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VOL. 31 NO. 9                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2023

       Meet Your New Board                                                                                  Director Of

         Greetings, my name is                           passion and excitement to serving over the next two years. I
      Chandra Stewart-Keith. I                           also volunteer on the landscaping and legal committees with   Security
      have served on the board                           the Master Association.
      of Panache for seven years                            I am a wife, a mother, and grandmother to two of
      and  have  been  President                         the world’s greatest and might I say “most handsome”   Transponder Cost Increase
      for five years. I am the                           grandsons. I spent 32 years in the airline industry as a flight
      Boca Pointe Community                              attendant for Eastern Airlines and American Airlines before   By Marcel Dos Santos, Director of Security
      Association Representative                         retiring in 2014. My 32 years of experience before retiring
      for District Five which                            as a Purser Flight Attendant equipped me with exceptional      Hello Boca Pointe
      consists of Panache,                               problem-solving skills which I have used quite frequently   Family.
      Regency, Imperial, Imperial                        while serving as the President of the Board. I have traveled      Effective October 1,
      Royale and Promenade 1, 2                          extensively both domestic and internationally which has   2023, the cost of purchasing
      & 3. Prior to being elected to the Master Association Board   been a valuable education and experience. I am the CEO of   a new transponder device
      as a Director, I attended board meetings as a guest for over   Stewart Investments LLC and Class Act Events. My family   will be $100.00, and a
      one year. I wholeheartedly endorse this for all members of   and community are my pride and joy.      replacement transponder
      the community. I find it completely fascinating to participate      A  President’s  success  is  dependent  solely  on  the   device  will  be  $75.00.
      with these awesome individuals that volunteer their time   dedication of the board members and the community   To obtain a transponder
      and expertise to enhance our community. It provides an   involvement. Fortunately, Panache’s board members and   device, you must provide
      understanding of how and why decisions are made. I have   community has been very supportive. I truly enjoy serving   the vehicle registration
      been a member of the Boca Pointe Master Association for the   the entire community of Boca Pointe by serving on the Master   and driver license. Most
      past two years and am looking forward with a great deal of   Association Board as well as my community of Panache.   importantly, the specific vehicle that the transponder will be
                                                                                                            assigned to must be present as well.
                                                                                                               Check or Money Order are the only two forms of
         Executive Suites Now Available At                                                                  acceptable payment. Unfortunately, cash and credit cards are
                                                                                                            unable to be accepted at this time.
                                                                                                               Thank you very much for your understanding and
         Boca Pointe Community Association                                                                    cooperation. 

            Suites overlooking the beautiful Lake Buttonwood and   Amenities available:
         the Boardwalk. Located in the thriving shopping plaza      • Small conference room
         at SW 18th St. and Powerline Rd. Several size suites are      • Breakroom
         available from 170 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft.          • Furniture                                        Sept.23
            Call April for an appointment 561-395-7551.     • WiFi 

      Village Spotlight – Featuring A Different Boca Pointe

      Community Each Month

      Pointe 100

      By David Arlein, Pointe 100 President

         Pointe 100 is the new kid on the block built where the
      old fitness center for Boca Pointe was once located. Owners
      began moving in starting in 2016 and homes were sold out by
      2018. Most of our owners are employed and became empty
      nesters who desired to live in a maintenance-free home. We
      have an eclectic group of owners with a very international
      population from countries such as Venezuela, Brazil,   diversified occupations ranging from scientists, professors
      Ukraine, Czech Republic and China. Some residents have   and a group of retired professional athletes including an
                                                                                 Olympic and NHL Stanley   standard. The center of the community is our clubhouse
                                                                                 Cup goalie.               called the Peninsula House which houses our beautiful pool,
                                                                                   Our 100 townhouses,     fully equipped fitness center, social room and full kitchen.
                                                                                 ranging over 19 buildings,   Our board meetings are held here and residents can use the
                                                                                 were built in accordance with   room for private parties. We will have some social events
                                                                                 the latest code requirements   beginning in the fall starting with a welcome back party and
                                                                                 for impact glass, steel doors   we are looking forward to meeting some new neighbors who
                                                                                 and cemented-in roofs. In a   moved in during the summer.
                                                                                 wind mitigation study just      If you desire a home with beautiful landscaping, great
                                                                                 completed in June 2023, we   amenities, friendly atmosphere and built with the latest
                                                                                 rated the highest possible   hurricane code requirements, check out Pointe 100! 
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