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                                                          KiDs CornEr

      New WPTV Newsroom                                 exhibit designer with The
      Exhibit: Children                                 Children’s  Museum  of  the
                                                        Treasure  Coast  said,  “It’s
      Bringing You Breaking News                        been  wonderful  working
                                                        on this partnership with
      And Weather                                       WPTV,  including  News
                                                        Anchor Ashleigh  Walters.
         On Sunday, Sept. 4, The Children’s Museum of the   After  taking  a  tour  of  the
      Treasure  Coast  opened  its  newest  exhibit;  the WPTV   real  WPTV  station,  I  saw
      Newsroom. News anchors, reporters, WPTV production   the importance of teaching
      staff and museum staff all joined together with their   all the behind-the-scenes
      families  for  a  delicious  breakfast  and  ribbon  cutting   action along with the stars
      ceremony. The lights were on, the camera was ready,   on screen. My hopes are that
      and the children were excited to be the first to report the   one day in the future we see
      breaking news.                                    one  of  our  visitors  at  the
         The new News Room exhibit is proudly sponsored   WPTV anchor desk.”
      by  WPTV  News  Station.  With  their  support,  The                       Tammy Calabria, James Griffel, Ashleigh Walters, Bill Siegel, Katie Makemson, Timothy
      Children’s  Museum  was  able  to  build  a  new  creative   Kids Corner on page 7  Walker, Chris “Washer” Kearns
      space for children to learn about reporting breaking news
      and weather. The new exhibit features a green screen,
      production area, and headline wall. Visitors are able to
      select different backgrounds in the production area and
      learn how producers are able to cut in with breaking news.
      Then those who are not camera shy can report on stories
      or give the weather report in front of the green screen.
      Finally,  the  news  continues  as  visitors  write  today’s
      headlines in a “Mad Libs” style magnet wall.
         The purpose of this exhibit is to teach all the roles of
      producing the local news; on and off camera, and hopefully
      spark  an  interest  in  a  future  career.  Katie  Makemson,

      Michelle and Mike Quesada with Mickey on TV with Tanner
      and Piper Amerson on controls

      Tanner, Slade and Piper Anerson with Katie Makemson in red

      Mallory Whittemore

                                                                                                                                    See answer in this paper.
      Shannon Cake
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