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        APOA UPdAte                                      APOA News & Activities

               Abacoa POA                                From The Desk Of The Property Manager

                                                                                                             This year, Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium celebrates
           Meeting Notices                               By Jacqueline Coniglio,                             its 25-year anniversary and has rolled out a long list of
                                                         Director of Property Management, Abacoa POA
                                                                                                           promotions. Check out their article in this month’s paper

                                                           Spring is in full effect and it’s beautifully visible as
                                                         you pass by our newly-planted, thriving annuals. We’ve   to see all of their upcoming events – from Star Wars Night
           Official notification is posted via the bulletin board   also completed our annual tree trimming which allows   to Inflatapalooza, there’s something for all ages.
        outside the Abacoa POA office as well as the www.  our oaks to stay healthy, strong, and adorn the streets      We’re  always  here  to  assist.  Please  don’t  hesitate website. Members may now download     and sidewalks of our community. Recently, the APOA   to  contact  us  at  (561)  624-7788  or  abacoaadmin@
        Abacoa POA agendas and minutes from our website.  Board of Directors approved various plant replacements
                                                         throughout  the  property.  These  improvements  are
        Notice Of Abacoa Board Meeting –                 forthcoming and will contribute to the charm that Abacoa
        Tuesday, April 19, 11:30 a.m.                    is known for.

        Notice Of Monthly Abacoa CAC Meeting –
        Monday, April 25, 9:30 a.m. (subject to change)    Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium from page 1        Rotating Friday Promotions

        **All Abacoa POA meetings to be held at the offices   Fine Nine Promotions                            RDCS will also have rotating Friday night promotional
        of the Abacoa POA, 1200 University Blvd., Suite                                                    themes. A movie night with a postgame movie screening
        102, via, call unless otherwise posted.       RDCS  will  present  a  “Fine  Nine”  set  of  major   on the video board will occur on the first Friday of each
        All agendas, as well as approved minutes, will be   promotional games throughout the six month minor league   month (excludes April 8), an all-you-can-eat night on the
        available at                       season. These nine promotions include:          third Friday of each month, and a Dog Days of Summer
                                                              April 16 – Easter Celebration with an Easter Bunny   Event on the fourth Friday of each month, where fans
           Articles herein are the creation of the individual   appearance, candy and an Easter egg hunt.  can bring their dogs to RDCS.
        writers, and do not express the opinion of the APOA. By      April 30 – Star Wars Night with Star Wars characters      More details including ticket prices are to come.
        printing an article herein, the APOA is not endorsing   coming out to RDCS, special Star Wars uniforms, 501
        the writer, the article’s content, or any business referred   Everglades Squad and Dagobah Temple appearances,   Additional Promotions
        to therein. The APOA will not be responsible for errors   Padawan Jedi training and a jersey auction.
        contained in, or related to, articles.                May 7 – Tacos and Tequila in conjunction with      In  addition  to  our  weekly,  Fine  Nine,  and
                                                           Downtown Abacoa. This Cinco de Mayo-themed event   Rotating Friday promotions, RDCS looks forward to
                                                           will feature a variety of authentic food and tequila tastings   recognizing additional occasions throughout 2022.
                                                           as well as live music throughout the day at the Abacoa      We are hosting a Palm Beach North Chamber of
                                                           Amphitheater.                                   Commerce Business Expo at our April 14 game. Boy
                                                              May 14 – South Florida PBS Night, come see your   Scout Night will occur on April 23, Girl Scout Night is
                                                           favorite PBS characters at the ballpark.        on May 14, and we have a School’s Out and Fireworks
                                                              June 11 – Space Night in partnership with Cox Science   night presented by Jupiter Medical Center set for May 27.
                                                           Center. A special jersey will be worn with a postgame      We’ll be celebrating Pride Month with Pride Night
                Deadline for the next                      jersey auction, an astronaut will make an appearance and   presented by Bank of America on June 3. On June 10
                 Abacoa newspaper                          a mobile planetarium will be brought to the ballpark to   and July 8, RDCS will have local summer camps out
                                                                                                           to the ballpark for some afternoon baseball and Super
              is the 11th of the month.                       July 3 and 4 – Mega Bash featuring a big and booming   Splash Day. And on Aug. 4, it will be Golf Night at
              Submit articles/pictures                     Fourth of July celebration with fireworks all in the name   the ballpark.
                                                           of America’s national pastime. You won’t want to miss

                                                                                                             All promos, dates, and opposing teams are subject
                  to abacoaadmin@                          this event!                                     to change.
                                                              Aug. 6 – Dollar Night at the Dean with $1 specials
                                                                                                             To stay updated on our season and events, follow
                                 on select food, drink and merchandise items.    the Jupiter Hammerheads, Palm Beach Cardinals, and
                                                              Aug. 27 – Baseball and Brews is our annual hoppin’   Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium on Facebook, Twitter
                                                           good time complete with dozens of craft beer vendors and   and Instagram.
             Southern Exposure Technologies                a popular tasting event during the game.           For  tickets  to  our  promotional  events  and  all
                                                              Sept. 9 and 10 – Before we slide into the offseason
           Computer Install/Setup/Repair                     join us for Inflatapalooza! This two-day event featuring   Hammerheads and Cardinals games in 2022, visit our
                                                                                                           website or call our ticket office at (561) 630-1828.
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       Editorial copy appearing herewith is not necessarily the viewpoint of
       Seabreeze Publications of Central Florida. Most editorial copy is created by
       the homeowners and is edited by their appointed editor.

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