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VOL. 32 NO. 12                                   FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                     DECEMBER 2022

      PGA POA Communication Corner

                                                         minute across several lanes. Take your time and plan your   Time For A Twinkle Of The Eye And A Twinkle In The
                                                         driving route so that you know where you are going and   Community!
                                                         stay alert while driving. There are large landscaping trucks      Soon the holiday lights will be twinkling throughout PGA
                                                         with attached trailers that take up more space than a car, and   National. Although there are no specific dates in POA rules
                                                         bikers, walkers and joggers crossing traffic at intersections.   for adding and removing holiday lights, most communities
                                                         Things are busy here, there, and everywhere in Palm Beach   and residents complete the addition of lights by Thanksgiving
                                                         Gardens. We want our PGA National family to remain safe   and remove the lights by the first week in January. Many of
                                                         and enjoy the beauty within and outside our community!  our residents add some lovely and festive holiday lights to
                                                         Does Your Heart Beat For Taking A Free, One-Hour   brighten our beautiful South Florida atmosphere. We are
                                                         Training For CPR?                                 thankful to all our PGA residents who enjoy decorating with
                                                            Have you heard of the Heart Safe Community Initiative?   holiday lights and who help to make our communities sparkle
                                                         Overseen by Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue, the goal   during the holidays.
      Happy Holidays!                                    of this program is to have at least 15 percent of the PBG   Keeping A Watchful Eye And A Photo Of The New
         December is here and PGA National is ready for the new   community (or 9,000 people) trained to perform hands   Security Cars
      season! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the skies   only CPR. PBG Fire Rescue has already trained 7,000 PBG      Did you know that the POA Security detail is not
      are blue, and the weather has been great! Have you noticed   residents! Maybe your HOA Board is interested in hosting a   responsible for any issues or trespassing on the PGA National
      the car carriers dropping off cars recently? There are more   one-hour training by the Fire Rescue? Also, there are hands-  golf courses? If you see something unusual or people
      cars on the roadways, both within PGA National and along   on CPR classes every third Tuesday at the main fire house, but   trespassing on the golf courses, please call the PGA Resort
      all the external roadways within Palm Beach Gardens. We   registration is required. Please call the Palm Beach Gardens   Security office at (561) 627-2000.
      are happy to see our PGA National families and friends back   Medical Center at (561) 625-5070 or sign up online with      PGA POA is responsible for patrolling the PGA National
      home in South Florida. Just a reminder to please be careful   the center. It would be great if residents of PGA National   Community. St. Moritz Security is under contract with the
      out there when driving. Drivers may be using their phones   had interest in these short one-hour CPR training sessions.   POA so if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood,
      for maps, unsure about where they are headed, and not always   Maybe PGA National can put the Fire Rescue over the top
      using turn signals when making turns, or making turns last   for reaching its goal of 15 percent of the community!  PGA POA Communication Corner on page 2
      Commissioner’s Update

      Loxahatchee River                                  that changed the river’s freshwater ecosystems. In
                                                         the 1980s, the State of Florida and the South Florida
      Restoration                                        Water Management District (SFWMD) developed
                                                         a management plan to preserve and enhance the
      By Commissioner                                    river’s unique natural values, restore the historical
      Maria Marino                                       hydrology, and reverse the impacts of saltwater
         The Loxahatchee River                           intrusion.
      is one of only two rivers                             The Loxahatchee River Management Coordinating
      in Florida to receive the                          Council is comprised of federal, state, regional
      designation as a National                          agencies and local representatives and is responsible
      Wild and Scenic River, and                         for the ongoing development of the management
      it houses essential habitats                       plan. The council advises the Florida Department of
      supporting a wide range of                         Environmental Protection and SFWMD to identify
      ecological  resources. This                        and resolve intergovernmental coordination and
      includes freshwater riverine                       enhance communication on matters affecting the
      floodplain vegetation such                         administration of the river. I serve as the Palm Beach
      as bald cypress, freshwater and estuarine fishes, and tidal   County Commission’s
      floodplain vegetation and animals such as mangroves, oysters   representative on this
      and seagrasses.                                    council.                     The PGA POA Annual Meeting
         You can experience and explore this unique “old Florida”      The multiagency council
      habitat by visiting the county’s Riverbend Park on West   maintains the protection and             Will Be Held
      Indiantown Road in Jupiter, where kayaking/canoeing rentals   enhancement objectives
      are available.                                     from the original plan while    Wednesday, March 1, 2023
         Sadly, the Loxahatchee River has suffered from over   updating strategies and tasks
      a century of ditching, draining and re-engineering related                       At 6 p.m. At The PGA Resort.
      to agricultural and urban development. This altered the   Commissioner’s Update
      river’s natural hydrology resulting in saltwater intrusion   on page 3
                                                                                         Anyone interested in serving on the PGA
                                                                                       POA Board of Governors should send a brief
                                                                                      letter of introduction to the property manager
                                                                                        by December 27, 2022 so the Nominating
                                                                                    Committee can contact you. Those elected serve
                                                                                     a two-year term. Prior experience serving on a
                                                                                    condo or HOA board is required. Please reply to
                                                                            or, if you have
                                                                                     questions, please call Dawn at (561) 627-2800.
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