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      Community Leader and Philanthropist

      Robert M. Beren Passes Away

         Robert  M.  Beren,  a  beloved  community  leader  and   Jewish Federation of Palm                also served as president of the Mid-Kansas Federation.
      philanthropist  who  was  driven  by  deep-rooted  Jewish   Beach  County  and  was                  The Joan Beren Jewish Community School in Wichita is
      values, passed away at 97 years old. He was the beloved   among  the  community’s                    named in her memory. The Robert M. Beren Academy,
      patriarch  of  an  influential  Jewish  family  who  together   most  significant  donors,           a private Orthodox Jewish school in Houston, bears his
      create  transformational  impact  in  Palm  Beach  County,   providing   visionary                   name in recognition of his generous contribution.
      the United States, Israel, and around the world.   leadership  for  several                             He  served  on  the  Board  of  Governors  of  Hillel
         The impact of Beren’s boundless generosity resonates   Federation   partners,                     International, the Foundation for Jewish Camp, and was
      within the Jewish community, educational institutions,   notably  Alpert  Jewish                     a dedicated contributor to numerous institutions in Israel.
      and  healthcare  organizations  across  the  nation  and   Family Service and Meyer                     Beren’s  greatest  source  of  pride  was  his  family,
      around the world. He served as an honorary trustee of   Jewish Preparatory School,                   particularly  the  roles  his  four  children  embraced  to
                                                        as  well  as  other  local                         continue his legacy of Jewish community leadership.
                                                                                                             His  youngest  daughter,  Julie  Beren  Platt,  is  chair
       G’mar chatima tova                               organizations,  including                            of Jewish Federations of North America and served as
                                                        Palm Beach Synagogue.
                                                           Before moving to the Palm Beaches, Beren joined his   chair of Jewish Federation for Greater Los Angeles and
                                                        brother Sheldon in Wichita, KS, where he lived for five   Foundation for Jewish Camp. His daughter, Amy Beren
                                                        decades and raised his four children. He later founded   Bressman, recently served as president of UJA-Federation
                                                        Berexco,  an  independent  oil  and  gas  exploration  and   of New York. His son Adam is a former president of the
                                                        production company.                                Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation and was appointed as a
                                                           In Wichita,  Beren  served  as  president  of  the  city’s   member of the US Holocaust Memorial Council. Robert’s
                                                        school  board  and  worked  with  the  Urban  League  and   oldest  daughter,  Nancy  Beren,  is  actively  involved  in
                                                        community  leaders  to  desegregate  local  elementary   Jewish organizations in Houston.
                                                        schools.  He  was  president  of  the  Mid-Kansas  Jewish      In lieu of flowers, donations in Robert’s memory may
                                                        Federation and the Hebrew Congregation in Wichita. His   be made to Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, 1
                                                        late ex-wife and mother of his children, Joan Schiff Beren,   Harvard Circle, Ste. 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.


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