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                As we welcome a New Year, we celebrate the

               remarkable moments that you make possible

                            here at home and around the world.

                 You are there the moment a child begins to understand the beauty of their
                 Jewish heritage. The moment a college student uses their voice to stand up to
                 antisemitism. The moment a single mother receives support to feed her family and

                 get a better paying job. The moment a Holocaust survivor is visited by a smiling

                 volunteer and is reminded that they aren’t alone.

                 And as our local community’s extraordinary growth and change places us in

                 one of the most pivotal moments in our history, your involvement and

                 generosity enable us to seize this unique moment and take bold
                 steps to shape our community for today, tomorrow and forever.

                 Thank you for stepping forward in the past year,
                 in the year ahead and for years to come.


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                                 50 Years
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                         Jewish Family Service
                         of Palm Beach County

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