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                                                    tip of thE tAiL

      Periodontal Disease                                  Once the oral health exam has been performed, at-home   consequences. If you have any questions or concerns or want

                                                         care becomes important to maintain a healthy mouth. Daily   to discuss this further, your veterinarian can answer your
                                                         brushing is recommended, but studies have shown that even   questions and help assist you in keeping your pet healthy
                                                         twice weekly brushing is enough to significantly reduce the   for many years to come.
                                                         amount of plaque buildup in your pet’s mouth. In addition     Established in 1981, Palm City Animal Medical Center
                                                         to brushing, there are dental wipes, rinses, and pads, as well   is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your
                                                         as preventative gels, dental treats and diets that aid in oral   pets. With focuses on compassionate care in surgery,
                                                         health. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (the VOHC) is an   physical therapy and rehabilitation, preventative medicine,
                                                         organization that evaluates dental products and their website   extensive diagnostics, and emergency service, Palm City
                                                         is a good resource to help guide you on available options.  Animal Medical Center combines exceptional medical
                                                           Too often our pet’s dental health is overlooked and   care with a caring philosophy for pets and their owners.
                                                         attributed to a normal amount of “stinky pet” breath and   For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit www.
                                                         nothing more. Unfortunately this can not only affect their or find us on Facebook
                                                         oral health, but it can also have serious systemic health   at
      years of age. It is the leading health problem found in our pets  CLEvELAnd CLiniC mArtin
        Eighty-five percent of pets have periodontal disease by 3

      and can pose serious short- and long-term health concerns,
      beyond just bad breath, oral pain, and a generalized decreased
      quality of life.                                                           hEALth nEws
        In a normal mouth, the teeth are clean, pearly white and
      the gums attach smoothly to the tooth. There is no redness
      or tartar and your breath smells great! The tooth is bathed
      in saliva, bacteria, and food particles but if this is brushed   Comprehensive Cancer Care
      away, it never mineralizes into tartar. However, if we do not
      regularly disinfect our mouths and brush away the plaque, the   In Your Community
      plaque will mineralize into tartar. Tartar is solid and gritty and
      covers the crown of the tooth. This creates inflammation and     After a century of caring for patients, including
      blocks oxygen from bathing the outer tooth, which changes   more than three decades in Florida, Cleveland Clinic
      the nature of the bacteria in the mouth. This new bacteria   knows what matters most to patients facing a cancer
      eats away at the attachment of the tooth and surrounding   diagnosis. Patients want to have access to high quality,
      bone. The result is periodontal disease. Even worse, this new   comprehensive cancer services close to home.
      type of bacteria can seed to other areas of the body leading     Cleveland  Clinic  Martin  Health  is  part  of  a  global,
      to infection in the heart, liver, kidney or virtually anywhere   physician-led organization that provides outstanding
      the bloodstream carries it. The body is constantly fighting   patient care guided by a “patients first” philosophy.
      spread of the infection.                           The nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center
        Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to prevent periodontal   integrates clinical and hospital care with research and     • Participation in clinical trials and cancer research
      disease and the rules are ones we are all familiar with,   education.                                under the direction of leading physician scientists
      whether referring to us or our pets: professional cleaning and   Commitment To Industry Standards    Research-Driven, Personalized Breast Cancer Care
      at-home care. You can generally expect once your pets reach     Cleveland  Clinic  Martin  Health’s  Robert  and  Carol     The introduction of targeted precision therapy and
      3 to 4 years old, they will need a professional teeth cleaning   Weissman Cancer Center is accredited by the Commission   immunotherapy has led to a new era of tailored breast
      every 12 months. General anesthesia will be necessary for   on Cancer ; is an NAPBC -accredited breast center; and   cancer  therapies  that  considers  a  patient’s  genetic
      each tooth to receive proper attention and care. Additionally,   has been recognized as High Performing in Colon Cancer   makeup; tumor composition at the detailed biological
      home care is ideally a daily part of tooth maintenance but   Surgery by U.S. News & World Report for 2022/23. The   level; medical history; and response to therapy. Many
      even brushing just twice a week can remove most plaque   Stuart-based cancer center harnesses the full resources of   drugs have been developed in the last decade that target
      before it can mineralize into tartar. Clearly not every pet is   the Cleveland Clinic enterprise, including collaboration   specific types of breast cancer, including hormone
      amenable to hands-on oral care though, nor is every person’s   with the Taussig Cancer Institute in Cleveland, Ohio,   receptor positive, HER2-positive or triple negative breast
      schedule amenable to it, so for those cases, there are some   which is one of the top cancer centers in the country and   cancer with several subtypes within each group.
      lower maintenance options as well.                 part of the NCI-designated case comprehensive cancer     Cleveland Clinic is contributing to this new era of
        It should not be surprising that dental health requires   center.                                  personalized medicine by focusing on several clinical
      regular professional cleanings regardless of whether the   Collaboration Across Specialties          trials  for  breast  cancer,  including  expanding  the  use
      mouth in question belongs to a person, a dog, or a cat. Home     Cleveland  Clinic  Martin  Health’s  multidisciplinary   of immunotherapy. Florida-based researchers are
      care of the tooth is never perfect and periodically tartar must   team of cancer specialists works together to address   participating in ongoing studies of novel drugs designed
      be properly removed and the tooth surface properly polished   malignancies in virtually every part of the body using   to interrupt cancer cell growth, and identify less intensive
      and disinfected. The professional cleaning performed at the   evidenced-based modalities and the latest research.   and toxic treatment options in early stages of specific
      veterinarian’s office is similar to what a person receives at   Specialists conduct weekly cancer conferences to review   types of cancer and certain metastatic breast cancers.
      their dentist’s office. Large tartar is removed with specific   and discuss cases and develop personalized treatment   Compassionate, Holistic Care
      instruments, then the periodontal sockets are probed and   plans that may include:                     Patients have access to an array of cancer support
      measured to assess periodontal disease. The roots are planed,     •  Expert  surgical  care  with  access  to  minimally   services that promote well-being during treatment and
      meaning tartar is scraped from below the gumline until   invasive and robot-assisted approaches      beyond. These include patient navigator services, cancer
      the roots are smooth again. Then the enamel is polished to     •  Chemotherapy  or  immunotherapy  treatments   support groups, virtual yoga and art classes.
      remove any unevenness left by tartar removal. Finally, the   delivered in infusion suites focused on patient safety and     Cleveland Clinic Martin Health provides patients the
      mouth is disinfected and possibly treated with a fluoride   comfort                                  compassionate, comprehensive care they deserve close
      sealer or plaque repellent. After the cleaning, professional     • Advanced radiation therapies using state-of-the-art   to home. And that makes all the difference.
      notes are taken on a dental chart, noting abnormalities on   technology,  including  intensity  modulated  radiation     Visit to learn more.
      each of a dog’s 42 teeth or a cat’s 30 teeth.      therapy and intraoperative radiation therapy

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