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                                              LoCaL Government

      Need Info Now? Check Out Our                      • File for homestead exemption online.             market value for 2022 will reflect sales
                                                                                                           and market conditions through the
                                                        • Search for property sales and ownerships.
      Website!                      • Download and print single page informational handouts.  end of 2021. The notices of proposed
                                                        • Watch educational videos.                        property taxes will be mailed in mid-
      By Jenny Fields, CFA,                             • View our interactive community outreach calendar.  August.
      Martin County Property                            • Buying a home? Estimate your property taxes with the
      Appraiser                                         easy-to-use tax estimator.                         Property Appraiser’s Office
        Our website provides                            • Download a variety of free reports based on the public’s
      information and services                          most requested data.                               Guiding Principles:
      right at your fingertips.                         • Request a mailing address change.
      Visit us at                        • Participate in a convenient “live chat.”         Make our customers feel like family. to discover a treasure                                                                         Always give our customers the time they need.
      trove of  information and                         2022 Tax Roll Underway!                            Respect our customers through kindness and understanding.
      tools such as:                                                                                       Teamwork through cooperation, not competition
      •  Mapping  technology                              The Property Appraiser’s office is preparing the 2022   Innovative and continually seeking efficiency
      containing layers of                              tax roll. The date of assessment for the 2022 tax roll is   Never-ending commitment to process improvement
      information such as aerial photography, property sales,   Jan. 1. We are prohibited by law from considering sales
      zoning, land use, flood zones and foreclosures.   that occur after the Jan. 1 assessment date. Therefore, your
                                                                                                            Tennis/Pickleball Fundraiser from page 1

                                                                                                              The one-day competition offers women’s and men’s
                                                                                                            doubles tennis and pickleball. Entry is $75 per player
                                                                                                            and includes a long-sleeve athletic T-shirt for each
                                                                                                            player, a “South of the Border” buffet luncheon and
                                                                                                            barbecue and awards.
                                                                                                              Levels for both sports are 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0. Women’s
                                                                                                            events  take  place  in  the  morning  and  men’s  events
                                                                                                            start midday. Specific court times will be provided in
                                                                                                              No partner? No problem – the tennis director at
                                                                                                            North River Shores will pair up individual players.
                                                                                                              Individual luncheon tickets for guests and
                                                                                                            spectators can be purchased for $10 each. Sponsorship
                                                                                                            opportunities are also available.
                                                                                                              On  May  24,  2014,  John  and  Erica  Garwood’s
                                                                                                            24-year-old son Mark lost his five-year battle with
                                                                                                            prescription drugs. In response to this unimaginable
                                                                                                            tragedy, the Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation was
                                                                                                            established to honor Mark’s life. Its primary mission
                                                                                                            is to provide educational scholarships to local men and
                                                                                                            women who are recovering from devastating effects
                                                                                                            of substance use disorder and who wish to initiate or
                                                                                                            resume their education.
                                                                                                              Since 2015, the foundation has awarded more than
                                                                                                            $250,000 in financial aid to 41 qualified individuals.
                                                                                                            The nonprofit supports the Mark Garwood Phoenix
                                                                                                            House, a women’s recovery residence; Bridge House,
                                                                                                            a transitional facility providing bed and board for
                                                                                                            men in recovery with no means of support and no
                                                                                                            insurance; and Clean Start Backpacks, which contain
                                                                                                            essential hygiene items distributed to individuals just
                                                                                                            entering recovery.
                                                                                                              To register, learn about sponsorships or donate
                                                                                                            directly, visit

                                                                                  See answer in this paper.
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