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       Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office

      Dear Taxpayer:                                                                                       staffed by qualified professionals. They administer the homestead
         Happy Spring!                                                                                     exemption, additional property tax exemptions, mailing address
         My office continues to                                                                            and ownership changes, portability applications, and more.
      work on the 2022 tax roll                                                                            2021 Customer Service By The Numbers
      and make preparations for                                                                            • Phone calls: 122,090 (up from 67,102 in 2020)
      the release of the estimated                                                                         • Counter visits: 23,736
      2022  taxable  property                                                                              • E-files: 19,355 (up 17 percent from 2020)
      values to the Palm Beach                                                                             • Total new homestead exemptions: 29,737
      County  taxing  authorities                                                                          • Portability applications: 6,529
      at the end of May.
         These  preliminary                                                                                Short-Term Rental Of A
      estimates assist the county,
      municipalities, and other taxing authorities in projecting                                           Homesteaded Property
      their budgets and tax rates and also provide a benchmark
      as  to  what  revenue  they  can  expect  to  receive  from                                             You may rent your homesteaded property for 30 days or less
      property taxes in the coming year.                                                                   per calendar year and maintain a homestead exemption. Rental
         After  the  taxing  authorities  have  determined  their                                          for more than 30 days for two consecutive years or for more than
      budgets and proposed tax rates based on the preliminary                                              six months constitutes abandonment of a homestead exemption.
      estimates, my office will mail the Notice of Proposed   Lake Osborne in central Palm Beach County lies between Lake      Exempt property rented after Jan. 1 of any year does not affect
      Taxes to every property owner in August. The notice will   Worth Road to the north and Hypoluxo Road to the south. Seen   the homestead exemption for that particular year. If the property
      detail the assessed value of your property, your proposed   using the Pictometry map tool on  is rented on Jan. 1 of the following year or the terms of the lease
      tax rates, and an estimate of your tax bill. Stay tuned.                                             are six months or more, the exemption will be denied. Property
         Also, as “Snowbird Season” comes to a close, we’ve   Palm Beach County Property                   owners are required to notify the Property Appraiser’s Office
      included  important  information  on  short-term  rentals   Appraiser’s Office Service               when their property no longer qualifies for exemption. Failure
      on  a  homesteaded  property  for  those  property  owners                                           to do so could result in a homestead tax lien with substantial
      who  benefit  from  the  homestead  exemption  and  are   Centers                                    penalty and interest.
      considering renting all or a portion of their homesteaded                                               Be aware of the law before deciding to rent your property.
      property.                                             While a vast array of services and information are available   (Florida Statute 196.061 and 196.011 (9) (a)). For more
         I  hope  you  find  this  information  beneficial  and   online 24/7 at, my office maintains five service   information, visit or contact Exemption
      interesting.                                       centers, conveniently located throughout Palm Beach County and   Services at (561) 355-2866.
                               Dorothy Jacks, CFA, AAS,                                           “Service is our number one priority”
                    Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
                                We Value What You Value                                                         561-743-0070


                                                                                                                                    Expires 4/30/22.

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