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      Halli’s Comments

      Burlini Studio Of The Arts
      Ten Years Anniversary

      Celebration Art Exhibition

      By Halli Moore

         On  Saturday  February
      29, the Burlini Studio Of
      The Arts celebrated their
      10th Year Anniversary Art
      Exhibition. This  exhibition
      was  to  showcase  the  work
      of very accomplished local
      artists and their traditional,
      impressionistic, abstract and
      contemporary  paintings.
      The artists individual
      experiences are reflected in
      their paintings and “illustrate years of dedication under
      the influence of master instructor Christopher Burlini.”
         When  Christopher  was  a  child,  he  found  some
      paintings behind a furnace in his home that were done
      by his grandmother. Looking at each of them, he thought;
      “I could do that.” And, “that” he did and has done all his
      life so far and will continue to do. Christopher’s father
      and grandfather were artists (sculptors) as well and Chris   Chris & Belinda Burlini                 Adobe By Romaine Kaufman

        How To Add Your                                  has followed in their footsteps very successfully.  students in his studio in Boca Raton. The advice to go to

                                                                                                           Florida was well taken, and the celebration of ten years
                                                           The Burlini family lived in Chicago. One day a
                                                                                                           of the Burlini Studio of the Arts has enabled students to
                                                         gentleman Chris did some artwork for said. “You ought
        Guests To The Gate                               to go to Florida. There are a lot of very rich people who   learn to perfect ways to express themselves through their
                                                         would hire you to do murals, or any kind of paintings they
                                                                                                           paintings and drawings.
                                                         required.” So, Chris went to Florida where he got a job      Christopher  Burlini’s  motto;  “We  accomplished
        By Yvonne Rivera, BPCA Administrative Assistant  teaching at the Boca Museum and through word of mouth   everything, one brushstroke at a time.”
                                                         was hired by some very wealthy people to do murals and      Tel-561 393 9999
           The Boca Pointe Community Association offers   works of art in the mansions, they lived in. He also did      Burlini Studio Of The Arts 3500 NW Boca Raton Blvd.
        a few different methods to add guests to your    interiors of restaurants, illusions for a magic show for   #702, Boca Raton, Fl. 33431
        visitors list, so please ensure that you add your guest   about a year and anything needed of him artistically.
        BEFORE  they  arrive.  If  your  guest  is  not  on  the      One day when Richard Don one of the owners of a      Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
        list, they may be denied without a phone call being   mansion  he  painted  some  murals  in  paid  him,  he  put
        placed to get your approval. Phone calls are placed   the  envelope  in  his  pocket.  He  remembered  someone
        as a courtesy depending on how busy the guard is   telling him never to count money in front of the person
        when they arrive.                                who gave it to you. When he got home and opened the
           To add a guest to your visitor list, you have   envelope, he was shocked to see that it was a ticket to
        several options:                                 Italy to study at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art.
           • Website-                 He struggled financially and asked Don why he provided
           • Cell phone app- Download ABDI/Gate Access   only meager substance while in Italy and Don explained
        from the app/play store                          that he wanted Chris to realize that pursuing an artistic
           • Access Control- Call 561-395-3392 or leave a   career was difficult. He completed his studies and came
        voicemail message at 561-395-3369                back to Florida.
           The advantage of using or the app      After 10 years in Florida creating many unusual works
        is the ability to:                               of art for the very rich; The Burlini Studio of the Arts
           • Add a guest for the day or permanently      Chris opened to become the place where his experience
           • Remove a guest                              has enabled him to provide a unique teaching method to   Burlini Studio
           • Send a pass with barcode
           • Receive notification of guest arrival
           If  you  have  any  questions  regarding  access
        methods,  please  call  the  Boca  Pointe  Community
        Association 561-395-7551. 
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