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                                                                           March 2023                                                     Viewpointe, Page 17

                                                                                              Moving here

                                                                                              is a way to

                                                                                              stay young,

                                                                                              to stay engaged, to

                                                                                              stay active and still

                                                                                              set yourself and your

                                                                                              family for the future.”


                                                                                              Edgewater at Boca Pointe

                                                                                              Near Boca Pointe Country Club

                                                                                                         After decades of hard work and

                                                                                                         planning, it’s time to relax and

                                                                                                         spend your time doing what

                                                                                                         you love. Moving to an Acts

                                                                                                         Retirement-Life Community is

                                                                                                         the smart choice for your QOL.

                                                                                                         Come in and talk with one of our

                                                                                                         happy residents to learn how

                                                                                                         moving to Edgewater at Boca

              Call today to learn more or to  join our introductory                                      Pointe enabled them to focus on
              presentation on Thursday, March 23.                                                        Quality of Life.


                                                                                                         COMPREHENSIVE RETIREMENT

                                                                                                         Your residence, amenities

                                                                                                         and more are all included with

                                                                                                         a one-time entrance fee and an

                                                                                                         ongoing monthly fee. And if

                                                                                                         you need more help in the

                                                                                                         future, your monthly fee will
                                                                                                         remain predictable thanks

                                                                                                         to Acts Life Care®.


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