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      I Used To Love The Movies

      By Judith Levy                                     which was usually a cowboy film that I tolerated, a   of, clothes that show breasts and backsides which should
                                                         cartoon, a weekly chapter where the star almost got killed,   be covered up, worn by actresses I never heard of, so, I
         When I was a kid I loved                        I said almost, but they had to live till next week and the   don’t even tune in. I don’t know any of these performers,
      the movies. My girlfriends                         week after and so on, a newsreel and coming attractions.   I’ve never seen any of the films they’re hawking and I
      went to Saturday matinees,                         I came from a family of ten kids, so going to the movies   wish they would stop showing all my favorite actors and
      but I came from a religious                        gave my mother a sorely needed day off, she was happy   actresses who died this year. It just makes me blue.
      family so I had to go on                           and so were we. I even had a nickel for candy, today you      How about a category of all-time favorite films? I’d
      Sunday  afternoon.  Mama                           would need two dollars to get some sweets.        vote for ‘THE WIZARD OF OZ” or THE BEST YEARS
      gave us a brown bag with                              I worshipped Alice Faye, I thought she was so elegant,   OF OUR LIVES”. I never tire of those classics. I fully
      a hard boiled egg and a                            Betty Grable never held a candle to her in my eyes. I loved   expect many movie houses will soon be a thing of the
      Macintosh apple and we sat                         when Alice Faye introduced my favorite song, “YOU’LL   past. No one I know seems to want to go there anymore
      there munching and watching a lead movie, a B picture   NEVER KNOW” which won the academy award. Spencer   even if they give free popcorn. Too bad, I used to love
                                                         Tracy was my all-time favorite actor even though Clark   to go to the movies, didn’t you?
                                                         Gable in “GONE WITH THE WIND” ran a close second.
         Attention Dog Owners                              home and anyway the movies are too dark, too brutal,     author of  GRANDMOTHER  REMEMBERS, which
                                                                                                             Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
                                                           Today, I don’t go to the movies. COVID keeps me
                                                         the actors mumble and talk too fast. Anyone knows you   has  sold  over  four  million  copies  and  the  mega  best-
          It is your responsibility to                   have to say “I love you” tenderly and slowly.     seller  GRANDFATHER  REMEMBERS, published by
         pick up after your dog. It’s                       Now when they have the Academy Awards which I   HarperCollins. Both books are available on Amazon and
         the law. Some of you have                       used to look forward to, they show films I never heard   Barnes & Noble. 
         been negligent in doing so.

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                       Panoramic views of golf course, and Lake                                   Pool and Stunning views of the Lake

         6662 VILLA SONRISA 7575 IMPERIAL DRIVE #202                                                       7771 LA CORNICHE

           SOLD                                          UNDER CONTRACT                                       SOLD
                                                            IN 7 DAYS

          PURCHASED PRICE $366,600                          PURCHASED PRICE $580,000                        PURCHASED PRICE $1,150,000

                                    7783 LA CORNICHE                                  7235 PROMENADE

                                      SOLD                                             SOLD

                                     PURCHASED PRICE $1,330,000                       PURCHASED PRICE $870,000




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