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      From The Desk Of Commissioner Weinroth

         One of the responsibilities                       The mission of the SWA is to manage the materials      The SWA provides business with Waste Reviews so
      assigned to the member                            discarded by the residents and businesses of Palm Beach   they can better manage their garbage and recyclables.
      of the Board of County                            County in a manner consistent with its legislative mandate,   For residents, the SWA offers onsite tours for school and
      Commissioners is to oversee                       applicable local, state and federal ordinances, regulations   community groups (over 1,400 since 2009) and educational
      the Solid Waste Authority of                      and laws.                                          presentations coupled with recycling education materials.
      Palm Beach County as its                             The SWA has built an award-winning integrated system of      Residents need to understand that unless the materials
      Board of Directors. During                        facilities that combines recycling, renewable energy and land   are properly separated, its value is diminished. One simple
      its most recent organizational                    filling to effectively manage the county’s waste. The SWA’s   behavioral change is to refrain from placing contaminated
      meeting, the commissioners                        system includes two waste-to-energy facilities, landfills, a   materials (e.g., pizza boxes) in with the recyclables. It is
      elected me chair of the SWA.                      materials recycling facility, a biosolids processing facility,   also important to realize that materials placed at the curb
      And so it was inevitable that                     seven household hazardous waste collection facilities and a   (e.g. cardboard boxes) that have not been cut down to fit in
      I would take some time to                         network of six transfer stations.                  the yellow bin will not be recycled.
      become more familiar with the operations of this essential      The programs developed and implemented by the      The SWA Waste-to-Energy facility reduces the volume of
      government agency.                                SWA are designed to integrate solid waste transportation,   waste disposed in the landfill while producing clean energy
         The Solid Waste Authority is responsible for providing an   processing, recycling, resource recovery and disposal   from household garbage. According to the EPA, WTE plants
      economical and environmentally conscious Integrated Solid   technologies, protect the environment, achieve the state’s   are a “clean, reliable, renewable source of energy” that
      Waste Management System for Palm Beach County.    75 percent recycling and waste reduction goal and inform   generate electricity “with less environmental impact than
         With approximately 400 employees, the SWA provides   the public about solid waste management issues.  almost any other source of electricity.” In fact, WTE plants
      solid waste disposal and recycling services and programs to      Recycling is supported by a continuing educational   improve air quality by decreasing the consumption of fossil
      the county’s 1.5 million residents and businesses and also   program to help residents understand how and what to   fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.
      provides solid waste and recycling collection services to   recycle. Many well-meaning residents do not recycle      Additionally, the SWA uses landfill gas, which consists
      the residents and businesses in unincorporated Palm Beach   effectively causing the recycle stream to be contaminated   primarily of methane, as a renewable energy source to
      County through private haulers.                   thus increasing costs to the county.               produce clean energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.
                                                                                                             working to be environmentally friendly, go to: 
                                                                                                             To learn more about the SWA and how our county is being
         Embracing My Limitations

         By Judith Levy                                     Now about my hair. Here today and gone tomorrow.
                                                         Yes, I notice my hair is getting thinner and the grey in
            Things are changing.                         me insists on coming out. I don’t really want to go to the
         Now I’m involved with                           beauty parlor, because I’m trying to stay distanced, but
         the hereafter. I go into                        when I look in the mirror someone I don’t know, or am
         a room and ask myself,                          even sure I want to know is looking back. Well honey, get
         “What am I here after?”                         used to it and make friends with what you see, because till
         This happens time and                           this pandemic is over we all have to opt for adjustments
         time again. Then I start                        and be less demanding. It comes under the heading of
         to berate myself for my                         making safer choices, which in the end is much wiser.
         forgetfulness when I                               So, what adjustments have you had to make? I’ve given up
         really need to praise myself for all I do remember. Yes,   travelling, beauty parlors, including manicures and pedicures,
         I must embrace my limitations and feel good for all I’m   indoor restaurant dinners, and visits to friend’s homes. I’m not
         still capable of and not be down on me for what I forget.  shaking hands, I’m not even doing elbow taps because you
            If I had an eighty year old refrigerator and it still   have to get too close to do that and I’m distancing. I really
         worked but didn’t make ice cubes anymore, would I be   feel good that I’m doing all I’m able to avoid getting sick,
         mad? No. Well, I’m more than eighty years old and I   and that’s the best I can do. I hope you are doing that too.
         don’t make ice cubes anymore, but there’s lots I can do,   Well, excuse me, I have to go and wash my hands.
         and I must pat myself on the back and feel good about      For those who are celebrating the High Holy Days, “I
         the positives in my life and you should too.    wish you and all our neighbors a happy, healthy and safe
            Have you put a smile on someone else’s face today?   New Year”.                                Your Driver
         Have you called someone who needed to hear a friendly
         voice?  Have  you  spared  a  dollar  for  someone  less      Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author of   Airport Car Service
         fortunate than you? Well, if you have, that makes you   GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which has sold over four   WPB, FLL, MIA
         very valuable and someone to be treasured. Give yourself   million copies, and the mega best-seller GRANDFATHER
         a well deserved pat on the back.                REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins.           HowarD BarrY
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