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       Two Boca Teens Are Making Sure No Bowl Goes Unfilled

       Annual Cereal Donation Drive

       Launching On National Cereal Day (March 7)

         Boca Helping Hands (BHH) has received the       Helping Hands is a hidden jewel in the community.”  Atlantic University Community Service Club, Plastridge
      equivalent of nearly 100,000 bowls of cereal from      In 2019, the twins received six additional pallets of   Insurance, St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, and Del Prado
      collection drives conducted by Cereal4All, a nonprofit   cereal from General Mills after writing to the company   Elementary School.
      organization  started  by  14-year-old  twin  brothers  Jett   for three years. General Mills still supports Cereal4All      Cereal4All continues to grow due to local partnerships
      and Luke Justin, Boca Raton residents who attend Don   and has sent the boys T-shirts to give to students who   with schools and organizations like Kindness Matters 365,
      Estridge  Middle  School. Their  annual  cereal  donation   donate cereal boxes.                     an after-school club focused on interactive opportunities
      drive will launch on March 7 in celebration of National      In 2021, Cereal4All collected nearly 3,300 pounds   for community service and skill-building. Cereal4All is
      Cereal Day.                                        of cereal during the annual cereal drive with the help   also  working  with Florida Atlantic  University  and its
                                                         of participating schools and organizations. Participants   Community Service Club to collaborate on another cereal
                                                         in last year’s collection include Kindness Matters 365,   collection drive for the late spring term.
                                                         Verde Elementary School, Sunrise Park Elementary
                                                         School, Grandview Preparatory School, the Florida   Two Boca Teens on page 11

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      Jett and Luke Justin in BHH Warehouse
          Breakfast food is one of the least donated items to food
       banks across the country. Unfortunately, that means not   This is the Original Immunotherapy that
       all families have daily access to breakfast in their homes.
       Like most kids, Jett and Luke consider cereal to be one   balances and optimizes your immune system to
       of their favorite foods.                            fight almost any type of cancer.
          “We want to live in a world where every kid and family
       has daily access to breakfast food in their home,” Luke
       Justin said. “We want to be part of the fight against food   Hundreds of successes over the years.
          Having volunteered at Boca Helping Hands with their   Continuously available since 1977
       parents, Jett and Luke organized their first cereal drive
       for BHH in 2016 at Calusa Elementary School, when they   in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
       were just 8 years old. The boys have since expanded the
       program, now called Cereal4All, to more schools in the
       area, including Florida Atlantic University.                                     See our website for more info:
          Participating schools thus far for the 2022 cereal
       drive include Coral Sunset Elementary Schools, J.C. 
       Mitchell Elementary School, Morikami Park Elementary
       School, and  Whispering Pines Elementary School.         or call for more information: Toll-free number (561) 766-0878
       Local elementary schools, middle schools, high schools,
       universities, and businesses are invited to sign up to                       Email:
       participate in the county-wide collection drive through
       mid-April by registering at
          “Cereal is about breakfast, but it’s also about
       happiness,” Jett Justin said. “We couldn’t stop thinking
       about the families in our community who couldn’t fill
       their bowls, and we wanted to do something about it.”
          The  entire Justin family continues  to  volunteer  at
       BHH. “It was always important to my wife and me to
       instill the idea of thinking about others and helping the
       community,” said Eric Justin, the twins’ father. “The
       boys bonded with Boca Helping Hands and their mission
       because it speaks to their hearts. We realized that Boca

       Jett and Luke Justin
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