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      Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Implementing

      The ERAS System For Heart Surgery Patients

         Palm  Beach  Gardens  Medical  Center  is  adopting                                               Beach  Gardens  Medical  Center  to  give  our  patients  a
      the ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery)                                                   smoother and even better experience at our hospital. Our
      system for patients undergoing heart procedures. ERAS is                                             multidisciplinary team will guide the patient and their
      a dedicated clinical and perioperative surgical pathway to                                           family every step of the way, so they can recover quicker
      streamline goals of care and ensure a safer, more efficient                                          and get back to the healthy life they deserve.
      and comfortable recovery for the patient.                                                               As  the  first  hospital  in  Palm  Beach  County  and
         ERAS represents a new way of thinking about recovery                                              the Treasure  Coast  to  perform  open-heart  surgery,  we
      after  cardiac  surgery. The  program  focuses  on  patient                                          continue to be at the forefront when it comes to being
      centered care to involve you and your family in your own                                             the  first  to  perform  cardiac  procedures  and  the  most
      recovery. Our multidisciplinary team here at Palm Beach                                              experienced.
      Gardens Medical Center has worked diligently to develop an                                           • More than 100,000 cardiac catheterizations
      evidence driven process that lends to your recovery needs.  • Having someone listen to your concerns and adjust your   • Over 19,000 open-heart surgeries
         Some of the benefits of utilizing this method include:   care plan as needed                      • Over 700 TAVRs
      • Keeping your hospital stay short                 • Having your safety ensured and have surgical outcomes   • Over 275 Mitraclips
      • Minimizing and controlling your pain and nausea   enhanced                                         • Over 50 Convergent procedures
      • Helping you mobilize out of bed sooner and more often   • Having patient and family support throughout surgical   • Over 50 minimally invasive cardiac surgeries
      • Helping you with a preventative bowel regimen    stay and recovery                                 • Nearly 300 Watchman procedures
      • Optimizing your nutrition allowing you to eat and drink as      Implementing  the  ERAS  system  will  only  enhance      For more information about our services, go to www.
      soon as it is safe to do so                        our  already  top  notch  cardiac  program  here  at  Palm or call (561) 622-1411.

      NeighbOrhOOd News

       Abacoa Community Garden

      Eagle Scout Project                                                                                  areas. Each bench is 4 feet by 3 feet and 54 inches high,
                                                                                                           complete with a gutter system that funnels water into a
         Losha Roof has been a member of Boy Scout Troop                                                   rain barrel in the center. The Abacoa Community Garden
      774 since he was 11 years old and, now at 16, he soon                                                members  are  delighted  and  grateful  –  we  believe  that
      will be an Eagle Scout. He’s also been an active volunteer                                           Losha has a bright future and we wish him the very best.
      at the garden so members were delighted when he chose                                                   Garden  membership  runs  from Aug.  1  to  July  31.
      to build a new garden nursery as his Eagle Scout service                                             Download  forms  at
      project.  Losha’s  project  required  leadership  skills  in                                         community-garden or find one in the outside mailbox at
      creating and leading a team, fundraising with car washes                                             the garden entrance at 1022 Community Drive. There is
      and such to purchase the $600 worth of supplies, as well                                             a waiting list for independent beds but if interested, just
      as designing and building an early prototype at his home.                                            check the box. Stop by the garden, especially Saturday
         These pictures are from February’s installation of the                                            mornings, and check out our Facebook page.
      new Planting Nursery Bench (Losha is in the red shirt). It
      has two separate potting benches and storage and nursery                                             Abacoa Community Garden on page 6
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