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      Magen David Adom Responds To Terror Attacks In Israel

      By Yishai Mizrahi

         Dear Friends, I come
      to you this month to share
      with you the lifesaving
      care Magen David Adom
      has been offering to the
      citizens of Israel, during
      the recent resurgence of
      terrorism there over the last
      few weeks.
         The terrorist acts began
      on March 24th, when Magen David Adom responded to three
      successive incidents in Be’er Sheva, which turned out to be                                          The shopping center in Be’er Sheva, the scene of a brutal
      terrorist acts by the same perpetrator. A terrorist repeatedly   MDA First Responders on the scene during Terror Attack   terrorist attack.
      stabbed a woman at a gas station, ran over a cyclist with his   in B’nei B’rak
      car, and stabbed four people at a shopping center.                                                      The rub is simple, the State of Israel relies on Magen David
         The stabbings were particularly brutal. Throats were   Pointe, who have sponsored lifesaving medical equipment   Adom to save lives, and Magen David Adom relies on generous
      slashed and in at least one case the victim was disemboweled.  for many years, to supply our MDA heroes, with the supplies   donors like you, to provide the necessary equipment and training
         MDA first responders on motorcycles and Mobile   they need to save lives, and care for the injured.  to save lives in Israel, and share their expertise the world over.
      Intensive Care Unit ambulances rushed to the various      It’s a fact, that your support of MDA is the piece of the      On behalf of the People of Israel, and the 27,000 paramedics,
      scenes. For Magen David Adom Paramedic Yisrael Ozen,   puzzle that the terrorists do not calculate for. They prepare   EMT’s and emergency personnel working on the front lines, we
      the shopping center attack took a tragically personal turn.  for the security and defense apparatus, but it’s the work   thank you for your support, especially during this time of crisis.
         “I was one of the first on the scene and I went to treat a   of Magen David Adom, which is the last line of defense      For more information about the lifesaving work of Magen
      victim who was unconscious. While treating her, I realized   for Israeli civilians, that defends against casualties and   David Adom or to get more involved, please call Yishai Mizrahi
      that she’s my aunt, my mother’s sister,” said Ozen.  loss of life. In the race against the “clock”, there isn’t a   – Director of Major Gifts for American Friends of Magen David
         “She didn’t have any vital signs and so I had to declare   more transformational gift you can make.  Adom in Boca Raton / Delray Beach at 561.571.6112 or email
      her dead. I was in shock, but I needed to keep going and      Had I written this piece 5 weeks ago, I’d have told you 
      treat my uncle, who was there too.”                about MDA’s COVID response; how MDA has vaccinated
         Thanks to your support, Paramedic Ozen was able to save   over a million Israelis, opened hundreds of testing sites
      his uncle, while his aunt unfortunately passed away in his arms.   all over Israel, transported and cared for people during   Stamp and Coin Club
         The terror has continued in Tel Aviv, Hadera, Bnei   the Gaza/Israel war of last Spring, all the while providing
      B’rak, The Temple Mount and in other locations. In one   the gold standard of EMS and Blood Service work in the
      week, three terrorist attacks erupted in Israel, leaving 11   world. The methods of telemedicine pioneered by MDA      Boca Raton Stamp & Coin Club asks you to start a
      dead and six wounded, the deadliest week in Israel due   over COVID, will be the training ground for us here in   new hobby.

                                                                                                                Visit with us at the Stratford Courts Auditorium
      to terror since 2006.                              the States to use, a decade from now.               located at 6343 Via Sonrisa del Sur, off S.W. 18th Street,
         However, the response has been the same to each and      Now, I write to you amidst a humanitarian crisis in   between Powerline Road and Military Trail.
      every disaster. Magen David Adom has been on the scene   the Ukraine, where MDA has sent Armored Ambulances      We meet the second and fourth Thursday each month
      each time, providing the lifesaving emergency medical care   and personnel to work on the ground to provide relief,   at 7 p.m. Please call membership coordinator Harvey
      and blood supply needed to save lives, at a moment’s notice.   as well as a terror surge in Israel, costing more lives to   Golinger at (561) 752-4922. 
      That is thanks to people like you, and communities like Boca   terror than in the last 15+ years.

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