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      august 31 networking Breakfast

        Our Networking Breakfast was held at Piper’s Landing
      Yacht and Country Club on Wednesday, August 31st.  We had
      a packed house with over 100 guests attending who enjoyed
      the delicious breakfast prepared by the Piper’s Landing staff.
        Our first speaker for the breakfast was Joan Goodrich,
      Executive Director for the Business Development Board
      of Martin County.  Joan shared an Economic Development
      Update highlighting new businesses coming to our area.  Joan
      and Lynn Smith, Business and Partner Relations with the
      BDB, also reported activities that are occurring for retention
      of businesses in Martin County.  It is wonderful to see the   Sponsors Cheree Ramirez and David Heaton with the
      accomplishments of the Business Development Board of   Children’s Services Council, Joan Goodrich and Lynn Smith
      Martin County.                                     with the Business Development Board of Martin County   Sgt. Joe Angelico and Deputy Shane Kennedy with the
        The Children’s Services Council of Martin County was   and Missi Campbell, Executive Director of the Palm City   Martin County Sheriff Department
      our second speaker.  Chief Executive Officer David Heaton,   Chamber of Commerce
      and Cheree Ramirez, Manager of Community Engagement,
      shared information on how all Martin County homeowners
      contribute funds to the programs presented by the Children’s
      Services Council.  The mission of the Children’s Services
      Council of Martin County is to enhance the lives of the
      children of Martin County and to enable them to attain their
      full potential.  We even had the opportunity to learn the
      correct way to use a QR code.
        We welcome you to go to the websites of these two
      fabulous organizations to get more information, Business
      Development Board of Martin County at
      and The Children’s Services Council of Martin County at                                              Josh Brown with CBS12 News, Bob Thornton, O’Donnell                                      Josh Stevenson, Wiz Home Services, Carolyn Leibowitz,   Window and Storm Protection, and Dustin Leserra with
                      Photos courtesy of  Cruise Planners and Robin Norris with Wiz Home Services  Empire Landscape
       new members

                                                         sport.  We aim to educate, train and encourage all members   survivors, caregivers and supporters to navigate in open
                                                         while focusing on Breast Cancer Survivors and their   waters to become one and lead a healthy lifestyle. The Dragon
                                                         supporters.                                       Boat Team trains Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays on
                                                           The meaning behind Hell Gate Sea Dragons:  Hell Gate   the water for a healthy lifestyle and competes worldwide in
                                                         is not only a narrow water marker to be navigated in Martin   main events.
                                                         County but for Breast Cancer Survivors on the Team it     Contact Bob and Diane Wolfort at (772) 497-5093 or go
                                                         symbolizes the movement from diagnosis to post-cancer   check out their website at
                                                         treatments.  Upon diagnosis, one’s world becomes very
                                                         narrow with the main focus on surgery and treatments.  Then
                                                         as one moves forward it becomes a bit wider until the world
                                                         opens up to new ventures.
        Hell Gate Sea Dragons was formed to promote        Our club is the first Dragon Boat Team in Martin County.
      participation and inclusiveness in dragon boating by creating   We include the geographic area of Martin County,  Northern
      opportunities for all members to compete at all levels of the   Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Indian River counties to benefit     Seashell Digital can bring you online for a lot less
                                                                                                           than you may think!
                                                                                                             Creating a website that works across desktop, tablet
         awards                                                                                            and mobile, brings many benefits to your business. It’s
                                                                                                           great for being found in Google search on every kind
                                                                                                           of device, delivers a dynamite user experience to your
           The Palm City Chamber of Commerce recognized   and Brian Langworthy, with VIP America, as our   site visitors, and future-proofs your website as more and
         Gigi Suntum with Caring Children Clothing Children,   Ambassador of the Month.                    more kinds of internet-connected devices hit the market.
         (4 Cs), as our August Board Member of the Month,             Photos courtesy of    We feature  beautiful designs and compelling
                                                                                                           functionality that will help you achieve your goals. Your
                                                                                                           new website can include a customized mobile website
                                                                                                           with features like Click-To-Call, and directions to make
                                                                                                           it easy for your customers to interact with you. And that
                                                                                                           means more contact and more business.
                                                                                                             Contact Linda Horstmyer at (772) 214-1048 or at her


         Gigi Suntum, 4 Cs, and Missi Campbell, Palm City   Brian Langworthy, VIP America, and Palm City Chamber   council member
         Chamber of Commerce Executive Director          of Commerce Executive Director Missi Campbell

       Ribbon cutting for Wiz home Services                                                                   We would like to highlight our President’s Council
                                                                                                            Member State Insurance Agency.  Please contact Pat
                                                                                                            or Erin Gleason at (772) 426-9933 with any insurance
                                                                                                            needs including home, auto, boat, flood, business, and
                                                                                                            life insurance.

         Wiz Home Services celebrated their ribbon
       cutting after our August 31st Networking
       Breakfast at Piper’s Landing Yacht and
       Country Club.  Wiz Home Services does
       window cleaning, pressure cleaning, and
       holiday lighting.  Please feel free to contact
       Robin or Josh at (772) 678-1452 or check out
       their website at

           Photo courtesy of
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