne O’Brien; Beth
       Wright, a talented Christie’s auctioneer. One-of-a-kind items   Sohm, Laura Trahagen and   Lettengarver; Demetrius Preston; Doug Keeple; Dominque Schulte; and Laura Traphagen
       included: a three-day stay in a gorgeous Nantucket home; golf   Catherine Yelverton, Susan
       at Sankaty Head Golf Club; a 4-hour cruise on the historic   Turner, Michele Walker, and Sally Auer Zunino, chair.   is  dedicated to  creating a nurturing,  stimulating,  and
       Bystander; a NYC getaway in a Greenwich Village apartment;   About Dunbar Early Learning Center     welcoming environment for all children through its unique
       and dinner for 10 at Harmonia, the oldest house on Jupiter Island.     The Dunbar Early Learning Center (Dunbar) is a   programs and a variety of educational theories while always
         The inaugural Dunbar Difference event raised more than   501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 whose   keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for
       $200,000.                                         mission is to provide care, education, and promotion of   hands-on, experiential learning. For more information, visit
         “We’ve seen the difference Dunbar is making,” Cochair   the children and families within Martin County. Dunbar or call (772) 545-0808.
       Sally Auer Zunino said. “The critical pre-reading and math
       skills of our Dunbar children have increased three-fold in just
       one year. The children come to school eager to learn, and our
       trauma-informed approach is helping to build the social and
       emotional skills they need to be resilient and successful.”
         Dunbar alumnus Jazmyne Thompson described the impact
       Dunbar made on her own life and those of her kids. Now a
       hardworking, independent mother of five, she is grateful for the
       staff and services the center provides for her children, especially
       for the specialized care given to her eldest son who is diagnosed
       with autism. He is currently in the first grade but, with help from
       the Dunbar staff, he is reading at a third-grade level.
         “An event like this takes tremendous planning and volunteer
       commitment. We are grateful to everyone who made this
       inaugural event such a success, especially Sally and her event
                                                         Wendy Reynoso and Gina Brooks    Lisa and Charles Modica          Sally and Tony Zunino

                                                         Could It Be Dyslexia?                             naming which is related to reading speed. This breakdown
                                                                                                           makes learning to read slower, more time intensive, and it
                                                         By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,                             can be frustrating for your child and you.
                                                         Licensed School                                     If your child is dyslexic, he or she requires specialized
                                                         Psychologist                                      reading instruction much different from what the public
                                                           Many kids struggle with                         schools offer in general education classrooms. Without
                                                         reading but not all struggles                     this your child may start to feel dumb about reading
                                                         are due to dyslexia. There                        and develop low self-esteem. Not many schools teach
                                                         are many reasons why smart                        reading using Orton-Gillingham based multisensory
                                                         kids struggle with reading.                       reading instruction. If you suspect your child has dyslexia
                                                         Some have not been taught                         get testing and start specialized instruction using Orton
                                                         using the optimal reading                         Gillingham based reading instruction or instruction at a
      Barry, Anne, and Molly O’Brien                     program, other kids have                          Lindamood Bell reading center. Many parents teach their
                                                         gaps due to the instruction                       own child using the Orton-Gillingham influenced Barton
                                                         during COVID, while still others have problems with   Reading and Spelling System.
                                                         memory or phonics.                                  We specialize in identifying reading difficulty and
                                                           Dyslexia as a broad term for a language-based learning   solutions for helping your child. Contact us so you can
                                                         disability. This implies your child might have difficulty   pinpoint how to best help your child.
                                                         with pronouncing unfamiliar words, spelling words,     Dr. Forgan is a licensed school psychologist and certified
                                                         reading fluently, and understanding. Dyslexics often have   dyslexia testing specialist who can evaluate your child for
                                                         a breakdown in one or more of these processing areas:   ADHD, gifted, dyslexia, and other concerns. Call 625-4125
                                                         the awareness of sounds, remembering sounds, or rapidly   or visit

      Jennifer Wright, Annie MacRae and Sally Zunino                                     with

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                                                                            Mary-Beth Zipsir
                                                                           Agent in Charge

                                                                           O: (772) 233-4444

                                                                             It's our policy that you know yours

       Nicala Tyo, Chenelle Weaver, Wendy Reynoso, Ginny Luther,
       and Andrea Asciutto
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