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                                                                                                           Book Review from page 6
         Ask The Therapist                                                                                 Sassoons ruled, bore no affection for the values of the capitalist

                                                                                                           class. General Chiang Kai-shek, on the other hand, was friend,
         By Elaine S. Rubinson.                          that this test is not meant to be an IQ test and is not used   benefactor, and beneficiary to the kings of Shanghai, married
         L.M.H.C.                                        as a measure of somebody’s intelligence. The Reviewer   Soong Mei-ling in the Kadoorie’s Hotel Majestic.
                                                         also states “There are no studies showing that this test      Françoise Frenkel’s lifetime coincided with that of Victor
         Dear Elaine:                                    is correlated to IQ tests. The purpose of it was not to   Sassoon, Jewish wanderers on opposite sides of the globe.
            The recent news                              determine persons who have a low IQ level, and we   Frenkel born in Poland of a well-to-do Jewish family, in 1889,
         about a Cognitive test                          cannot say that this reflects somebody’s IQ”.     was a committed bibliophile in youth. Sent to study in Paris, she
         administered to the                             There are other  Tests that are designed to       took a clerical job in a French bookstore, loved the opportunity
         President indicated                             specifically address IQ.                          to mingle among books, engage with customers, and found her
         that it measured his                               IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient and is a score   calling. She decided to become a book dealer, open a bookshop,
         intelligence. In fact he                        derived from a standardized test which measures   likely in Warsaw or another Polish city. By happenstance,
         called himself a “stable                        various elements of a person’s intelligence. Most   which after all accounts for significant shifts in our quotidian
         genius”. I was given the                        modern tests cover memory, how one processes      lives, she received the suggestion to open a French bookstore
         test by my Doctor because he was concerned that I was   visual-spatial and auditory information, short term   in Berlin, and encouraged by French and German authorities,
         having some memory lapses. I wasn’t aware it is also   memory, abstract reasoning and past learning. It also   she did so in 1920. Her Berlin bookstore fulfilled her most
         about how smart I am. Did this test also measure my   assesses recognition and analytical thinking. It does   basic aspirations, allowing her to live among books, drawing
         IQ?                                             not measure any specific area of knowledge, instead   a significant clientele. As with the Kadoories and Sassoons,
            Signed Joe                                   it measures your ability to learn.                history came to play an outmoded role in her life choice. The
         Dear Joe:                                          The most common types of IQ tests are Stanford-  rise of the Nazi party harmed her both as a Jew, Pole, French
            The test you are referring to is the MoCA a part   Benet  Intelligence Scale, Universal  Nonverbal   lady and Book dealer.
         of the mental status examination (MSE) to assess   Intelligence, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test,      Due to her status as representative of the French
         Cognition. Cognition covers a Patient’s level of   Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and  Woodcock   government, she was allowed to close her bookstore in 1939,
         alertness, orientation, attention, memory, visual-spatial   Johnson 111 Tests of Cognitive Disabilities. These   and store the remnants. Now she found her life as a protected
         functioning and language functions. The Montreal   tests are usually administered by a Psychologist   wanderer. She spent the war fleeing from one destination to
         Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), is designed as a rapid   or trained Professional who can direct, assess and   another, from Paris, to Vichy, to Avignon, to Nice. She describes
         screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction, a loss   calculate a full scale intelligence score. Reasons   the condition of life under German occupation with economic
         of memory and clear thinking ability that sometimes   and needs for obtaining this information vary from   hardships, hardscrabble existence, along with her fellow
         precedes dementia.                              school, job and career placements, effects of injury   refugees. She even contemplated an arranged marriage with a
            The 30-point test includes drawings of a lion and   or illness and sometimes to gain membership in elitist   French citizen to protect her status--sight unseen; but the ruse
         a rhinoceros, which patients must name. Test-takers   organizations such as Mensa.                failed when Monsieur Devitrolles insists on meeting the bride
         are also asked to copy a simple line sketch of a cube;      So Joe, when a person who has been assessed by   before committing to tie the knot. A kindly hairdresser and
         match the letter A to the number 1, the letter B to the   a Cognitive instrument has a “stable” diagnosis it   his wife took her in and offered her protection from the Nazi
         number 2 and so on. They are asked to recall a list   means there is no impairment in memory, attention or   scourge. Confronting a young German officer regarding her
         of five words and repeat very short lists of numbers   gross brain functioning. The word “genius” has to be   application to immigrate to Switzerland, she was told: “Your
         forward and backward. Orientation is assessed by   earned by obtaining a very high score on one of the   [French] government has been abolished. The Masters you
         asking the patient where he or she is (for example   statistically proven reliable IQ Tests.      served no longer exist.” Her fierce comeuppance: “Boileau,
         what building, town and state) and what time, day and                                             Molière, Racine, Corneille, Voltaire ... these are the Masters I
         date it is. The exam assesses attention, mild cognitive      Elaine  S  Rubinson  L.M.H.C.  is  a  Licensed   have served, monsieur.” She does manage a harrowing escape,
         impairment (MCI) or dementia. A score of 26 or lower   Psychotherapist and a Florida Supreme Court   and the chance to share her experience with the world through
         indicates dementia.                             Certified Family and Elder Law Mediator. For further   this reissued memoir.
            One reviewer of the test showed it detects 84   information she can be contacted at er@northstar-
         percent of people with dementia. It is also cautioned                                 Dr. Ronald J. Meyers, resident of La Paz, is Emeritus
                                                                                                           Professor of English. 

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