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                                                                                                           Loggerhead News from page 14
                                  real estate                                                              operations manager at LMC, and a full-time staff biologist

                                                                                                           who is deaf and fluent in American Sign Language.
                                                                                                           There are currently very few environmental education
        Treasure Coast Real Estate                      the value of a home, there will be a price range. Homes in   experiences offered in ASL, and Reilly has been a pioneer

        Report                                          poor condition will be at the low end.             in interpreting coastal classroom videos, offering tours in

                                                                                                           ASL, and leading virtual presentations. “I want to help
                                                           The home condition has two working parts: maintenance
                                                        and general condition. A home with an old roof, leaking   guests who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in
        The Adjusting Real Estate Market Is Good        or not, is worth less than a home with a newer roof. The   tours of our Sea Turtle Hospital, or to fully experience
        For Both Buyers And Sellers                     same goes with things like the air conditioner. This is   our Turtle Walks and observe a sea turtle laying her eggs
                                                        maintenance, or in the case of an old roof or AC, deferred   during nesting season,” Reilly explained. “Our efforts are
        By Jim Weix                                     maintenance.                                       expanded enormously when we can include everyone, no
           The predicted housing                           If you are listing your home, I can’t stress cosmetic   matter the background or barrier.”
        market adjustment is                            conditions enough. I recently listed and sold a home for      LMC conducts guided tours and provides community
        happening. Homes are                            top dollar that needed a new roof and the polybutylene   and school programming in Spanish.  The center
        staying on the market                           pipes replaced in the entire house. The 1995 kitchen and   recently led a Turtle Walk in Spanish as part of Latino
        longer and the number of                        bathrooms also needed updating. Yes, the seller could have   Conservation Week 2022 in partnership with the Hispanic
        reductions in asking prices                     gotten more if the roof and plumbing had been replaced,   Access Foundation. LMC’s multilingual programming
        is the highest that  they                       and the kitchen and bathrooms updated, but they would   also includes educational programs in German with the
        have  been  in  years. The                      not have recovered the money spent.                help of a longtime, German-speaking volunteer, Britta
        good news is that homes                            However, they got top dollar because the home was   Steinhorn.
        are still selling at good                       sparkling clean, freshly painted inside, and the home,      LMC is taking steps to become a sensory inclusive
        prices and there are still                      walkways, and driveway were power washed. The home   certified organization. The center currently has sensory
        plenty of buyers.                               looked appealing and move-in ready.                backpacks available for use, which include headphones,
           Although the inventory of homes for sale has increased,      The cosmetic conditions are also a major part of the   sunglasses, gloves, fidget spinners, and communication
        it is not even close to where it should be. A big part of   marketing. When potential buyers see pictures or a virtual   boards.
        the problem was that people that wanted to sell, were   tour of a home, that first impression often determines if      Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s recently renovated
        reluctant to list their homes because they knew it might   there is further interest.              and expanded facility offers one of the most advanced and
        not be possible to find another one. This was particularly      When it is time for pictures to be taken, every room   unique experiences in ocean education and conservation.
        true of people trying to downsize. If this is your situation,   should be picked up. I can’t tell you how many homes that   The center is open daily and hosts more than 350,000
        you may want to revisit the idea of downsizing.  I see in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with bathroom   guests free of charge each year.  Through Oceans of
 Loggerhead News on page 15     Based on the record number of asking price reductions,   towels on the floor, kitchens that look like the health   Opportunity, LMC is reaching a more diverse array of
        buyers will want their Realtor  to do some research before   department should be called, and bedrooms that are disasters.   guests than ever before.
        making an offer, particularly on newly listed homes. Some      So, the good news is that sellers can still get top dollar.   About Loggerhead Marinelife Center
        of these new listings are grossly overpriced.   The bad news is that they might have to put a little effort      Loggerhead Marinelife Center, located in Loggerhead
           The asking price of the home, and what you offer, should   into it because buyers have more to choose from.  Park, Juno Beach, Florida, is a sea turtle research,
        be based on realistic comparable sales. What somebody      Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your   rehabilitation, education, and conservation center. The
        down the street is asking for their unsold home, or what a   options. I can be reached at (772) 341-2941 or jimweix@  center also manages the Juno Beach Pier across the
        seller would like to get for their home, is no indication of                        street from the park. Established in 1983, Loggerhead
        what their home is worth. The only numbers that count are      Jim Weix is a broker associate with The Keyes Company.   Marinelife Center seeks to promote conservation of
        the final sales prices of comparable homes.     Jim has 25 years of experience selling real estate full-time.   ocean ecosystems with a special focus on threatened
           Along with such things as square footage, frame, or CBS   If you have questions or want the services of an experienced   and endangered sea turtles. Its facilities include a sea
        construction, the condition of a home is a major factor in   expert, you can reach Jim at (772) 341-2941 or jimweix@  turtle hospital, a research laboratory, and exhibit areas,
        determining the asking price of a home. When determining                            including live sea turtles and other coastal creatures.

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