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VOL. 33 NO. 7                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                            JULY 2023

      PGA POA Communication Corner

      By Gail Coppage,                                   Reminder About Summer Storms                      Out And About
      Communications Committee                              Having a plan for the potential of difficult weather is also      Maybe  you  have  noticed the new Ryder Cup
      Chairperson                                        very important. The PGA National POA Website (www.pga-  crosswalks. A gentle reminder: Please stop your car when
      Happy July! Happy Fourth                  offers hurricane information and handy tips. You   you see the new pedestrian crossing flashing light outside
      Of July Holiday!                                   can find the hurricane handout in the left-hand column of   Preston (at the south end of Ryder Cup Boulevard) is
         July is a great time to be                      the POA Website home page, under Docs and Forms. Being   flashing! This is a new signal so please be aware of this
      at PGA National and in Palm                        prepared and understanding what you need to do ahead of   new signal and crossing. Thank you to North Palm Beach
      Beach Gardens, but we need to                      time will make summer storms less stressful.      County Improvement District (NPBCID) for moving
      remain diligent about the heat,                    Don’t Forget The Architectural Review Committee   forward to complete this important work.
      sun, and potential for difficult                   (ARC)                                                When you are out walking in our neighborhoods, do
      weather like driving rains and                        If you plan to add a generator or storm shutters or are   you often see fallen palm fronds and other landscaping
      potential hurricanes.                              planning to change to impact windows, please note that any   and wonder whether you should pick up the fallen
      Hot, Hot, Hot!                                     exterior modification must receive prior written approval   landscaping? The HOA and Condo Association boards
         Here are a few suggestions for a more comfortable summer.   from the POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”).   work diligently to keep entryways and frontages clear
      Purchasing a front windshield interior folding screen which   Please visit the PGA POA website for specific instructions   of fallen landscaping. Kudos to this diligence in keeping
      fits behind your front windshield on the inside of the car can   and forms needed.                   PGA National a beautifully landscaped community! If you
      help keep your car just a bit cooler while you shop or are at   Assessment Time                      are in the middle of your power walks, runs, or relaxing
      appointments or out and about in the area. Having cool water      Speaking of reminders, The POA Annual Assessment’s   strolls, just leave the fallen landscaping where it is, and
      with you while you are out in your car can also be helpful while   annual assessment total is $880.00 due July 1. Please note   the HOA and Condo Association Boards at that location
      doing your errands or out walking. Walking during earlier or   that interest begins accruing soon so please plan to pay the   will see that items are removed. Please do not move fallen
      later hours when it’s a bit cooler can go a long way to meeting   POA assessment right away if you have not already done so.   landscaping to the main roadway areas.
      your step goals but also keeping you cooler. If you must do some   Thank you for your payment!       New North County Offices On PGA Boulevard
      mid-day dog walking, remember that the asphalt gets very hot   Where Did All The Lines Go?              In your travels along PGA Boulevard, you may
      during the summer. Walking in a shaded area or on some nearby      Did you know that many restaurants offer great summer   have seen construction fencing at the site of the old
      grass and providing your pet with a cooling bandana (and their   dining specials? There are so many great places to choose   DMV building. Current construction will result in the
      own drinking water) will make walking much more enjoyable.   from, within just a few miles of the PGA National community.   new 23,000 square foot Palm Beach Gardens Service
      Dressing cool but also keeping a lightweight sweater or jacket is   Restaurants know that the summertime is a more relaxed   Center. The new location will provide expanded road test
      great for dealing with very cool air-conditioning in grocery stores,   time of year and the craziness of long lines, need for   capabilities, ample parking, and room for expansion to
      restaurants, movies, and other retail establishments. Keeping a   reservations and not having the opportunity to dine at your   meet the needs of our growing community. Population of
      rain jacket, hat and umbrella in the car or nearby is also important   favorite restaurant are just a distant memory to many of us.   Palm Beach County is expected to grow by 16 percent
      in July, especially during the afternoon hours. At home, keeping   Because of this fact, there are oftentimes amazing summer   by 2030, and for every new home built, an additional 2.3
      shades drawn or partially closed helps to filter out the hot sun   offerings, including delicious summer taste menus. We are   people will need county government services. When the
      during the heat of the day. Turning up the air-conditioning   so fortunate to enjoy so many restaurants in our immediate   new service center is completed, the tax collection offices
      thermostat just a few degrees can keep you comfortable and save   area. Remaining loyal, even during the summer months, help
      you some money on your summer energy costs.        our restaurants to remain in business year-round.  PGA POA Communication Corner on page 2
      Commissioner’s Update

      Protecting And Enhancing                           with coral and limestone, shipwrecks, and a wide range of sea   provide the same food, shelter, protection and marine life
                                                         life. Because of our close proximity to the warm waters of the
                                                                                                           spawning areas as the natural reefs.
      Our Reefs                                          Gulf Stream, Palm Beach County is home to one of the most      Both natural and artificial reefs support our local
                                                         diverse marine ecosystems in the country.         economy, generating over $280 million per year and
      By Commissioner                                       Natural reefs support aquatic plants and animals by   supporting approximately 3,000 annual jobs.
      Maria Marino                                       providing food and refuge for young marine life to develop.      Funding for PBC’s artificial reef program comes
         Within Palm Beach                               The reefs protect our coastline by absorbing wave energy. As   from vessel registration fees, grants from federal and
      County’s  47-mile Atlantic                         we enter another hurricane season, it is important to note that   state agencies, donations from fishing clubs, local dive
      coastline lies part of the only                    this absorption helps prevent loss of life, property damage,   associations, corporations and individuals. Nonmonetary
      living barrier coral reef system                   and erosion, particularly in strong storm events.  support includes donated reef material such as concrete,
      in the continental United                             For more than 40 years, Palm Beach County (PBC) has   prefabricated modules, underwater art and ship hulls.
      States. Florida’s Coral Reef                       worked to create artificial reefs using various materials to give      This year’s artificial reef project plan involves a multi-
      stretches 360 miles from the                       the public additional areas for fishing, diving and snorkeling,   partner effort. For instance, the Florida Department of
      St. Lucie Inlet south to the Dry                   and to protect our natural reefs from overuse. The materials   Transportation is donating material removed from the Earman
      Tortugas, formed thousands of                      include limestone, concrete, and occasionally decommissioned   Canal bridge renovation project in North Palm Beach to a
      years ago. The reefs are lush                      ships that become marine habitats. The Department of   reef project 75 feet offshore of South Palm Beach.
                                                                                 Environmental Resources      One of PBC’s key artificial reef partners – the Andrew “Red”
                                                                                 Management has deployed   Harris Foundation – will deploy three to four reefs in 70 to 80 feet
                                                                                 over 49 vessels, 110,000 tons   of water offshore of Juno Beach. This project will consist of at
                                                                                 of concrete, and 140,000   least 1,000 tons of limestone boulders and 500 tons of concrete
                                                                                 tons of limestone boulders   culverts. This material – all donated – will be located near an
                                                                                 to create artificial reefs.   existing artificial reef train in the Juno Beach permitted area.
                                                                                   The artificial reefs become      The artificial reef program is a prime example of Palm
                                                                                 new substrate for coral   Beach County’s commitment to stewardship of our natural
                                                                                 settlement and diversify   resources by creating new habitat.
                                                                                 habitat in otherwise sandy      As always, please contact me if I can assist you at (561)
                                                                                 areas. Once established, they   355-2201 or by email at
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