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      What Prospective Tenants Should Consider

      Before Signing A Lease Agreement

      By Peter S. Sachs, Founding Partner, Sachs Sax Caplan P.L.  #3 – Is Subletting allowed?              portions of the house. Who is responsible for the annual
                                                            Subletting involves renting out your space temporarily   maintenance of the A/C unit? What happens if the A/C
         Leasing a home or office can be an overwhelming process.   to another person, while the lease still stays in your   unit breaks? Who pays for normal repairs? Who pays for
      There are many factors a prospective tenant should take   name. This is helpful if you want to avoid breaking the   replacements? These are all very important provisions
      into consideration before signing a lease agreement. The   lease early, or if you are not going to be in your space   that need to be laid out clearly in the lease agreement.
      following are some of the more important questions that you   for extended periods of time.          #6  –  What about  security  deposits  and personal
      should consider before signing a lease agreement:  #4 -  What is allowed when it comes to making     guarantees?
      #1 - What utilities or amenities are included or not   alterations?                                     Typically, a landlord will require a security deposit.
      included in the rent cost?                            Make sure the lease includes your ability to perform   The amount is negotiable. But sometimes a landlord will
         In order to ensure that there are no  unexpected   minor alterations, such as hanging items on the walls,   also request a personal guarantee (whether from a relative
      additional costs, the lease should clearly define the   together with such other alterations that you may desire,   or if the tenant it a business from the principal owner(s)).
      responsibilities of the parties. For instance, clarify which   such as painting the interior or changing the carpeting.  If a personal guarantee is required, you may try and limit
      party is covering amenities like parking, utilities, cable,   #5 - When is a landlord allowed to enter the premises   the exposure such as the amount or the timeframe that the
      lawn care, storage, exterminator fees, etc.        without an invitation?                            personal guarantee stays in existence. It is all negotiable.
      #2 - How long is this lease term?                     Except when there is an emergency, the lease should      In summary, it is vital that you understand the terms
         Make sure the lease term is for the timeframe you   require a landlord to give at least 24 hours’ notice of their   in your commercial or residential lease agreement. You
      expect to stay at the premises. However, in unforeseen   intent to enter the premises. It would also be helpful to   don’t want to  find  yourself having financial or  legal
      circumstances, you may be forced to either cut short your   restrict the landlord’s ability to enter to a set of reasons   issues down the road (especially because you did not
      stay or extend your stay. One solution may be to add a   such as (i) making repairs, semi-annual inspections,   clearly understand your responsibilities under the lease
      provision to the lease agreement allowing you to terminate   showing the property to prospective tenants or buyers in   agreement). That is why it is so important to get an
      your lease early upon the payment of an early termination   the last couple of months during the lease term, etc.  attorney involved in the initial review and drafting of the
      fee (typically 2 months of rent). Another solution may be   #5 – Who is responsible for maintenance?  lease agreement. 
      adding an extension right (at the same or similar base rent)      The lease agreement will need to cover who is
      allowing you to extend the term of the lease by another year.  responsible for maintenance of exterior and interior
      Costly Compliments

      By Judith Levy                                        This doesn’t mean, never help. Yes, do your share,   is getting more difficult, so the easiest thing to do is make
                                                         but don’t do it all and not all the time. They say a camel   a reservation or if the dinner is at home, each one attending
         Holidays are coming up                          is a horse put together by a committee, but they mean a   can bring a cooked dish to the table. Pitching in, you can
      and everyone says you’re                           committee that doesn’t work together, each doing his or   then all enjoy your shared time together and complement
      the only one who can                               her own share and in a timely fashion.            each other. “Happy holiday to all.”
      make the special dinner                               Everyone knows the workhorse on a committee, so don’t
      that everyone loves. It’s                          be complimented into being that person. And if you’re the      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling
      a nice compliment and                              one giving out these motivating empty words, stop it and   author of  GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which
      you enjoy the accolade                             pitch in, or get off the committee and don’t stand up and   has  sold  over  four  million  copies  and  the  mega  best-
      and then you find yourself                         take the bows for work someone else has done.     seller  GRANDFATHER REMEMBERS, published by
      again maneuvered into the                             It’s lovely to have a holiday family dinner at home, but   HarperCollins. Both books are available on Amazon and
      corner of doing a back breaking job you didn’t want to   not always in the same home, for as we get older the chore   Barnes & Noble. 
      do in the first place. Who needs the cake they bring or
      the candy, what you need is for them to take over this job
      you’ve been stuck with for years and all because of the   The Aker Kasten
      costly compliment that they happily heap on you. “No
      one makes brisket like you do.”
         It’s the same if you’re on a committee. Oh yes, they   Family lives in
      raise their hand, they want to join, but do they want to
      work? No. There is always some foolish person who will   this community…
      be  complimented  into  doing  a  hateful,  thankless  job.
      “Your handwriting is so lovely and the personalization
      of a note brings such good results, so would you address   and loves this
      the hundreds of letters that have to go out? No one could
      do it like you.” And there you are back in the soup.  community.
         I’ve trained myself to thank people for the costly
      compliment but then I smile, decline and say, “I would if
      I could, but I can’t, so please ask someone else.” If you
      do it once or twice they’ll find some other compliment
      hungry person and heap the difficult and unpleasant,
      time-consuming job on them.

            Attention Dog Owners

         It is your responsibility to pick up after your dog.   Do you need help moving safely around your home and community?  Is
                       It’s the law.
          Some of you have been negligent in doing so.     driving to appointments or running errands overwhelming?  Would having
                Please keep our                            help with bathing and dressing offer relief?  What kind of assistance would
            Boca Pointe community                          bring you peace of mind?
                                                           At  Aker  Kasten,  we  provide  compassionate,  competent,  and  committed
                                                           caregivers – employees of our agency – to help you continue living independently
         Lease Renewals                                    and safely in your own home.  Each caregiver is carefully hired and intentionally

                                                           supervised to provide the helpful and supportive care you need.

           Renters- If you plan to renew your lease        We are looking forward to meeting you. Contact us today to schedule
        at Boca Pointe, please provide the BPCA
        Management office  a copy of  your renewal         a no-cost, no-obligation visit to discuss your situation and answer your
        lease and vehicle registration prior to your lease   questions.  After all, that’s what neighbors do.
        expiration date. Both items are needed to ensure
        that your transponder does not get deactivated           www.akhomehealth •
        when the lease ends. Please email to admin@                                     939 Clint Moore Road | Boca Raton, FL 33487 | 561.955.6010
          Thank you!                                                                        License #HHA299992916
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