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                                                              Club News

      Finding Hidden Stories In                          research come alive. At the Martin County Genealogical   Friday, Nov. 18. To participate via Zoom, go to and

      Family Trees With The Martin                       Society’s (MCGS) November meeting, in a presentation   register by Nov. 17.
                                                         entitled “The Joy of Uncovering Hidden Family Stories,”
                                                                                                             Earlier in November, MCGS will host a Family History
      County Genealogical Society                        MCGS Secretary Loren Johns will discuss how he discovered   Fair in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
                                                                                                           Day Saints in Palm City. There will be 18 presentations in
                                                         multiple interesting but previously unknown stories about
        In addition to tracing lineage, a family tree may reveal   his family. “Some stories can be painful,” he says, “and the   four simultaneous sessions ranging from pursuing colonial
      stories about your ancestors that were unknown to you. These   people in them deserve nonjudgmental respect.” Johns also   ancestors and using DNA Technology to American lineage
      family stories often make the names and dates of genealogical   will share resources and methods for genealogical research   societies and researching German, Irish and Italian ancestors.
                                                         on families with Amish and Mennonite ancestry.    Lunch and dessert will be offered. Free and open to the
                                                           With experience in his 20s and 30s as a pastor, residential   public, the fair will run from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Nov.
        Local Government from page 9                     roofer and book editor, Johns received his Ph.D. in New   5 at the Family History Center, 2401 S.W. Matheson Ave.,
                                                         Testament from Princeton Theological Seminary. He served   Palm City. Preregistration is suggested at or by
          • U.S. armed forces may submit a copy of DD214 (long   as academic dean at the Mennonite Seminary in Elkhart,   emailing
        version only).                                   Ind., and taught Biblical Studies there and at Bluffton     The Genealogical Society offers a variety of services at the
          • Firearms safety or training class available to the general   University in Bluffton, Ohio. Johns and his wife Rachel   Genealogy Room in the Blake Library in Stuart including an
        public offered by a law enforcement agency, state college or   retired to Stuart in 2019.          extensive research library, access to several genealogy websites
        private institutions who utilize certified instructors    Free and open to the public, the meeting will be at the Blake   and assistance from MCGS volunteers. For more information
        Renewals (Renewal Cards Printed On Site)         Library, 2351 S.E. Monterey Road in Stuart, from 1 to 3 p.m.,   about membership, activities and services go to
          • Photo I.D. required and concealed weapon license
          Note: If you have ever been arrested, bring your
        certified copies of court documentation reflecting the
        final disposition of the charges against you.
          Visit:  for  more

        Martin County Property

        Why Are My Taxes Higher Than My
        Neighbor’s? We Have The Exact Same House

        By Jenny Fields
          The “Save Our Homes”
        (SOH)  amendment
        prevents homestead
        property owners from
        being taxed out of their
        homes during a period
        when home sale prices
        are rapidly increasing.
        This  is  accomplished
        by limiting the amount
        your assessed value can
        increase. Accumulation of “non-
        taxed” assessed values can cause this
        disparity. Your neighbor has enjoyed
        the benefit of an increasing “capped”
        differential over time, whereas, you
        just purchased your home. Once you
        file for your homestead exemption,
        your assessed value will be subject to this same cap.

                                                                       You have a team in the fight

                                                                               against breast cancer

                                                                      From early detection to breakthrough treatments

                                                                      Cleveland Clinic Martin Health’s Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center
                                                                          is transforming breast cancer care. Utilizing the latest research and
                                                                        technology, specialists can diagnose cancer early and treat patients with
                                                                       advanced, targeted therapies. For your mammogram. For world class care
                                                                             at one of Florida’s top hospitals. For every care in the world.
                                                                                           Trust a leader in breast health.

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