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Page 4, Viewpointe                                                 September 2020
      Halli’s Comments

      Remembering 9/11                                                                                        From Marcia Ross: “We realized that no one’s life
                                                                                                           would ever be the same again. We thought not of ourselves
      By Halli Moore                                                                                       but of our children and grandchildren and challenges they
                                                                                                           would have to face.”
         It never gets easier                                                                              From Linda Kassner: “Fred Gabler 30, an equity trader
      remembering that day when                                                                            at Cantor Fitzgerald met Mindy when they were both 16.
      an unimaginable horror                                                                               They lived in Manhattan and were expecting their first
      occurred. The  two World                                                                             child this month. At his memorial service his father, who
      Trade Center buildings in                                                                            escaped on Sept 11th from his own office in the World
      New York were  struck by                                                                             Trade Center told the mourners that the only thing missing
      two planes, which killed                                                                             from his son’s life “was length.” The Fred Gabler Helping
      thousands of people.  As                                                                             Hand Camp Fund was established in his memory.”
      President  Franklin  Delano                                                                             From Richard  Winthrop: “My son, a New York
      Roosevelt said, “Another                                                                             Fireman, was working that day. The hardest part was
      Day in Infamy.”                                    in the World Trade Center in the belief that God will   not being able to get in touch with New York for days
         I was taking a water aerobics class when a woman   reward  them  in  paradise and  quench  their  lust  with   wondering if he was safe. Thank God he made it OK, but
      ran out to the pool to tell us that there was an accident;   scores of nubile virgins demonstrates again the mind’s   five of the brothers he was very close to, did not.”
      a plane hit the World Trade Building. We all got out of   infinite capacity for mythical thinking for regressing into      From Halli Moore:
      the pool to watch the television inside. But just as we   nonrational modes of thought and behavior.”     “Buildings crumble, bodies fall
      entered another plane hit the second building. This was      From Cecil and Herb Lovit: “Ron Rubin was among      Into an abyss of nothingness.
      no accident. I thought we were at war.             the multitude who were lost that heinous day, Sept. 11.      Families mourn, cry and wonder
         In the next few paragraphs I will quote some of the   He was our son’s best friend. Everyone loved loved Ron.      While heroes try to put asunder
      heartwarming messages of residents of Boca Pointe at   He constructed toys for children like rocking horses,      The agony of those still breathing.
      that time.                                         riding airplanes and played games with them. A home
         From Dr. Marvin Perry who taught history at Baruch   for humanity was built in his memory in Newark, N. J.,      It’s hard to imagine the giant World Trade Center
      College CUNY and has written many books: Dr. Perry’s   and a family now has a wonderful place to call home.”     No longer exists,
      article on 9/11 was wonderfully explicit about terrorism      From Bernice Berg: “We can only hope the good      But the hole in the skyline is a reminder of the tryst
      and what led up to 9/11. I am only quoting from the   people of this world together will excavate these      With death and destruction.”
      last paragraph. “Religious fanatics utterly committed to   terrible thugs from their filthy ditches and caves, and
      medieval Islamic views of life and death and employing   wherever these cowards hide to cleanse the earth of their      Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
      the instruments of modern technology, including lethal   excrement.”
      weapons, remain a frightening way of life in the twenty-
      first century. Secondly, suicidal fanatics crashing planes
                                                                                       Board Of Directors

         Full Moon                       New Moon
         September 2                    September 17              April 2019 – April 2020 Officers/Executive Committee

       Third Quarter                    First Quarter      Chairman and President  Barry J. Haberman      District 5 Dan Gabrielle (La Corniche)
        September 10                    September 23       Vice Chair          Steve Retzer                  Esplanada, Caravelle, Palomar, La Corniche,
                                                           Vice President      Gail Ehrlich                  and El Dorado
                                                           2nd Vice President      Jim Collins            District 6 Marvin Lazarowitz (Villa Stel)
                                                           Secretary           Steve  King                   Villa Flora, Montego Bay, Villa Stel, and Palladium
                                                           Treasurer           Harvey  Kaplan             District 7 Joyce Britt (Villa Sonrisa)
                                                                                                             The Plum/Cortina, Villa Sonrisa and Pointe 100
                                                           District Directors                             District 8 Len Kagan (Costa del Sol)
                                                           District 1                                        Costa del Sol and Costa Brava
                                                           Encantada, Valencia and The Palms              District 9 Robin Gliboff (Edgewater)
                                                           District 2 Steve King (Imperial Royale)           Edgewater Pointe Estates and Stratford Court
                                                              Promenade, Imperial Royale, Imperial, Regency
                                                              and Panaché                                 At Large Directors     At Large Directors
                                                           District 3 Steve Retzer (La Mirada)            Through 2020           Through 2021
                                                              La Mirada and Meridiana                     Carsten Bethge (Valencia)  Howard Davis (La Corniche)
                                                           District 4 Bob Greenstein (La Paz)             Jim Collins (Caravelle)  Gail Ehrlich (Villa Flora)
                                                              El Viento, La Paz, and Southwinds           Harvey Kaplan (Meridiana) Barry J. Haberman  (Encantada)

                                                                                                                      Norbert Graber, R. Ph.
                                                                                                                     and Lynn Graber, R. Ph.

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