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       The Arc Receives Grant

       For Community Inclusion Program

        The Arc of Palm Beach County aims to build acceptance     “The community inclusion
      and inclusion for all children to help them thrive in the   program gives practitioners the
      community. Thanks to a continued partnership between   tools and skills needed to promote
      The Arc and Prime Time Palm Beach County, youth with   the inclusion and acceptance of
      disabilities will continue to have improved access to high-  all youth in the community,” said
      quality experiences in after-school and summer programs.   Kimberly McCarten, president
        The Arc’s Community Inclusion Program coaches,   and CEO of  The  Arc of Palm
      supports, and provides training to 514 out-of-school time   Beach County. “When children with
      (OST) practitioners each year to ensure that every child   disabilities can share their unique
      can participate in OST programs alongside their peers. The   talents and interact positively
      program focuses on how to implement interactive activities   with their peers and adults, other
      and strategies that complement the strengths and abilities of   youth also benefit from the healthy
      all youth. Through the effective use of visuals, person-first   social relationships built through
      language, activity design, and room setup, practitioners   understanding and trust.”
      foster an environment that encourages communication and     The community inclusion
      enhances social-emotional wellness.                program is made possible with
                                                                                                           support from Prime Time Palm Beach County, which
        Sitting On A Rainbow                                                                               receives significant funding from the Children’s Services
                                                                                                           Council of Palm Beach County. Prime Time has supported
                                                                                                           The Arc for nearly 20 years. This year, the program will
        Palm Beach Gardens                              Book Review:                                       support an additional  community inclusion  specialist,
                                                                                                           enabling The Arc to coach more practitioners and enhance
                                                          Taylor Hagood, a Professor of Literature at FAU,
        Resident, James Patrick                         and among other impressive achievements author of the   the program’s impact.
                                                                                                           About Prime Time Palm Beach County
        Rooney, Is Proud To                             upcoming Stringbean: The Life and Murder of a Country     Prime Time Palm Beach County is a nonprofit
                                                        Music Legend had this to say about Sitting on a Rainbow:
        Announce The Release Of                            This debut novel is full of magic, Irish folklore and   organization that provides resources and support for
                                                                                                           out-of-school time professionals to develop programs that
                                                        history, and  romance  all wound around experiences
        His First Novel: Sitting On A                   of disability and drama inside a high-stakes wealth   inspire children to be their best, and allow them to thrive
                                                                                                           socially and academically. Prime Time’s integrated model
                                                        management firm in West Palm Beach. James Patrick
        Rainbow: A 21st Century Irish                   Rooney gives the reader a great yarn with intriguing   of services is one of the strongest, most comprehensive
                                                                                                           and well-respected systems for measuring and improving
        American Morality Tale                          characters and a fully realized protagonist whose defeats   out-of-school time program quality in the nation. To learn
                                                        and triumphs are attuned to an excellent soundtrack.
                                                          Jim extends his gratitude to the accomplished Professor   more about Prime Time Palm Beach County, visit www.
                                                        Hagood for his generous comments.        
                                                          Sitting on a Rainbow: a 21st Century Irish American   About  Children’s  Services  Council  Of  Palm  Beach
                                                        Morality Tale (ISBN: 9781958729625 /9781958729571)   County
                                                        can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,     Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County,
                                                        Walmart, Books-A-Million, and elsewhere. The paperback   a special district created by Palm Beach County voters,
                                                        retails for $20.99, the hardcover retails for $29.99, and the   provides leadership, funding, and research on behalf of
                                                        eBook retails for $6.99. Wholesale orders are available   the county’s children, so they grow up healthy, safe, and
                                                        through Ingram. Review copies, signed copies, interviews,   strong. To learn more, please visit or
                                                        and book club appearances may be available upon request.

                                                        About The Author:                                       Photo courtesy of The Arc of Palm Beach County
                                                          First time author James Patrick Rooney was born in
                                                        Bronx, New York, raised in Westchester County, and has   Love, Fashion, And Philanthropy from page 14
                                                        been living and working in Northern Palm Beach County for
                                                        his entire adult life. After having been blessed to reside in
          Sitting on a Rainbow: a 21st Century Irish American  such world-class communities as PGA National, Admiral’s   and Gigi Hadid. Runway
        Morality Tale is a story of severe loss and courageous  Cove, Tequesta Country Club, Seminole Landing, and Old   looks were paired with
        resilience, financial markets and malfeasances, Irish  Marsh, he and his wife, Cindy, now live in the exceptional   accessories from La
        history and mythology, justice served, and broken promises  community of BallenIsles. To accomplish this impressive   Costa Organic Jewelry
        remaining to be mended.                         array, in sum, they always bought early and sold too soon.  and handbags from Susan
          Set in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the early 2010s, the    Young Jimmy’s first loves included sports, particularly   Tancer Studios.
        novel follows Patrick Connelly, a mid-fifties paraplegic  ice hockey, a variety of music and culture, and his adopted     A portion of the sales
        who works as a stockbroker and financial advisor at a major  homeland of Ireland. When an ice hockey-related injury   benefited Impact the Palm
        Wall Street firm. The protagonist, whose life experience  at age nineteen left him a paraplegic, he turned his focus   Beaches. The  nonprofit
        oftentimes mirrors the author’s, not only faces the adversity  away from the physical toward developing his mind. Soon   organization is devoted
        of disability each day, but also has a front row seat to the  after finishing college at (then infamous) “Suntan U” in   to engaging, developing,
        financial difficulties plaguing so much of society. Through  Coral Gables, he began a successful thirty-year career in   and inspiring women to
        his journey, from disruption in his career to struggles with  financial advisory with a major Wall Street firm. At about   create change in the Palm   Leizl Els, Marlene Sotelo
        love, powerful friendships to moments of despair at the state  that same time, he met his enduring love—his family.   Beach County community
        of humanity, readers are pulled into a rich, detailed world  Married to Cindy ever since, together they’ve raised   by supporting local, progressive, and forward-thinking
        that combines elements of history, Irish myth, finance, the  two superb children—Patrick and Megan—who are now   programs and businesses.
        arts, and beyond. As the story unfolds, Patrick must take  thriving young adults.
        bold action to save his career—and maybe even his life.    While managing an ambitious reading group (Old
          Complete with a playlist of relevant songs to enjoy  Marsh—2005-2014), Jim fell in love with fine literature
        while reading, Rooney’s book is a unique approach to  and was inspired to write more competently (i.e., several
        memoir, fiction, and education that ultimately digs into  college-level creative writing courses and other modes of
        what it means to live a life of joy and purpose. Readers  self-learning). To hone his skills further, he wrote short
        will encounter romance, business, mystery, and folklore in  stories, imaginary book reviews for his reading group,
        this textured and detailed narrative, and feel inspired by  and later edited and authored articles for a now defunct
        the main character’s determination to find the magic and  lifestyle website (2018-2020). After stepping away from
        beauty all around him.                          financial advisory in 2014, Jim began working on his first
          With messages of hope, lessons from both history and  novel. As is often said, starting with a few core ideas the
        present day, and a window into the daily experiences of  story then wrote itself.
        disability, Rooney’s sweeping story contains eye-opening    To learn more, please visit Jim’s related website at:
        insights and inspiring moments for readers of all kinds.           Debbie Terlato, Crissy
        Jim hopes his lighthearted, romantic, suspenseful, and                                              Poorman                Lisa LaFrance, Sara Chaise
        cautionary morality tale will entertain all who come and
        sit on the rainbow with him.                                                                        About 1000 NORTH
                                                                                                              A celebration of modern American regional cuisine,
                                                                                                            with sweeping views of the Jupiter Inlet and the Jupiter
                                                                                                            Lighthouse, 1000 NORTH is located at 1000 North
                                                                                                            U.S. Highway 1, Jupiter, Fla. For more information or
                                                                                                            reservations, visit or call (561) 570-1000.

                                                                                                                        Photos by Tracey Benson Photography
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