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       Onward Israel

      Forging Lifelong Bonds: Onward Israel Connects Jewish   their shared Onward Israel journey. The interns navigated the      To learn more about Onward Israel, visit https://
      Young Adults in Florida                            intricacies of life in Israel, the challenges of real-life work or call Betsy
         Onward, a transformative program of Birthright Israel is   experiences, and the thrill of a new and exciting culture. The   Lampert, Planning Associate, Jewish Federation of South
      designed to provide young adults with an immersive internship   Onward experience now serves as a glue that binds these Jewish   Palm Beach County at 561-852-3155.
      experience in Israel, and has been playing a pivotal role in   young adults together.                   Deepest thanks to Boca Pointe Federation Campaign
      helping forge new Jewish friendships locally.      Onward Israel: Fostering Lasting Connections      Chairs: Jane and Dan Fishkoff, and to Committee
         The South Palm Beach County Onward Israel program      What these testimonials from participants demonstrate,   Members: Rhoda Berkow, Allen Brayer, Daniel Fischer,
      offers our community’s 19-27 year olds, an opportunity to   is the power of experiences like our South Palm   Richard  Glazer &  Elaine Kaplan,  Bea Gold, Harold
      live, learn, and work in Tel Aviv, Israel for 8-weeks over the   Beach County Onward Israel program, in creating an   Katz, Joel Meisner, Arlene Penner, Murray Pitkowsky,
      summer. The program’s unique model not only prioritizes   environment that encourages community and personal   Mel Schoen, Doris & Stuart Zeuner, for their continued
      gaining important resume-building internship experience   growth for our next generation of Jewish adults. Whether   dedication and leadership.
      in the participant’s field of study, but also advances our   it’s navigating a new city, trying local cuisine, or working      If you or a neighbor are in need of help, please contact
      Federation’s mission of fostering connections to Israel and   on collaborative projects, these shared experiences create   Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services at 561-852-
      to a community of like-minded Jewish peers.        a strong foundation for lasting friendships.      3333. In addition, our main Federation telephone number,
         The program, which is generously supported by the                                                 561-852-3100, is monitored regularly for voicemail messages.
      Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the Judi                                               Learn more about our Federation and how you can help at
      and Allan Schuman Center for Israel Engagement, and                                         - or contact Shirley Gross at shirleyg@
      the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation, offered this                                      or 561.852.3182 (leave a voicemail). 
      once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 28 participants to spend
      this past summer in Israel.
      Onward Israel: A Gateway to Jewish Friendships
         One of the Onward Israel program participants, Holly
      Shulman, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, shares
      her heartfelt experience. “I’m so happy I decided to do Onward
      through South Palm Beach! My family only moved to Delray
      Beach in September, so I was a bit hesitant to apply because I
      didn’t know anyone in the area. I am so thankful I did because
      I had the most amazing summer and met so many people in
      the Boca area, who I now can call friends and can’t wait to see
      when we are back-home!” Holly said.
         This Onward Israel journey was also a convergence of past
      connections and new experiences that wove together a tapestry
      of lasting Jewish friendships. Among them were four girls
      who had once shared the joys of sleepaway camp during their
      childhood, and found themselves embarking on the Onward
      adventure together. “Finding out 3 other girls from my camp
      were going to be on my Onward experience was a wonderful
      surprise!” said participant Ashley Zuckerman. “We were able to
      reconnect in Israel, form the best friendships, and now we have
      the most special Onward memories to look back on together!”
         Equally heartening were the reunions of South Palm Beach
      County high school friends, now scattered across colleges
      throughout the nation, who were brought back together through             South Palm Beach County Onward Israel 2023 Summer Cohort




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